The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, October 17, 1946, Image 6

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Page 6 THE BATTALION THURSDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 17, 1946 • Replaceable filter in new Frank Medico Cigarette Holders, fillers the smoke. • Cuts down nicotine. • Cuts down irritating tars. • In xephyrweight aluminum. • Special styles formen and women. • $2 with 10 filters, handy pouch and gift box. S. M. FRANK & CO., INC., NEW YORK 22 — - ■ ■* ^ ' u’<'-'’■‘j*' 1 ' * :j -STUDENT GOVT.- (Continued From Page 1 members and six students—three cadets and three veterans. The Hospital Committee will work in cooperation with the Hospital staff in devising sound operational pro cedure and in establishing logical policies. The Committee will make .recommendations on matters that will enable the Hospital to render more effective and efficient ser vice to students requiring medica tion or needing examinations. The Corps Council: The Corps Council at present consists of the Cadet Colonel, one Regimental Commander, one Com pany Cmomander from each Regi ment, President of the Sfenior Class, President of the Junior Class, President of the Sophomore Class and President of the Fresh man Class. The membership of the council may be changed upon recommendation of the council and approval of the Dean of Men. The Corps Council will discuss any matters pertaining to the Ca det Corps and make recommenda tions as to desired action. The recommendations will be submit ted to the Senior Class for appro val to the Dean of Men. The Corps Council shall be particularly interested in such matters as the Student Court, student govern ment, discipline, academics, stu dent clubs and organizations, re creation and improvement of school standards, facilities and programs. Veterans’ Council: The Veterans’ Council will con sist of nine veterans elected by the veterans enrolled in the Col lege. This Council will function exactly in the same manner as the Corps Council except that it will College Station^ Newest Clothiers OFFER Genuine Beaver Shortcoats Regular $55.00 Value ’ $2/51! LEON 6. WEISS Men’s Furnishings Civilian and Military Clothing Next Door to Campus Theater COLLEGE STATION Regulation Uniforms We have a complete stock of Regulation Officers Blouses . . . Slacks . . . Pink Slacks . . . Fish Serge Slacks . . . Flight Cap and Overseas Caps. Green Elastique Blouse $37.50 Green Elastique Slacks (high back) $16.50 Pink Elastique Slacks (high back) $16.50 “Fish” Serge Slacks (high back) $10.50 Soph. Flight Weight Caps $ 7.50 Stetson Hats $ 9.00 All-Wool Green Gabardine Shirts $12.50 O. D. Wool Serge Shirts $ 9.00 QJaldropGg Two Convenient Stores College Station — Bryan Information About Batt Circulation Those married veterans living in Hart and Walton Halls, the trailer areas, and project areas who have not presented their Battalion cards are requested to mail them to the Student Activities immediately. Circula tion to this group is assigned to Paul Martin who must have these cards to effect delivery of the paper. If there are any in this group who have turned in their cards and still are not re ceiving their Battalion, please drop a line to the Battalion Of fice to notify the circulation de partment. Circulation of the Battalion in the single veteran dorms is charged to the house masters. They are receiving compensa tion from the Student Activities Office to deliver the Battalion to each student’s door. All com plaints are to be turned in to them. The mailing list of the Bat talion was incomplete and de layed due to the failure of the A. & M. Press to set up the addresses but should now be ready for full distribution. The Editors. discuss matters pertaining to vet eran students and recommenda tions will be made directly to the Dean of Men. Student Council: The Student Council will con sist of four members selected by the Corps Council from its mem bership, four members of the Vet erans Council selected by the Council from its membership, and one non-military non-veteran stu dent. This Council will discuss and