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Aeeieland Vacated For Houston And Rice Game ROOM 5 ADMINISTRATION BLDG.—2275 COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS, SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 13, 1943 VOLUME 43—NUMBER 68 Aggies Face Improved Rice Owls Today In Houston Powell To Play For Navy And Marine Dance Tonight Third Presentation is Scheduled to be Held in Duncan Hall From 8 ’til 11:30 P. M. Duncan Mess Hall will be the scene of the Navy and Marine dance featuring Teddy Powell and his modern swing orchestra. The event will begin at 8 o’clock Saturday night. Powell brings his orchestra direct from New Orleans where he has been making appear ances at the St. Charles Theater. ■ • " ■ : -4, ■■ ‘ t irr . ■ - , ,v, s ■ i:>■ . •v ' ' " ' ' ^ : - ... - • ' - ' v " ' ^ \ J ' v ■ s ^ - -I ' ^ . S' | ' For the past summer and fall Powell has been playing to over flow audiences in Maimi, Florida. He is nationally known for his style of music which is termed “hot, but smooth”. He has been heard over the networks many times and his public appearance are numerous. This, however, is Pow- elFs first showing at Aggieland. The Naval Training School has had three dances this year, all with nationally famous bands. The first dance was to the music of George Olsen; then came Jack Teagarden in a recent affair for the Sailors and Leathernecks. This Navy dance will being at 8 and terminate at 11:30 to con form with the regulations of the college stating that no dances may be held on Sunday. Radio Club Postpones Love Skit Program “The Third Angle,” a humorous love skit, that was to be presented by the W. T. A. W. Radio Club Program on Sunday afternoon will not be heard due to the Rice game, according to Richard Gottlieb, pres ident of the club. Most of the members of the club are not ex pected to return from Houston for the game Saturday until late Sun day night. The skit will, however, be presented by the club next Sun day at the same time of 2:30. WTAW Carries Aggie Game Today The Aggie-Rice football game will be broadcast over WTAW at 2:50 o’clock this afternoon from the Rice Memorial Stadium in Houston. Kern Tips will be announcer for this Texas grid classic and Yes Box will be commentator on the activities of the fans and perfor mances at the half. Both these an nouncers are widely known throughout Texas and the South west. The broadcast will be spon sored by the Humble Oil and Re fining Company. LISTEN TO WTAW 1150 k.c. Radio Calendar for Saturday, Nov. 13, 1943 10:00—Musical Reveille 10:30—News 10:45—Morning Reverie* 11:00—Moments of Devotio* 11:15—Lean Back and Listen 11:30—Listen Ladies 11:45—Music 12:15—News 12:30—Farm Fair 12:45—Music 1:15—Between the Lines 1:30—Music 2:00—Treasury TranscripitiMi 2:55—Aggies vs Rice 3:00—Aggies vs Rice 3:30—Aggies vs Rice 4:00—Aggies vs Rice 4:30—Aggies vs Rice 6:00—Aggies vs Rice 5:15—Music 5:80—The Little Shaw 6:46—New* 6:00—Sign-off DAMON TASSOS ★ ★ ★ Tassos, Guard, Stari in Aggie Line A boy who has shown some outstanding play in the Aggie line is Damon Tassos. Damon did not make his debut until af ter the season had begun, but he is now in the Cadet starting lineup. He plays guard on the Aggie line, wears number 55, and hails from San Antonio. Damon is one boy who will stand watching, for he is really going places. • v, 1 ' I TU. ..JW; BAND IN REVIEW—Shown is the scene of the last final review which was held on the old drill field just before the juniors and seniors weer activated. It will bring back memories of this last review to the juniors, now seniors on the campus, because most of them have returned from their basic camp. Showing in the corner is the band as it looked with students from every class playing for it. The band is now very small compared to what it was because it now contains only ninety members where it had over 200 last year. This small number, however, will not prohibit the band from playing for the Rice game as it has in previous years. Horticulture Club Elected Officers At First Meeting Plans for Valley Trip Discussed by Head of Department on Nov. 4 A meeting of the Horticulture Club was held Thursday, November 4, in the Agriculture building for the purpose of electing officers for the current semester, according to T. E. Wright, Jr., newly elected secretary-treasurere of the club. This was the first meting of the semester, which accounted for the election of officers. Besides Wright as secretary-treasurer, W. C. Kear ney was made president, and C. Edwards elected vice-president. Dr. G. W. Adriance, head of the Agriculture Department, was the principal speaker of the evening with his main topic being the pos sibility of the club going to the Valley in the early part of Decem ber to study the varieties of fruit, the