The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, November 02, 1943, Image 4

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LOST—Sunday, October 31 at Gym.
A gold watch with brown leather strap.
Tavannes make. Also a set of keys. Re
turn to Room 202, Dorm 16. Reward.
LOST—-A regulation field jacket, left
in Fairfield, Texas, on Aggie comer com
ing to College. Reward. Notify T. P. Pat
terson, E-6 Walton Hall.
LOST—Log Log Duplex Desitrig Slide
Rule. Name Bethancourt on case. Reward.
No questions asked. Walton C-9.
LOST—Wallet containing money, a
check book and identification papers dur
ing the exhibition of “Gone With the
Wind” at the Campus Theater Tuesday
night. Reward. Ruiz, G.L. A-7 Walton,
Box 2916, College Station.
The war has interferred with the regu
lar actisrities of the United Science Club
and no local contest will be attempted dur
ing the present semester. The program
ctf the collegiate division of the Texas
Academy of Science, however, will be
attempted as usual. For that reason, any
undergraduate A. & M. student who has
a hobby of any scientific subject would be
welcomed as a prospective contestant from
A. & M. Those interested should get in
touch with C. C. Doak, Room 26, Science
Building. The annual meeting of the Tex
as Academy of Science will be in Aus
tin, Texas, November 11, 12. and 18.
The College Station New Comer’s Club
will meet at the home of Mrs. D. D.
Alexander, 301 Perishing Avenue, at 8:00
o’clock Wednesday afternoon, November
3, for bridge and sewing. Mrs. W. S.
Guthrie and Mrs. James Guthrie will be
co-hostesses for the occasion.
Called meeting Brazos Lodge
No. 129 Wednesday night at
A 8 o’clock. There will be work
x in the Master’s Degree in full
form. This is to be Past Mas
ter’s Degree Night and light refreshments
will be served.
All members and visiting brethren are
cordially invited to be present.
J. D. Benson, W. M.
J. W. Hall, Sec.
Executive Offices
The PVesilent’s Office has a box of 3%
x 6 manila envelopes from the Carpenter
Envelope Co. Will the department order
ing these envelopes please call for them.
Sqvadnm II
Squadron II reporters, where are
you? . . . Pause and no answers.
Orders from our Editor says that
CONTACT must appear in the
newspaper, so after a long bus ride
back from Houston CONTACT will
be written.
Everything went well Saturday
afternoon. Both nuptial knots were
tied after two couples said “I do”.
Congratulations to both. May they
live happily ever after.
Mr. Hobbs and the now Mrs.
Hobbs were seen at the Plantation
in Houston. They appeared to be
enjoying each others company
very much. The only thing Mr.
Hobbs, is that you should not
throw her out so often when you
are jitter-bugging, remember you
are now married.
Don’t forget about that sweet
heart contest Gentlemen, you only
have until November ninth to turn
in that picture of your best look
ing lass. Do not be bashful about
Holeproof Socks are
designed to give you ex
tra wear — plus good
looks. Choose your sock
wardrobe from our com
plete assortment of wools
...6x3 Ribs . . . plain
or fancy lisles, and fine
cordura rayons. Pacer
short and regular lengths
. . . regulation colors.
45^ to $1.00
“Two Convenient Store*"
College and Bryan
Trimming Tabs
Squadron I
Greetings and Salutations
“keeds”, how*is every little thing?
Now that that is over let’s get
down to “iron (brass is going to
defense) tacks”. Shall we say “ap
prentice to a moron,” or shall it
be “moronic character”? Well any
way we would like to know which
one it is that keeps insistently ap
plauding Mr. McCorkle’s experi
Again we thank Lt. Segrest and
Co. for getting us that extra blan
ket. It comes in handy on those
chilly nights.
A certain Mr. Brown of Flight
14 tried to get his wings the hard
way the other day. It seems as
though his prized fountain pen
dropped from a classroom window
and his roommate students want
ed to procure same by holding
him by his feet while he dropped
below to the ground, head first.
