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PAGE 4 THE BATTALION TUESDAY AFTERNOON, NOVEMBER 21, 1944 W T A W Batt Chat Jack Berch will trill a spiritual and the Three Suns will play a rhumba via the WTAW broadcast of the Jack Berch Show, Wednes day, November 22, at 10:45 a. m., CWT. Jack’s tunes are “Charlie, My Boy,” “Confessing,” the spiritual “0, Dem Golden Slippers,” and “Stars In My Eyes.” The Three Suns will shine with “Mama Inez” on Wednesday’s broadcast of the Monday-through-Friday, 15-minute musicale. * * * Ace Homemaker Kay Baxter will have plenty of last-minute sugges tions for the Thanksgiving dinner on the WTAW Farm and Home Makers program, Wednesday, Nov., 22, at 11:30 a. m., CWT. Delving into her box of tricks, Miss Baxter will tell of short-cuts to make the “dinner-of-the-year” easier to pre pare. “How Many Hearts Have You Broken” and “An Hour Never Passes” will be sung by Baritone Curley Bradley. The Cadets Quar tet will intone special arrangements of “The Marines’ Hymn” and “Savage Serenade,” and other selections will be provided by the Home Towners under Harry Ko- gen’s direction. Robert B. White is director-pro ducer of the WTAW Monday through Friday Farm and Home Makers series. * * * Vincent Youmans’ lovely melody, “Tea For Two,” and the all-time favorite Irish folk-song, “Bende- meer’s Stream” will be sung by the melodious eleven-voice chorus on the WTAW Aunt Jemima Show, Wednesday, November 22, at 9:25 a. m., CWT. On Thursday, November 23, the choristers will sing two songs of Thanksgiving, “America, the Beau tiful” and “Come Ye Thankful People, Come.” On Friday, Novem ber 24, they will intone “Sweet and Lovely” and “My Heart Stood Still.” Harriet Widmer, as Aunt Jemima, will have more of her homely philosophy for her listen ers. Don Dowd is the announcer and Aggie Ex Graduates From Marine 0. C. S. Marine Second Lieutenant Fred Rea, son of Mrs. Zadilee Rea of 209 W. Waco street, Weatherford, Texas, has been graduated from the Fifty Sixth Officer Candidate's Class, Marine Corps Schools at Quantico, Va. Lieutenant Rea attended the Texas A. & M. College, College Station, where he majored in Chemistry. He enlisted in the Marine Corps January 1, 1944, and joined the Officer Candidate Class August 30, 1944 from Camp Le- jeune, N. C., where he was sta tioned. He has two brothers serving in the Army, Major Robert H. Rea, and Lieutenant Ted Rea. Lieutenant Rea’s wife, the former Mildred Harvey Moore and their son Ronald Howard Rea reside at 309 N. Waco street, Weatherford, Texas. Harry S. Walsh directs the chorus. * * * A gala Thanksgiving Day party exclusively for servicemen and servicewomen will be staged via the Breakfast at Sardi’s broadcast on Thursday, November 23. In addition to a special break fast, there will be many extra features and awards. Host Tom Breneman, who steers the show in its daily airing over WTAW, will award a $5 bill to each serviceman and servicewoman present, as well as orchids, makeup kits, roses, and other special gifts. The party will begin a half hour before the broadcast at 10:00 a. m., CWT, and will continue during the airshow and in the aftershow, which often is as hilarious as the actual broadcast. The last party for men and women in the armed services was held on July Fourth, the same day the Breakfast at Sardi’s pro gram presented a swimming pool to Ann Lehr’s Hollywood Guild Canteen. “The Fight vor the Peace” will be this season’s theme for the famous “Opera Victory Rallies”, one of the important features which mark the broadcasts this year, over WTAW, of the complete Metropolitan Opera performances on Saturday afternoons. As in previous seasons, the all- Aggie-Ex of ’42 Visits On Campus Capt. Durward E. Timmons, who took his M. S. in the Biology De partment at A. and M. in 1942, spent the first of this week visit ing friends in Bryan and College. Captain Timmons served as teaching assistant during his stu dent years at A. and