testing of soils, and collections of fruits for a Horticulture show to be held here on the 13th and 14th of December. Plans for this trip will be made at a later date, stated Dr. Adriance. Dates for future, meetings were set for the first and third Thurs day of each month in the basement of the Agriculture building. All members of the club are urged to be present at future meetings and all Horticulture students who are not yet members are urged to join the club at the next meeting which will be November 18th. ★ ★ ★ Aggie Band to Play For Yell Practice And Rice-A&M Tilt 90-Piece Outfit To Perform at The Half Of Houston Game The 90-piece Aggie Band will go to Houston this week-end to per form for the A. & M.-Rice game and a special yell practice which will be held today. From 11:30 until 12 this morn ing the band will play at a yell practice to be held in front of the Rice Hotel. It is urgent that all Aggies, as well as band members, attend this yell practice, because it will be broadcast over a Hous ton radio station. The band will also be at the football game to perform between halves with several formations. This semester the band has in creased in size to that of last semester, and its efficiency has improved a great deal, Col. R. J. Dunn, band director stated. All band members were given authorized absences after their last Friday class in order to give them sufficient time to reach Houston. Lost Comet Found After Search of Two Decades Largest in history is this year’s freshman class at Georgian Court college, Lakewood, New Jersey. Astronomer In Southwest Texas Locates Big Star A comet lost for the past 20 years has been found by Dr. George Van Biesbroeck, Yerkes Observa tory astronomer pbserving at Me Donald Observatory in southwest ern Texas. It is comet d’Arrest, not seen since 1923, which inadvertent ly helped amateur astronomer Les lie C. Peltier of Delphos, Ohio, find comet Diamaca last month. Dr. Van Biesbroeck himself had asked Mr. Peltier to look for comet d’Arrest, and it was just after giving this up as a hopeless task that Mr. Peltier picked up the Diamaca comet. In a wire to Harvard College Observatory, Dr. Van Biesbroeck gives the magnitude of comet d’Arrest as twelfth, making it too faint without telescopic aid, hence of interest only to professional astronomers. Its position, when located, was so far south of the celestial equator that Mr. Peltier’s inability to find it is not surprising. From McDonald Observatory, however, the comet appeared much higher in the sou thern sky, a fact which must have facilitated Dr. Van Biesbroeck’s re-discovery. Inasmuch as the orbit of coment d’Arrest had long since been pre dicted, astronomers knew fairly well where to look for it, but it appears to have passed close to the sun about two days ahead of schedule. At the request of Dr. Van Bies broeck, comet expert of Yerkes Ob servatory, Williams Bay, Wis., the Delphos, Ohio, amateur had spent several evenings in search for comet d’Arrest, lost since 1923. When his search appeared fruitless, Mr. Peltier resumed his regular program of comet seeking on the night of Sept. 18, with fortunate results. Half an hour after he stop ped looking for comet d’Arrest he observed a faint, ill-defined object in the constellation of Draco. Five minutes of watching thru his telescope clearly showed the mo tion of this comet, a new one for Mr. Peltier, although it had been discovered by Diamaca, a Rumani an some nine days earlier. How ever, Mr. Peltier’s find was ex tremely important, as he was the (See COMMENT, Page 2) Aggies' Star Backfield BACKS—Shown below are the four members of the Texas Aggie backfield. Reading left to right is: Babe Hallmark, passing ace for the team this year; Stanley Turner is next, he leads the conference in kicking distance. After him is Bob Butchofsky, blocking back. Last is Marion Flanagan, quarterback. Neely Promises Ags Tough Battle; Owl Reserves Low Cadets in Top Condition; Burditt, Flanagan Released From Hospital, to See Action The Rice Owls, coached by Jess Neely, will play host to the Texas Aggies this afternoon in Houston. It will be the fourth conference game for each team; Rice having won 2 and lost one while the Aggies have made a clean sweep of their three games. Saturday’s Yell Practice Broadcast Today in Houston will be the chance that most Aggies have been waiting for because it will be the day for a real old fashion ed yell practice, according to Jack Knox, head Yell Leader. The broadcast will be carried over the Houston stations. Ag- gie(3 who are in Houston at 10:30 will assemble at the corner of the Rice Hotel where streets will be blocked off for this display to be held; it will last thirty minutes and those who are not in Houston where they can attend in person are asked