Honestly “keeds he looked just like
a hot pilot?????”
Oh by the way “girls” we
would like to get your opinion and
suggestions as to the idea of a
“CLASS BOOK” covering all
events and happenings, and also
picture of each and every stu
dent in the FIRST Squadron, that
has occurred in the past five
months. Spread the idea around.
We’ll take care of details; lets us
know about this.
Magnetism was our topic in
Physics last week. Do you remem
ber, fellows? As far as we know
anything that men of Squadron I
are magnetized to, is mainly wom
en and sports.
What student is certainly in
love with h is Physics teacher ? The
other day Mr. Land handed his
teacher an orange. What can the
matter be?
We see where A/S LT. POTTS
likes to read about himself in the
paper. Here is an eyeful Mr.
Potts. Mr. Potts, Mr. Potts, Mr.
Potts, Mr. Potts, Mr. Potts.
Mr. Legutski, why do you go on
sick call every morning except
Sundays? It must be something
very special. Let us in on it, will
Now that we have covered 4
semesters of Georgraphy, and
6000 years of history, English will
be short and what a relief.
Flight 14 sang a farewell song
to Dr. Smith, who is our only fe
male teacher. By the way, fel
lows, the song we sang was “For
She’s a Jolly Good Fellow.”
First work done by Reazack in
five months was figuring out foot
ball plays for his football team
during Physics class.
Since your fine speech, Mr.
Damsky, Squadron I and especial
ly Flight C have gone out to show
the rest of the Detachment what
being on the Ball means. That
sort of boosted up our morale quite
a bit.
We wish to complement Mr.
Vacci on using his head today.
While doing a flip he landed
squarely, out on the mat was the
dismantled figure of one Mr.
Congratulations go to Lt. Se
grest and his Squadron on winning
the mess ribbon. I hope we won
the Review this week.
Thumb-Nail Schetches
Mr. Vacci Head-Beater
Mr. Soto Not Zoto
Mr. Ward Horse
Mr. Damsky Wasatch
This is Jaul Reazack the II sign
ing off for the day, until I get
another P. E. excuse.
it, because this may be your
chance to see your gal, and chances
like this do not come often. And as
a member of the committee, I
promise you that the addreses will
not be stolen. Your pictures may
be turned in to Mr. Yeutter or
Levine any time you can find them
not moaning over the pretty pic
tures of these gorgeous women.
Now we come to a point in our
column which hurts us very much
to write about. We are referring
to that bad showing you gave of
yourself at the basketball game
last Thursday evening. We under
stand that everybody had quite a
few exams Friday, but that was no
excuse to cheer the other team and
give our own team the Bronx
cheer. Many men do not agree that
the team that was out on the floor
is the team that should represent
our squadron, but they were our
team! It was your duty gentlemen,
to give them all the support that
was humanly possible. Your actions
Gentlemen, were a disgrace to our
squadron. The next time we watch
our team play, let’s really cheer
our team on to victory.
“All right Gentlemen, don't
shove, I’m leaving.” You will please
excuse the interruption, I was
speaking to the O. D.’s, who are
trying to get rid of me, in order
that they may go to sleep, which
makes it necessary for me to close
the column in short order.
Thumbs Up
Squadron IV
Jamee L. Aadenou Bdttor-in-Chaef
AJ Lorwuaatti
Aaeociata editor
Paul McGinn iss
Dana Groen
AJ LoraoMttl
Associate Editor
Associate Editor
Sports Editor
F. W. Ha
Staff Artist
Woddsow W. Harris.. Sqaadroa I Editor
F. W. Yratter .Sqoadroa II Editor
Winsor Mowry Squd. HI Editor
R. E. Wolf Squd. IV Editor
Fain* A. Oaraoo .. Sqaadroo ▼ Editor
Reporters: Anthony Castelhicck), Earl
Turner, Theodore Wilson, Joseph Canter,
Ted Levine, William R. Fitzgerald, Ed
ward F. Callahan, Leroy Mueller, Robert
‘Brien, P. H. Dillard, R. E. Otto.