M. and is well known in this community. Timmons taught a part year at Quero high school, enlisted in the air corps, while waiting for call helped build Bryan Field, married one of his former students, served in North Africa and Italy and earned the D. F. C. and oak leaf cluster. The bombing group of which Captain Timmons was lead er earned a presidential citation for conspicuously efective bombing of important objectives. Mrs. Tim mons, who is now a junior student at T. S. C. W., accompanied her husband on his visit. afternoon broadcasts, in addition to presenting the stars of the com pany in weekly operatic performan ces, will include three popular in termission features—“Opera Vic tory Rallies,” the “Open Forum Quiz” and the “Opera Column of the Air.” Started in 1942, the “Opera Vic tory Rallies” have become a vital ly important part of the weekly broadcasts. In the first season, they were dedicated to the United Na tions, even before “United Nations” had attained real effectiveness. Last season, when victory at least appeared in sight, the subject was —“The Road to Lasting Peace,” a theme which subsequently took possession of the international picture and which figured so pro minently in the recent presidential election in this country. As in the past, outstanding lea ders of national and international stature will speak at each broad cast on various aspects of “The Fight for the Peace.” Particular emphasis will be placed on the continued necessity for Americans to fight as hard for a lasting peace as they are fighting for victory in the war. Patronize Battalion Advertisers. OFFICIAL NOTICES Classified LOST—1 Log Log Decitreg Duplex Slide Rule Tuesday, November 14th in vicinity of the Campus Theatre. Return to Dan Langford, Dorm 16, Room 226. Reward. Announcements DISTINGUISHED STUDENTS—.Citations from President Gilchrist are now available in the Registrar’s Office for those stu dents who were distinguished during the Summer Semester. H. L. Heaton, Registrar Students whose absence from class is classed as authorized are reminded that authorized absence cards for each subject missed must be submitted in duplicate within 48 hours after the return from the absence and that arrangements for making the work missed must be made with instructor within Jive days. Alter this week these limitations will be strictly enforced. F. C. Bolton Dean of the College Commandants Office OFFICE OF THE COMMANDANT Circular No. 24: 1. Dormitory students are referred to paragraph No. 68, College Regulations: “Doors of all rooms will be kept locked except during Call-to-Quarters.” 2. A broader interpretation: When all of the occupants of a room are absent from the dormitory, the room will be locked. M. D. WELTY, Colonel, Infantry Commandant. E. D. Dept. Head Publishes Manual Professor W. E. Street, head of the Engineering Drawing Depart ment, is the co-author of the re cently published book, “A Manual of Blueprint Reading.” Carl L. Svensen, well-known engineer and author, collaborated with Profes sor Street in publication. D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., is the publisher. The book is arranged in sections, and complete in nature of material covered. This allows flexibility in its use for courses varying in dura tion. The various combinations of subject matter in the sections makes the book ideal for any course in blueprint reading or as a reference for other technical courses. Blueprint reading is a general term as is concerned with the reading of the written language of engineering and industry. This written language may be any form of pictorial representation, dia grams or line drawings in any form, used for the manufacture, T. u. Spirit Waning; Bible Makes Urgent Plea to Student Body The following article appeared in a recent issue of the Daily Tex an, T. U. student daily, appealing to the students to rally around their team: Coach Dana X. Bible asks stu dents to, attend the send-off pep