solVe problems pertaining to both the Cadet Corps and the non-mili tary group. Most problems brought to the Student Council will come to it from the Corps Council or from the Veterans Council. Student Court: The Student Court is composed of six classified Seniors, one clas sified Junior, one classified Sopho more, and one classified Fresh man. The Court will be selected by the Military Science Depart ment and will operate under its guidance. The Court will try such discip line cases for cadets charged with violation of the rules and regula tions as established in the Student Court manual. Minor offenses are handled by the unit commanders while more serious offenses are handled by the Student Court and a Faculty Discipline Panel. The Student Court is establish ed for the purpose of teaching- proper military court proceeding and for the purpose of giving the cadets a fair, and impartial trial for the violation of the rules and regulations. The Court is charged with the responsibility for trying violations of all rules established under the Student Court manual. —AGGIE B-TCU— (Continued From Page 5) Charlie DeWare, Aggiei “B” string Coach, has made several changes in his opening line-up. The opening line-ups will be as follows: Texas A&M: Pollock, le; An drews, It; Carter, Ig; Guly or Knight, c; Brown, rg; Holmes, rt; Voiding, re; Wallace, qb; Boswell, Ih; Anderson, rh; Andricks, fb. TCU: Charles York, le; Richard Henderson, It; Frank Seinkewisz, Ig; Keith Harshbargar, c; Don Ross, rg; Frank Baker, rt; Bob Jones, re; Bill Sweet, qb; V. R. Quinlan, Ih; Jimmy Hunt, rh; John Mettauer, fb. y>o Million Vliters Sold ... THIS IS WHY: * Reduces nicotine and tars * Filters Hakes and juices * Improves tobacco aroma * Cools and cleanses smoke )Y / beu filter is stained from tars and nicotine, replace with fresh one. FILTERED SMOKE IS MILDER SMOKING I; Sj t L IMPORTED BRIAR V-, : V ROYAL DEMUTH W§ WITH BOX OF 25 FILTERS j FOR SALE—New Junior Slacks 26-29, Cheap. Also New Blouse, size 36R. See Holman, Rm. 85, Leggett. FOR SALE—Officer’s Blouse, size 40, $25.00, Rm. 211, Dorm 7. FOR RENT—Room for single person or working couple. 4-8899. FOR SALE—Jr. Blouse (worn but few times) size 36 or 37. Cap, 2 pairs slacks, 1 wool shirt, Sam Browne belt. Call 4-5944. LOST—One flight jacket on October 3 around the New Area. See Alves, Rm. 217, Dorm 11. FOR RENT—-2, nice bedrooms to single teachers or veterans. Located just off campus. Phone 4-8669. WANTED—Stenographic work. Experi enced typist will do theses, term papers and miscellaneous typing work. Write Vivian Taggart, P. O. Box 5558, College Station. FOR SALE—Senior boots, with spurs and chains, size 9 1 /., 15% calf. Khaki and pink boot pants, waist 30. John P. Baker, Apt. 30Y, Veterans Village. LOST—One black plastic dog leash, probably in front of the A. H. Pavilion. Call 4-4684. FOR SALE — Junior-Senior uniform, blouse, size 36, short coat, size 36, cam paign hat 6 7/8, boots size 8, LL Decitrig Duplex slide rule. See Mushaway E-5 Hart. FOR SALE^—Justin Custom made Sr. boots, size 8C. Pink breeches and O. D. breeches, 30 waist, all practically new. Two Wright and Ditson, gut strung ten nis racquets and tennis net practically new. J. W. Page, 328 : Milner Drive. Old Violin for sale, Antonius Stradi- varius Cremonentis Faciebat Anno 1713. See Frank Krc, Jr., West 19th Mumford Highway, Bryan after 5:00 p.m. Will buy car radio. Y. B. Johnson, 18-H Vet. Village. FOR SALE—Unused officer’s green blouse, size 38 and trousers. Project House 1-A, R. G. Parker. House trailer for sale. 26 foot Liberty trailer 1942 model with 12'xl2' winterized porch. Excellent condition. A. & M. Cam pus Trailer Space H-l. THE SCRIBE SHOP. Typing, mimeo graphing, drawing. Phone 2-6705, 1007 E. 23rd, Bryan. FOR CHRISTMAS—Grre a subscrip tion to their favorite magazine. Johnson’s Magazine Agency at College Book Store, Box 284, Phone 4r8814 or see Paul Person 11-318 or Victor Schultz Co. C Infantry. Seventh Pet Show Slated for Thurs. The seventh annual Pet show sponsored by the A&M Consoli dated School Mothers and Dads Club and the first four