The ACTD is written and edited by
Aviation students of the 308th College
Training Detachment, College Station.
Hanger Flying
Squadron III
Well, gentlemen, it looks like
the Sweetheart Contest is really
on the move. You have just seven
days from this printing to have
those pictures in. Just beat your
way through the dust and cobwebs
of Ramp 2 and leave them at
room 77 in our possession (A/S
Paul McGinnis), together with your
application blank. Make sure it’s
the third floor, because certain
parties on the second floor will
try to waylay you and get their
hooks into some of those address
es. Those two would do anything
for a date .... By now you have
probably heard of the great Rat
Handicap in our room Saturday
night. The rat, weighing 1 lb. 6
ounces and wearing purple trunks,
spotted his opponents, Mr. Mowry
and McGinnis, about 170 lbs. apiece.
Round 1—the rat comes out to the
center of the ring, and Harry A.
and Mr. Mowry immediately clam
ber to the top of their bed. Round
2—the rat leads with a dash for
the door, which is closed, and Mr.
Mowry counters with a blood-curd
ling scream for help. At this point
a substitution has been made, Mr.
Renninger for Mr. Mowry. Mr.
Michaels, the book maker, has just
entered and is trying to make some
easy money the hard by betting on
“Kid Rodent.” Round 3—Mr. Ren
ninger and the rat exchange blows
in the center of the ring. Mr.
Michaels is standing in the • $1.71
seats offering 8-5 on the rat. The
rat tries a dash under the desk,
Mr. Renninger counters with a size
12 shoe (property of Mr. Mowry),
and it looks bad for the rat. Mr.
Renninger gets in two fast lefts
with the shoe, and the rat is weak
ening. Mr. Renninger brings one
up from the flood, and it’s all
over. What a battle, folks, what a
battle. The ‘winnah an’ new cham-
peen’, Mr. “Ray the Rat-Killer”
Renninger .... It appears that
this Texas night air doesn’t agree
with Mr. Pare. He got very sick
and also very lost Saturday night
.... Who was the chap that at
tempted to make connections in
Hounston over the weekend by ta
king a young lady to church, only
to discover that she had nine
friends (feminine) and was saved
from a very embarrasing position
only by the arrivel of Mr. Scolari
& Co. ... He does 25 push-ups
every evening. Then he is lifted
into bed by his foommates . . . .
It’s reported that Flight B is going
to hire a translator for Mr. Sham-
bolin so that they can find out
what is in the daily bulletin. They
get as far os “25 days since” and
then Mr. Shambolin lapses into
some strange language. In order
to get this job, just tear off the
tops of ten boxcars and send them
to Mr. “Dirty Shoes” Smith , . . .
What is Mr. Herb Price bucking
for? He was in such a hurry to
make formation the other morning
that he sprained his ankle. We
wonder if Mr. Tom Mahan finally
borrowred that five spot so he
could moke Houston over the week
end. Yes, he is still cultivating
those Mexican ‘hot tamales’ . . ..
Here’s one on Mr. Bob Norris. It
seems this worthy party made
great preparation to go see a lady
in Houston whom he had met at
the Wing Ball. He returned with a
very long face, explaining that the
lady had a date, but condescended
to go out with him—after her date
with the other Beaver. But here is
the payoff. When we saw him
coming from the station, we asked
him what the package was he was
carrying under his arm. After much
stammering and stuttering he fi
nally admitter that it was a pic
ture to be entered in the Sweet
heart Contest. We couldn’t see any
thing wrong with that, but when we
got the real story we almost died.