to listen over the radio. For the exact time that it will be broadcast, you are asked to see your morning Houston paper. Free Movies In Assembly Hall To Be Resumed Shows Held At 6:30 Saturday Morning After Mess Beginning immediately after the regular Saturday Service show, free 16mm movies will be shown at the Assembly Hall. A two-hour program including a feature-length attraction, “Sky Parade” and the War Department film, “Attack Signal” will be presented at this time, the Student Activities Office announced today. This program will be the first of a series of 16mm movies planned for the entertainment as well as education to the student and serv icemen of the campus. These films are to be presented each Saturday evening at 6:30, or following any Service Show that night be pre sented at this time. The majority of films booked for these free shows will be regu lar Hollywood productions reduced to the 16mm size. Each program will of course be augmented with latest OWI and War Dept, shorts. Students and servicemen can find at least two hours of relaxation and entertainment by attending these shows and at no admission costs. Powell Plays For Service Show Tonite Featuring Teddy Powell and his nationally famous orchestra, Sat urday night’s Service Men’s Show at the Asembly Hall at 6:30 will be a Navy and Marine presentation. Pvt. Stanley L. Rice, who has been in the Marine Corps five months, worked in several shows at Colora do College in Colorado Springs, and also did shows in high school, will act as Master of Ceremonies. Only 18 years old, Rice is reputed to be one of the radio greats of to morrow. Teddy Powell is being brought to College Station by the Navy to play Saturday night for the Ma rines and Sailors in Duncan Hall. Through the courtesy of the Navy, he is playing on the Service Men’s show so that all the service men stationed at College Station will have a chance to hear this aggre-! gation. In their last two games this season Rice has scored five touch downs and previous to these two games they had scored only once in five games. Rice has scored a total of 40 points this season, 33 of them being made in conference play. The Owls defense has allow ed their opponents 136 points thus far this season, 77 points being scored against them in conference play. Rice’s two victims this sea son were Texas Tech and Arkan sas. The Owls have fallen prey to Randolph Field, L. S. U., Tulane, S. M. U., and Texas University. The Texas Aggies have a de cidedly better record than the boys of Rice Institute. The Aggies have scored 137 points this season against their opponenets 19. In do ing this, they have conquered seven teams and suffered one scoreless tie. The Farmers have done well against their conference rivals; having scored 48 points while their defense has yet to yield a score to conference teams. Last season these two teams played to a scoreless tie, and today, each team will have that in mind when it trots out on the field for the game. The Aggies were elated over the quick recovery of Jesse Burditt, flashy second string back, who had been in the hospital with a bad stomach ache that might have been appendicitis. Burditt will probably see action today as will Flanagan and Hallmark, who were also on the injured list early in the week. The Cadets go into the game favorites. So far this season the Aggies have never been behind in any game and have high hopes of keeping that record intact against the Owls. Rice coach Jess Neely has promised a tough battle and today’s game should provide some good football for anyone concerned. Men Needed For Kyle Field Jobs Ben Waidhofer, in charge of stu dent concessions at Kyle Field, is in dire need of men to work during the Thanksgiving Day game on November 27. Here is an excellent opportuni ty to make some easy money, and see the game too. All men who are working will be admitted free, and will have plenty of time to observe the game. Several hustlers at the last game made close to $20 and the average was $3 to $10 per man. This offer is open to activated Aggies as well as the cadets. Waid hofer needs 300 men, and guaran tees jobs to all men who apply. Breakage Serious At Kyle Field During the game between S. ML U. and A. & M., sixty-eight cases of soft drink bottles were broken, Ben Waidhomer, manager of Stu dent Concessions stated. It will be necessary for the corps to reduce bottle breakage in the remaining game on Kyle Field. The sixty- eight cases represented one-fifth of the entire sales and the major ity were broken in the Aggie sec tion. Besides the fact that drinks are hard to replace without bottles there is also the danger of broken bottles to spectators. At the pres ent time all bottle manufacturers are turning their efforts toward cerns must refill their old bottles.