rally to be held Thursday after noon at 5:10 o’clock at the Memo rial Stadium for the benefit of the hard-working, thrice-beaten Texas Longhorns. Students will meet at the stadium and from there proceed in a body to Clark Field, there to see the Longhorns at their last home practice before the TCU game. Not many students have come construction, assembly or installa tion practices. Professor Street is the co-author of several other well-known publi cations and is the editor of the Journal of Engineering Drawing and Descriptive Geometry, the of ficial publication of the drawing division of the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Educa tion. LISTEN TO WTAW 1150 kc — B (Blue Network) WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1944 A. M. 6:00 Sign On 6:02 Texas Farn & Home Prog. WTAW 6 :15 Sunup Club WTAW 7:00 Martin Agronsky-— Daily War Journal BN 7 :15 Let’s Learn Spanish WTAW 7 :30 Blue Correspondents BN 7 :45 Morning Melodies WTAW 7:65 Hollywood Headliners WTAW 8:00 The Breakfast Club BN 9:00 My True Story BN 9:26 Aunt Jemima BN 9 :30 Between The Lines WTAW 9:45 The Listening Post BN 10:00 Breakfast At Sardi’s BN 10:30 Gil Martyn BN 10:45 Jack Berch And His Boys.... BN 11:00 Glamour Manor. BN 11:15 Meet Your Neighbor BN 11:30 Farm and Home Makers BN P. M. 12:00 Baukhage Talking BN 12:16 WTAW Noonday News WTAW 12 :30 Farm Fair WTAW 12:45 Piano Playhouse BN 1:00 Kiernan’s Corner BN 1:15 Mystery Chef BN 1:30 Ladies Be Seated BN 2:00 Songs by Morton Downey.... BN 2:15 Hollywood Star Time BN 2:30 Appointment With Life BN 3:00 Ethel and Albert BN 3:16 Music for Moderns WTAW 8:30 Time Views The News BN 3:45 Our Neighbor Mexico— Dr. A. B. Nelson WTAW to previous send-off rallies. The time has been moved up to 5:10 o’clock so as to allow students attending the rally to reach their boarding houses and dormitories in time for dinner. “These send-off rallies where the students come to the team at the practice field mean a lot to the boys,” stated Bible. The T.C.U. game is crucial because the winner will possibly be South west Conference Champions. The T.C.U. team is keyed up greatly partly because this will be their home-coming game. Let’s have a big home-coming in Memorial Stadium at 5:10 this afternoon and send the boys to Fort Worth in the proper frame of mind!” If waiting- we’re saying, A bachelor would be a Millionaire, But, it doesn’t work that way SO HURRY! Our new Thanksgiving and Christmas cards are now on display. We suggest you make an early selection. AGGIELAND PHARMACY “Keep to the right at the North Gate, and You Can’t Go Wrong” A PLEASANT GIFT STATIONERY Linen Superfabric Suedetone Pastels One of the largest stocks in College Station. Aggie and Service Men’s Stationery. Don’t forget we can personalize your Christmas cards with your name. LOUPOT’S TRADING POST COLLEGE STATION RESIDENTS: Fish Blotto Visits Tealand ' now,thatJ well,mr m a mr-j f iwovjww WEIL .SON, HAVE VXI DECIDED JtT WHAT COLLEGE "rOU WANT TOGO TO• ' WELL,!OUNNQDAD, COULD 'lOUEMPLOt'A UTILE SUCTION AND GET WAS A r' QUESTION. 10U KNOW SILLY l TOU WOULDN'T LET ME ANSWER) GO ANY RACE BUT TO -^A. AND M., AND JUST < BECASE YOU WENT THERE/ YOU WANT TO GO TO A CO-ED SCHOOL,BUT ! DON'T SEE ANY FONT IN THAT y WHEN THERE ARE 5000 WOMEN 5 MILES OF A. AND My huh ? WHERE ERYAN. IT HAS A POPLUTIOn) OF 10,000. HALF OF THEM / SHOULD BE WOMEN, f—’ A HOP IN,KID, I’M JUST nxIN'] 7 (^TO FILL HER UP/ /- ^ ^lurJin/on. SAY, HERE'S SOMEBODY AOT KIN DRAW AS GOOD AS ME / ^ ’BY GOLLY, 1 AIN'T GONNA STAND FOR THAT 1 I’LL HUNT THIS BIRD UP AND SLIT HIS THROAT/ I’LL SMASH HIM/ /'LL- I’LL— ^TG R R-R ’!' ( WATT A MINIT / THIS IS MY' DRAWING / I'M BACK , WHERE 1 STARTED > THAT/ DAME WAS GONG THE /WRONG WAY / f d 1 ft ig;;i uwlm/on l BPWN | 'YEP, THI5 WILL B(z MYi FIRST 'rF7\R 4TW4N'M.' YOU DON'T SAY/ I’LL BE A BOFH.ITSI MIGHTY GLAD TO MEET UP WITH Nfl, ©LOTTO/ IN A. ANH AN’tfXJWILL ACT ACCORDINGLY n YOU our I drop) SAY, AIN'T IMS A