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TUESDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 14, 1943 THE BATTALION \ LSU-Aggie Football Rivalry Began Thirty-Eight Years Ag Two Teams Have Played In Thirteen Games As Rivals Record of Two Teams Is Given In Resume of Many Years of Football When the all-civilian football teams of the A & M. and Louisiana State University square off New Year’s Day in the Orange Bowl, at Miami, Fla., it will mark the continua tion of a football rivalry begun in 1906, during which 13 games have been played to date - *— : : and 1942. Tie games were played with seven victories for A. & M, four decisions in favor of Louis iana State, and tie games have resulted from two contests. A. & M. has secored a total of 239 points in these 13 games to 107 for Louisiana State, including the 1943 game at Baton Rouge in which A. & M. won the touchdown decision by a four to two margin, the score being A. & M. 28 — Louisiana State 17. Aggies were victorious in the first two games played, in 1906 and 1907, by scores of 22 to 12 and 11 to 5. The first win for Louisiana State was in 1908 and the score—26 to 0—marked the greatest total made by the Louis iana in one game. In 1922, A. & M. won by 46 to 0 and the high mark for the Texans shows in the 1914 meeting. In the latter game Louis iana State had all the better of the first half, going into the rest per iod with a lead of 9 to 7, but A. & M. ran wild in the second half and the final score was Aggies 63, Louisiana State 9. Years of victory for A. & M. were: 1906, 1907, 1914, 1917, 1922, 1923 and 1943. Louisiana State came out on top in 1908, 1916, 1921 LOUPOT’S An Aggie Institution r STUDENT CO-OP Bicycle and Radio Repair Phone 4-4114 If “gifting has you guessing”, remember— WEARABLE GIFTS are most Welcome Wearable Gifts are the most welcome! We’ve ready to help you with your Christmas shopping with a spirited array of gifts for men and women. Won’t you come in and select your gifts now. All W. S. D. gifts will be gift-wrapped without charge. 7 i V C-* T^V WIMBERLEY -STONE-DANSBY CLOUKIERS College and Bryan in 1913 and 1920, the scores being 7 to 7 and 0 to 0 respectively Intramurals By Max Mohnke Three teams drive down the stretch into the final week of play to decide the Intramural football and basketball champion. Fourth Company, First Company, and N Company all have a mathematical chance of winning one of the two crowns. The football finalists have already been decided—Fourth Com pany meeting First Company Wed nesday at 4:10 for the title; how ever, the basketball situation is still of a complex nature. The win ner of the First Company-N Com pany tussle will gain the right to play Fourth Company in the final round of play. Fourth Company, L Company, First Company, and N Company, won top honors in basketball Lea gues A, B, C, and D respectively. That immediately put each of these teams into the semi-finals for the school championship. Of the two games scheduled in the semi-final round of play, one ha salready made history, while the remaining match is set for one day this week. In the only game played, Fourth Company defeated L Company 17 to 14 in a close, hard-fought battle. Brunow looped 6 points through the mesh to take high-point honors for the day. This victory entitled Fourth Company to gain the final round of play, one has already Company from the race. Winners in the various football leagues were: Third Company— League A; Fourth Company—Lea gue B; K Company—League C; and First Company—League D. In the semi-final round of play in football. Fourth Company squared off against Third Company and First Company met K Company. These two encounters were thrill ing games in themselves. In the former, Fourth Company capital ized on some breaks early in the game to take the lead 7 to 0, which they never relinquished. In the other fray, First Company’s well- drilled “nine” had little trouble in disposing of K Company, 9 to 0. Three of the points were the result o fa field goal fro mthe toe of J. R. Wade. Play in these two sports will wind up this week, weather per mitting. Starting Wednesd a y, December 15, play will begin in a sport relatively new to most Ag gies—Intramural Speedball. This sport could best be described as a cross between football and basket ball. It takes quite a bit of speed and endurance to play the game appropriately, and it is one of the best sports offered in intramural competition. The schedule of games should reach each Athletic Officer sometime today, as Intramural Speedball will get under way to morrow. %ACH£RS OF JAPANESE IN COLLEGES AND UNI VERSITIES