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PAGE 4 THE BATTALION THURSDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 1, 1946 1 C c' PA( Coi Ba Af Th Stud tion luck] 30 d 000 20 E of C agri^ H< Edw roy Mari winr petit Sent Luse Elected to Research Group W. P. Luse, a Dallas oilman, has been elected a trustee of the Texas A. & M. College Research Foundation and John Newman of Beaumont, W. B. Clayton of Dal las, and R. W. Briggs of San An tonio were reelected trustees. The foundation is composed of five groups of councilors—college, public, industrial, alumni, and ag ricultural. Each group has three representatives; each representa tive serves a three year term on the foundation trustee board. Mr. Luse was chosen from the public group. Normally each group has a vacancy every year, but the agricultural group, or ganized last, had none this year. DR. JENSEN FETED BY CHEM. SOCIETY Socit On Monday night, the Student pose', Chapter of the American Chemical were Society held a banquet at the Ag- duct: gieland Inn. The club president, agri< J. D. Kernodle, introduced the detei; speaker, Dr. Fred W. Jensen, who T1 talked on the benefits of the so- at IV ciety. The dinner was a special t honoring Dr. and Mrs. Jen- for their many courtesies in oi bam: 4 SouL Stati Unrv a and Stati > J ! Of, impo teres i ern i of I (i * estin S. I Belt/ cose n Roai ■'< l of b and my sorei Agn expe derh Cott Ball socie susp war,j sinc< have trie^ port; tour T 4 NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS Everything for the HOME Living Room and Bed Room Suites Radios Baby Beds, Buggies and Walkers Aluminum and Enamel Cookery Sporting Goods Garden Tools Complete line of Builders Hardware SMITH ■ TURNER Hardware & Furniture Co. North Gate Officer Vacancies Announced by War Department The War Department has an nounced that there are at present 7,589 vacancies for officers who are on terminal leave or on inactive duty and are members of the Na tional Guard or Officers Reserve Corps. The policy of accepting vol unteers for these positions rather than recalling Reserve officers, which it is authorized to do for the duration of the emergency, will be continued until December 15, 1947. Any officer desiring to make ap plication must meet the prescribed physical standards and must have an efficiency index of 40 or above in the case of field officers and an index of 35 or above in the case of company grade officers. Openings are available in the Civil Affairs Division, Intelligence Division, Foreign Liquidation Com mission, Finance Department, En- gneers, Quartermaster, Signal Corps, Transportation Corps, Or dinance Department, Chaplains Corps, Chemical Warfare Service, Medical Administrative Corps Ad jutant Department, Counter Intelli gence Corps, Medical and Dental Corps, Judge Advocate General’s Department, Corps of Military Po lice, Hospital Dieticians and Sani tary Corps. There are also openings for W. A. C. officers, nurses and warrant officers (both male and female.) The Army will take into consid eration the desire of the applicant as to branch of service, choice, of theater, and length of service. Service may be for an unlimited length of time or for 12, 18 or 24 months. Officers wishing to take advan tage of this must apply in writ ing to the Adjutant General, War Department, Washington 25, D. C. Application blanks may be obtain ed at any Army installation, Army Recruiting station Or Officers Re serve Corps headquarters. LAREDO CLUB WILL MEET TOMORROW The Laredo A. & M. Club will hold an important meeting Friday, August 2, in Room 227 of the Aca demic Building at 7 p.m. Plans will be discussed at that time for a dance to be held during the coming holidays. All Laredo Aggies are urged to attend the meeting. WATCH REPAIRS 1 to 4 Day Service Stems - Crowns - Main Springs - Cleaning Staffs and Crystals T. C. HINMAN Lauterstein Bldg. - N. Gate Yes, It Really Was 103 Degree in Shade This Year Aggies here at College Station may be relieved to know that one of the hottest months of the year has passed. According to weath er data from the office of J. E. Roberts who is Superintendent of the Main Station Farm, July and August are the hottest months of the year with July a little in the lead. The farm has recorded weather data for 57 years and the hottest temperature ever record ed was 111 degrees Farenheit in July 1894. The hottest record this year up to this date was 103 de grees which was recorded July 25. This seems cool compared to the record of 1894. However, last year the temperature never went over 101 degrees. King