grades of the school, will be held Thursday evening, Oct. 24 at six o’clock in the Animal Husbandry Pavilian on the A&M Campus, it has been announced by Harry Boyer, chair man in charge. Supper, consisting of hot ham burgers, hot dogs, hot coffee and bottled drinks will be served at six o’clock and judging of the pets will start at 7 o’clock. Many pets besides dogs are shown at the exhibit, including in past years, horses, goats, cats, chickens, and other fowls, skunks, fish, foxes, and in fact any pet that a child wishes to show. OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF MEN Subject: Dance Accommodations for Ladies Eo: All Students 1. In compliance with the request of the Committee in charge. Dormitory 6 will be used to provide accommodations for visiting girls attending the rodeo and dance on FRIDAY night, 18 October 1946 and SATURDAY night, 19 October 1946. 2. Students having guests will be as sessed a charge of $.75 per guest to cover cost of matron, maid service, and other incidental expenses. Refunds cannot be made. 3. Guests staying in the dormitory must be in not later than 1:00 A.M. SATUR DAY and 1:00 A.M. SUNDAY. Guests must check in with the matron upon their return to the dormitory after the rodeo dance. When reservations have been made for the guests, they will not be permitted to check out until departure for their homes. This will be done with the matron. Escorts will be held strictly accountable for compliance with these instructions. (Paragraph No. 3 of Memorandum No. 11, dated 8 October 1946, is changed to read the same as this paragraph). 4. Cadets living in Dormitory 6 must vacate their rooms by 1:00 P.M., FRI DAY 18 October 1946. 5. From 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. students having guests will prepare the rooms for reception of guests. Students will furnish linens, towels, etc. Escorts will be held responsible for all equipment and sup plies in rooms. • 6. Guests will be admitted to their rooms at 4:00 P.M. FRIDAY 18 October 1946, and must be vacated by 11:30 A.M. SUNDAY. Luggage will be removed from the rooms and the doors locked promptly at 11:30 A.M. The College cannot be responsible for persona! property of any guest or student. < 7. Room assignments may be made by students living in Dormitory 6 who wish to reserve own room at 8:00 A.M. WED NESDAY, 16 October, in the PLACE MENT OFFICE, Room 126, Administra tion Building. Other students may reserve rooms beginning at 8:00 A.M. THURS DAY, 17 October 1946. J. W. ROLLINS, Dean of Men. by BENNIE A. ZINN, Ass’t. Dean of Men. Annex Veterans Elect Officers In a special meeting of the Texas A&M Annex Veterans’ Club Wed nesday afternoon temporary of ficers were elected to serve for a period of one month or more if necessary to get the club started. When the membership drive is com pleted and the club is fully or ganized a general election will be held for the purpose of electing permanent officers. The following temporary officers were elected yesterday afternoon: John Laufen- burg, president; Howard Bun- baugh, vice-president; Glenn Peter son, secretary; and William Brown, treasurer. A membership drive committee was elected (all the names of which were not available) to get the membership campaign under way and to formulate plans for the first dance of this club to be held on November 2, 1946. An invi tation to the veterans on the cam pus in the corp and to 5-5 per sonnel is extended to join this club. Membership dues are dol lar ($1.00) per semester. Special for Ex-Servicemen—LIFE or TIME $3.60 per year. Johnson’s Magazine Agency, Box 284, College Book Store. Phone 4-8814. FOR SALE—Lot for better type home in South Oakwood on Jackson between Pershing and Lee. Bob Cherry % Agricul tural Experiment Station. WANTED—Band musical instruments. Any kind. Tom Sweeney, 2-7225. ■ ■.'’•' k- • v' :> vv _ SMOKING PLEASURE jiii pKi R W A ^rr £s l ' c °rrr t A • VWJf Ml JL ISIS STAN MUSIAL OF THE ST. LOUIS TRIPLE KING IN THE REALM OF BASEBALL apod*,, SATISFY! STEMELD ALL OVER AMERICA —CHESTERFIELD IS TOPS! Copyright 1$M6, Liccnrr & Myers Tobacco Co.