THROUGHOUT THE U.S.MET RECENTLY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICH IGAN TO COMPARE NC ES ON LATEST METHODS AMD TECHNIQUES. Fainter hall, middle bury col lege, WAS BUILT IN 1615 BY citizens of middlebury, vt., EACH OF WHOM CONTRIBUTED LUMBER, NAILS, GLASS, HARD- V/ARE, CARTAGE AND LABOR ON A QUOTA BA,SlS/ —DISTRACTION S— (Continued From Page 2) situations are built up for a goodly number of laugh-provoking situa tions. There are also plenty of guffaws in the scenes dealing with the twin brothers, one a chauf feur and the other an escaped com- vict. The plot is moldy, but insig nificant when laughs tumble each other in rapid succession. The Lowdown: I’ll give it a long whistle. ^ ... William werstler, jr., r g HORSEBACK MORE THAN 1C. O MILES FROM HIS FATHERS RANCH AT WALDEN, COLORADO,, TO THE UNIVERSITY/ ILLINOIS/ ®£NNY ©STERBMN, GREAT MICHIGAN END, WAS AN OFFICIAL ALL-AMERICAN , THREE CONSECUTIVE YEARS/ A. & M. Makes Record In 49 Seasons Playing Aggies Take Stock Before Orange Bowl Game, January 1 In 49 seasons of gridiron play, A. & M. has meet 71 teams from 20 states for an all-time record of 258 games won, 12 games lost and 28 tied. In these 398 games A. &; M. has made 6,959 points, to 2,515 for her opponents. Football at A. & M. began in-f 1894 with A. & M. losing to the University of Missouri and Texas winning from the Ball High School of Galveston. No games were play ed in 1895 but contests have been held each succeeding year begin ning in 1896. A. &M. has the edge on all op ponents which have been met a number of times with the exception of Centennary and the University of Texas. In nine games with the Shreveport school, Centennary has emerged the victor on six occa sions, scoring 62 points against A. &M., while A. & M. has won three games and has scored 34 points. The record with the cadet’s oldest rival, the University of Tex as, shows A. & M. has won 15 games, Texas has won 31 games, and four have resulted in a tie. In these 50 games Texas has scored 608 points to 306 for A. & M. In addition to Texas colleges, normals, institutes and univirsi- ties, A. & M. has met teams from schools in Alabama, Arizona, Ar kansas, California, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington. A. & M.’s first undefeated sea son was in 1902, nine games play ed with seven wins and two ties, these with Trinity University and Texas. It was the custom in earlier years to meet the same opponents two and three times in a single sea son. In 1902 records show a win from Texas as well as a tie. A. & M. won the championship of the State in 1909 and 1910, but in 1909 there was a 0 to 0 tie with Texas Chrisitian University, and in 1910 A. & M. lost to Arkansas 5 to 0. The 1912 team was called “Champions of the South” but there was a loss to Kansas State, 10 to 13. The Southwest Conference dates from 1915. No championship team was designated in the years 1915, 1916, 1918, and 1933. In number of championships won, A. & M. leads the other schools—Arkansas, Bay lor, Rice, Southern Methodist Uni versity, Texas Christian Universi ty and Texas—with seven and an additional tie with Southern Me thodist University in 1940. A. & M. won a clear title in 1917, 1919, 1921, 1927, 1939 and 1941. A. & M. was undefeated and untied in 1917, 1919 and 1939. In addition, the 1917 and 1919 teams were unscored upon. The 1939 team was voted first in the nation by sports au thorities. Against teams from the South west Conference, A. & M. has a re cord of 105 wins, 75 losses, 20 ties, and has scored 2,380 points against 1,684 for her opponents. A. & M. has played in three bowl games; defeating Tulane 14 to 13 in the 1940 Sugar Bowl; defeat ing Fordham in the Cotton Bowl in 1941, 13 to 12, and losing to Alabama in the Cotton Bowl in 1942, 21 to 29. A. & M. was the selection from the Southwest to meet Centre College in an inter sectional game in Dallas in 1922, A. & M. winning 22 to 14. A. & M. is to play Louisiana State in the Orange Bowl in New Year’s Day, 1944. —PRODUCERS— (Continued From Page 1) The International Crop Improve ment Association works with en forcement officials of the Federal Seed Act in the production and dis tribution of certified planting seed. Very satisfactory progress was made at the recent annual meet- ting of crop improvement special ists toward standardizing certifi cation practices in the separate states so that certified seed will have a more definite national and international meaning, Dr. Hum bert reported. 200 Special A. & M. Christmas Cards Give your friends a greeting from Aggieland. 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