PUTTY PLACE ? IDET I LIKE ' COIN' TO SCHOOL HERE / WELL,THANK YA , BLURTS , IlL BE SEE/M© YA / FORTH YOU WILL ADDRESS ME AS “MISTER' BLURTS! i a dec •nc.Lj'Ri/Tim VDU ARE NOW “FISH'BLOnC ,1L50- / SAY, WOT DO THINK SOU ARE? IIS IS A FREE OXINM I R.FA5E / V [CMON !CMON > WELL SETTLE]] 2— I THIS RIGHT r~ IT : / /by my room (TONI&HTf SO THi: A.AN'/Y JUST W< WHAT l'\ ME5ELF 4:00 Rev. Hartman (Lutheran)..WTAW 4:16 Dick Tracy BN 4:30 Sea Hound BN 4 :45 Hop Harrigan BN 6 :00 Terry and the Pirates BN 5:15 All Star Dance Parade WTAW 6:30 Jack Armstrong BN 6:45 Captain Midnight BN 6:00 Excursions In Science WTAW 6:16 Rotary Club Program WTAW 6:30 Sign Off Don’t forget we are now on full time pick up and delivery service. Call us 4-4554 for your cleaning and pressing needs. All work guaranteed. NEXT DOOR TO LUKE THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1944 A. M. 6:00 Sign On 6:02 Texas Farm & Home Prog. WTAW 6 :I5 Sunup Club WTAW 7 :00 Martin Agronsky—- Daily War Journal BN 7:15 Toast and Coffee WTAW 7:30 Blue Correspondents BN 7:45 Rosa Rio at the Organ BN 8:00 The Breakfast Club BN 9:00 My True Story BN 9:25 Aunt Jemima BN 9:30 Between the Lines WTAW 9:45 The Listening Post BN 10:00 Breakfast at Sardi’s BN 10:30 Gil Martyn BN 10:45 Jack Berch And His Boys.... BN 11:00 Glamour Manor BN 11:15 Meet Your Neighbor BN 11:30 Farm and Home Makers BN P. M. 12:00 Baukhage Talking BN 12:15 WTAW Noonday News WTAW 12 :30 Farm Fair WTAW 12:40 Texo Roundup WTAW 12:45 Tips, Topics, And Tunes....WTAW 1:00 Kiernan’s Corner BN 1:15 Mystery Chef BN 1:30 Ladies Be Seated BN 2 :00 Songs by Morton Downy BN 2:15 Hollywood Star Time BN 2:30 Appointment With Life BN 3:00 Ethel and Albert BN 3:15 Music for Moderns...., WTAW 3:30 Time Views The News BN 3 :45 Something to Read— Dr. T. F. Mayo..: WTAW 4:00 Student Personnel— George Wilcox WTAW 4:15 Dick Tracy BN 4:80 Sea Hound BN 4:45 Hop Harrigan BN 6 :00 Terry and the Pirates BN 5:15 All Star Dance Parade WTAW 6:30 Jack Armstrong BN 5 :45 Captain Midnight BN 6:00 Fred Waring BN 6:30 Sign Off AGGIES : When you want quick dependable service it’s AGGIE CLEANERS At North Gate Curtis Eden, Owner When Your Hunger Isn’t Satisfied, - - - Come - - - CASEY’S for SANDWICHES - DRINKS - SMOKES In the “Y” FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1944 A. M. 6:00 Sign On 6:02 Texas Farm & Home Prog. WTAW 6 :15 Sunup Club.. WTAW 7:00 Martin Agronsky— Daily War Journal BN 7:16 Let’s Learn Spanish WTAW 7:30 Blue Correspondents BN 7 :45 Morning Melodies. WTAW 7:55 Hollywood Headliners WTAW 8 :00 The Breakfast Club BN 9:00 My True Story BN 9:25 Aunt Jemima .-. BN 9 :30 Between the -Lines WTAW 9:45 The Listening Post BN 10:00 Breakfast at Sardi’s 15X1 10:30 Gil Martyn 10:45 Jack Berch And His Boys.. 11:00 Glamour Manor 11:15 Meet Your Neighbor 11:30 Farm and Home Makers.... P. M. 12:00 Baukhage Talking 12:15 WTAW Noonday News....WTAW 12:30 Farm Fair WTAW 12 :45 Johnny Thompson WTAW 1:00 Kiernan’s Corner BN 1:15 Mystery Chef..... BN 1:30 Ladies Be Seated BN 2:00 Songs by Morton Downey.... BN 2:15 Hollywood Star Time BN 2:30 Appointment With Life BN 3:00 Ethel and Albert BN 3:15 Music for Moderns WTAW 3:30 Time Views the News BN 3:45 Treasury Star Salute WTAW 4:00 Something to Read WTAW 4:15 Dick Tracy..... BN 4:30 Sea Hound BN 4:45 Hop Harrigan BN 6:00 Terry and the Pirates BN 5:15 All Star Dance Parade.... WTAW 5:30 Jack Armstrong BN 5:45 Captain Midnight BN 6:00 Notes From Yesterday BN 6:30 Sign Off BN BN BN BN BN BN BN LOUPOT’S We Do EXPERT PORTRAIT WORK At Reasonable Prices “A PICTURE IS A CONSTANT REMINDER” AGGIELAND STUDIO Joe Sosolik, Proprietor At the North Gate “25 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE” BANK HOLIDAY The Bryan banks will be closed Thursday, November 23, 1944 in observance of Thanksgiving Day, a legal Holiday. (Act of Congress) CITY NATIONAL BANK FIRST STATE BANK & TRUST CO. A Little Place - - - - - - A Big Saving! FIRST NATIONAL BANK