The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, September 15, 1944, Image 3

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FRIDAY AFTERNOON, SEPTEMBER 15, 1944 X THE BATTALION PAGE 3 —BACKWASH— (Continued trom Pag* 2) of tots that play around over the campus but this particular group greeted every passing Aggie with *gEAT BRYAN FIELD. Army, that is a prime example of the spirit. 'Short but not Sweet * Reports for the San An- tonio A. & M. Club are far from encouraging. According to their reports there are only 48«» Aggies •'planning to attend the Aggie Gridiron Dance in San Antonio after the Texas Tech game. If there are no more Aggies than this over there for the game, well * ole army, what’s the matter? Lets have enough Aggies there to real ly support the team and take the Alamo City by storm. * Sign for Victory Dick Smith, president of the San Antonio Club has made a * guarantee that they will take any signs that may be made to San Antonio and see that they are dis played in conspicious places. Here is'a chance for all of the outfits to have a sign in San Antonio * about the Red Raider game. Dick says that he would like to see some good signs, good like the old ones were good-. Gilbert Defines - S KELTON, a stack of bones with all the people scraped off . . . Hug, a roundabout way of ex pressing affection . . . Sandwich, * an unsuccessful attempt to make both ends meat. . . . Eskimos, % God’s frozen people. . . . Marriage, - love turned so the seams show . . . Prude, a good woman in the worst sense of the word. . . Truant Officer, a talent scout for - a return school . . . Hick Town, one where is no place to go where you shouldn’t be. . . . Brassiere, a girl’s bosom friend. . . . Closet, where a girl keeps most of her clothes when she’s dressed’ up. The the little co-ed said, “No more service shows for me. The last time we entertained at a camp the M. P.’s came right up to the bus and pinched me.” Query: Why is Jimmie Durante so popular at the north pole? Answered by the Eskimo belle: “With a nose like that he makes my ideal lover.” Now we say good night, V Mail * It used to be the U. S. male That kept me up at night— , 'Now spelled a little differently That answer still is right. * Loving and Yelling Don’t forget to get that gal down for the dance. Not only will she be here for the dance but you can take her home after the ball game. It’s not every weekend that an Aggie can get and spend Fri day night with a beautiful date ^ then take her out the next day to a football game. Before we leave it might be in order to ask on what ^occasion can a man carry a blan ket on one arm and have a girl on ^ the other? Only to football games my man. Only at fotball games without causing the tongues to wag. Twenty-five per cent of the women enrolled in the Women’s Auxiliary Corps are married. —PLANS— (Contlnhed v Froin Page I) that they would take it up with their commanding officer and the Aggies were eager to present it to the commandant. Further discussion brought out several other pertinent factors causing disagreement. The sailors said that something should be done to make the naval detachment feel a part of A. & M. In order to do this the Aggies proposed that the sailors attend yell practices and elect a yell leader to lead the sail ors in the Aggie yells at the foot ball games. It was finally decid ed that there should be a yell lead er from the navy and one from the marines. Aggies have complained about the sailor practice of upstreaming. The sailors countered with the statement that they were not given liberty until one o’clock Saturday and thus would always be at the end of a hitch-hiking line. It was proposed that two lines be formed at every corner, one for Aggies and one for sailors, each line tak ing the rides alternately. Both sides thought that this arrangement would be the fairest possible un der the circumstances. It was a general feeling among those present at the meeting that something needed to be done to acquaint the Aggies and sailors. The men ' representing the corps offered to give a dance honoring the sailors as soon as possible. In return the sailors said that they would trye to give a dance honor ing the Aggies. The general conclusion drawn from the meeting was that the two groups should participate in more social activities together. The navy wholeheartedly approved of this and said that they would go as far as naval regulations would permit. Members of the senior class rep resenting the Aggies were: Andy Jones, head yell leader; H. Q. Sibley, senior yell elader; Jack Palmer, executive officer on 2nd regimental staff; Paul Olschner, commander of the 2nd regiment, and Calvin Brumley, corps execu tive officer. Naval personnel composing the sailor committee were E. M. Perry, J. M. Gouger, A. H. Way, J. C. Mount, C. O. Garner, and W. T. Judd, the six company commanders. Another meeting between the two groups was arranged for next Tues day night in the Ward Room of Dormtiory 12. A destroyer to be called U. S. S. Frank Knox will be built in honor of the late Secretary of the Navy Knox. FEATURED ON WTAW The talented and lovely Donna Dae is a featured vocalist with Fred Waring’s popular Pennsyl vanians, ' - * HELP BRING VICTORY BUY WAR BONDS MORE When You Sell Them at LOUPOT’S TRADING POST AGGIES, you have made Loupot the biggest second-hand book dealer in College Station, and he appreciates your cooperation. He wants to help you, too, by giving you the best trades possible. MEN, to get highest prices for books, sell now before you leave because as in the past, there won’t be as much sale for used books later, as freshmen will buy during Freshmen Week. LOU WANTS TO BUY YOUR BOOKS — LAMPS — HATS — DRAWING SUPPLIES SAM BROWNE BELTS — WOOLEN SLACKS LISTEN, MEN! Some of you are planning to sell your instruments. We will make minor repairs FREE so that you can get more for them. If you sell them to a freshman, be sure they are in good repair so that the new man will not be handicapped. If some of you Aggies get in a tight for cash on the way home or even before you leave for home, remember the Loupot Loan Fund (limit to loan, $5 as long as there is money in the Fund). If on the road and in need, wire me collect. “Trade With Lou—He’s Right With You” J. E. LOUPOT, Class of ’32 T Need Cash, Too!”