Rancher Will Talk to Game Club V. W. Lehman, Wildlife man ager for the King Ranch, Kings ville, Texas, will speak at the Fish and Game Club Meeting Monday night, August 5. The meeting will be held in room 309 of the A & I Building at 7:30 p. m. Mr. Lehman will speak on “Wildlife Management on the King Ranch.” At the last meeting of the club, Monday, July 22nd., Mr. Cham berlain of the Fisheries, Division, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service discussed some of the work he had done since entering the Fish and Wildlife Service. ■r" AGGIELAND’S • / HOME OF REFRESHMENT Make a stop often to quench your thirst at GEORGE’S Across from New “Y” <; HICKOK Tie Cha— and Collar Bar Set . . * . $3.00 C0aldrqp«g^ “Two Convenient Stores” College Station - Bryan Heard on WTAW Regular Schedule WTAW Monday Through Friday A. M. 6:00 6:15 6:25 6:30 7:00 7:15 7:16 7:16 7:30 7:65 8:00 9:00 9:25 9:30 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:30 10:45 10:45 11:00 11:30 11:45 12:00 P. M. 12:15 12:30 12:35 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:00 4:16 4:16 4:80 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:45 5:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 6:00 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:30 6:30 A. M. 6:00 6:15 7:00 7:16 7:30 7:45 8:00 9:00 9:15 9:30 10:00 10:16 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:30 P. 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Scientific forestry, pointing the way to better and more abundant houses for the homeless, also of fers many jobs to well-trained bio logists. , The reasons for the increased de mand in branches of Biological Science may be enumerated as fol lows: 1. The government has increased its demand for research scientists. 2. There has been an increase in demand in industries, such as, Pick le Factories, Leather Tanners, Fruit Companies in preventing disease of fruits, and numerous other industries. 3. The war itself has put new emphasis on all phases of Science and the great need for further de velopment. “Such discoveries as, Penecillin, D.D.T., and a host of others which are used as health giving, health restoring, and health protection substances are merely the founda tions for a superstructure to be built around them”, Dr. Doak said. —BATT POLL— (Continued from Page 1) even if contributions had to be asked from the students in order to commence such a project. An other called for a larger gym. Student Government There were many suggestions that student government be re stored in the true sense of the word. Many felt that the disci pline of the corps should be re turned to the Commandant and that the Dean of Men’s office be either done away with or re-or- ganized. Other Recommendations Other recommendations includ ed making the college co-educa- tional; the appointment of a new president; improvement of the mess hall, returning the family style system of (eating; better relations between the students Suntime Changes WTAW Broadcasting WTAW will begin signing off at 7 p. m. August 1st. This change in time is due to the fact that WTAW is a daylight station and is regulated by the Suntime Schedule. The Suntime Schedule requires that all daylight stations must in crease their time by thirty min utes each month until 7:30 p. m. is reached and then reduce their time by thirty minutes each month until 5:30 is reached. The time staying the same for two months at each the 7:30 and 5:30 period. R. E. Patterson Back; Will Teach Genetics Dr. R. E. Patterson has returned to the faculty of Texas A&M Col lege after four years of absence. Dr. Patterson, associate professor of genetics, will devote one-half his time to teaching and one-half to research in the field of animal husbandry with the Experiment Station. At present he is conduct ing experiments in the compara tive efficiency of one versus three day weights in beef cattle. A graduate of L.S.U., Patterson received his Master’s Degree from Texas A&M in 1936. He spent one year studying at the University of Virginia and then returned to A&M where he completed the re quirements for his Ph.D. degree in 1942. From 1939 until 1942 he served as assistant professor of Genetics. In the spring of ’42 Dr. Patterson was called to the Biology Department where he taught ani mal biology and general zoology. During the war Dr. Patterson was engaged in the Government training program for pre-flight Air Corps students. Dan Davis Returns From Chicago Class Dan Davis, assistant professor in the Rural Sociology Depart ment, has recently returned from six weeks at the University of Chicago where he took courses toward his doctor’s degree. He took courses in Rural Sociology, Anthropology, and Social and Economic Trends under such well- known teachers as Prof. Floyd Reeves, who was head of the War Man-Power Commission and a member of the Farm Foundation; Newton Edwards, a noted popu lationist; and Allison Davis, an expert on cultural anthropology. While at the University Mr. Davis saw “Woody” Varner, who was an assistant to the Dean of Men here at College Station. Varner has returned to the Army and at present is taking Sanita tion and several other courses for the army. Potts to Confer With 4-H Leaders In Kansas City Four-H Club Specialists James W. Potts of the A. and M. College Extensio nService will confer with officials of the Santa Fe Railroad and various state 4-H Club leaders in Kansas City, Missouri, August 1, according to an announcement by Director Ide P. Trotter. Purpose of the meeting is to discuss possible changes that should be made in the Santa Fe 4-H Award Program. States that participate in Santa Fe awards will be repre sented. Extension Editor At Flying Farmers Meet Extension Editor Louis J. Franke will attend the National Flying Farmers Convention August 1-2 at Oklahoma A. and M. College, Still water, Oklahoma, according to an announcement by Director Ide P. Trotter. While in Stillwater Mr. Franke also will study the methods and system in effect at the Oklahoma A. and M. Extension Service Edi torial Department. and the top administrative heads through frequent assembly meet ings; elimination of final exami nations; classes in current events; more lecturers of national fame; bring back the board to under classmen; and bring back the Ag gie Spirit. PREFABS and LOTS 18x24 — 20x24 — 24x30 — 30x30 A house you will be proud to call home. Conventional hiproof, 105 siding, floors of 1x4 kiln dried center mat resting on 2x6 stringers and 4x6 sills. Windows are 12 light 10x12 panes in B and B frames. Doors are 2 ft 8 in., 6 ft. 8 in., half pane in B and B frames. Hurry and see BILL DOMINEY on the corner of Luther and Fairview in West Park for your house and lot. Wives to Plan for Fall Semester The Ex-Servicemen’s Wive’s Club will have a short business meet ing before the bridge club meet ing on Thursday, August 8th,- at 7:30. Mrs. Rex Kelso, President of the organization, asks every one to be there in order to make plans for the fall activities. The Style and Fashion Group of the Veterans Wives Club will have its regular meeting Mon day night in Sbisa Hall at 7:30. fashion magazines and their val- The group will discuss current ues at that time. Tomatoes and Tomato Juice Offered in Case Lots Everyone can save when buying tomatoes or tomato juice. Cases of each are being sold by Mrs. Helen Martin, Agricultural Educa tion Department Secretary, in the basement of the Agricultural En gineering Building from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p. m. daily. The tomatoes and tomato juice come in size No. 2 cans costing 11 cents each. They must be bought by the case at $2.64 or by the half- case at $1.32. This project was made possible through the cooperation of the School Lunch Program and Voca tional Agriculture Department of the Milano High School and the Agricultural Education Depart ment of Texas A&M College. JUST RECEIVED 100% Wool Summer Gaberdine Sun Tan material. Fine Fabric for Uniforms and Civilian Trousers. Quantity Limited — Place Your Orders at Once! We Do Expert Alterations on All Types of Clothes. ZUBIK & SONS UNIFORM SPECIALISTS $ a Message of Thanks... f < With the deepest feeling of gratitude I wish to express apprecia tion for the splendid support accorded me in the Democratic primary election last Saturday. I hope every voter will accept this as a personal message ... for that’s the way it is intended. ' ' ' '\ Voters who supported other candidates have my complete under standing. You who voted for Griffith, Cowley and Kirby did so, I know, in the sincere belief that you were supporting the best qualified man. Since Griffith, Cowley and Kirby will not be candidates in the August 24 run-off election, I am earnestly soliciting votes from their supporters. To each of you . . . and to those who supported Tyson, too . ... I pledge a sincere effort to perform my duty to the best of my ability as your Congressman from this district. AGAIN I SAY: “Thanks to those who supported me. Understanding to those who did not. And here’s hoping all of you will cast your ballot for me in the August 24 election.” Signed: DUN E. (Tiger) TEAGDE