The young lady gave him her pic
ture, all right, but gave him defi
nite instructions to give it to the
other Beaver with whom she had
had a date so he could enter it in
the contest. All together boys, but
not too loud—“SUCKER!! . . ,
We’ll keep you posted on the Con
test, but don’t forget that Nov .9
is the deadline. . . .
Wing News
The men of the detachment are
wearing their O. D.’s now and all
seemed plenty glad to make the
change. A number of men have
been observed tugging at their
collars, so we gather that the wea
ther is still a trifle warmish to go
into O. D.’s but in a few days the
warm snay will be over and all
will give a positive welcome to the
feel of serge between you and the
cutting wind.
At the detachment meeting last
Friday night there were announce
ments made in regards to the AC
TD Sweetheart Contest to be held.
The members of the committee are
ready to accept the photographs
so turn them in to the members
of the committee which are in your
squadron. The names of these mem
bers are as follows; M. Callahan
and Mr. Hawkins of Squadron I;
Mr. Levine and Mr. Yeutter of
Squadron II; Mr. McGinnis and Mr.
Scolari of Squadron III; Mr. Dil-
liard and Mr. Otto of Squadron IV;
and Mr. Balliet and Mr. Anderson
of Squadron V. Men, cooperation
is needed in putting this across
successfully, so let’s all get into
it and put it over. The deadline
on getting the pictures in has been
set at November 9th so that means
speed is essential.
Every effort is being made to
get a representative of Life Maga
zine down here to cover this st<$ry
so we should be able to get some
good publicity from it.
Our New Eager Beavers have
finished the wild scramble that ac
companies the first week of the ar
rival of a new squadron and began
their classes yesterday. Squadron
IV appears to be offering keen
competition for the review and
mess ribbons. They certainly have
felt the spirit of everything and
gotten off to a good start.
We close Wing News with a part
ing thought, “Learn now that you
may live later.’
Gentleman, a squadron reporter
on our staff is absent tonight as we
put the paper out. The absence of
the column gives us an opportuni
ty to print a very, very interesting
article. Here it is:
A troop of American Soldiers
early in 1918, just before the close
of World War I, were resting, and
it being Sunday, the Captain or
dered his men to attend a local
church nearby. After being seated,
one of the troopers produced a
pack of cards instead of his prayer
book and very seriously commenced
to turn them over. The Captain
noticed him, and quietly told him
to put them away. The soldier paid
no attention, and after service was
over he was taken before the Major
for disobedience and charges pre
ferred against him by the Captain.
The Major was very much sur
prised to think a man would be so
sacrilegious as to play cards in
church and if he did not give a
good account of himself he would
be placed under arrest. The soldier
didn’t want to be arrested so he
produced his cards again, and said,
“Major, I will show you just what
a deck of cards mean to me. You
see the ace, that means just one
God. The deuce denotes two na
tures, man and beast. The trty
denotes the three persons in one,
namely, the Father, the Son and
the Holy Ghost. The four spot de
notes the four evangelists, St.
Luke, St. Mark, St. John, and St.
Mathew. The five spot denotes the
five wounds of our Lord Jesus
Christ. The six spot denotes the
Lord made the earth in six days.
The seven spot denotes that on the
seventh day the Lord rested and
hallowed it. The eighth spot de
notes the eight persons kept alive
on Noah’s Ark, namely, Noah and
his wife, his three sons, and their
wives. The nine spot denotes the
chorus of angels, nine in number.
The ten spot denotes the ten com
mandments written on two ta
blets of stone on Mt. Sinai. Now
sir, the Jack is bal, the Jack is
dishonest, so we’ll ignore it and
lay it aside. The Queens were the
women who anointed Jesus Christ,
Squadron V
Most of the Squadron V hot
pilots are plenty hot these days,
seem to be so hot that in the
presence of precipitation they siz
zle. This, they found out in their
five hour check ride this past
Saturday. The taxes bronc busters
having nothing on our boys. De
spite all altitudes, pitching, buck
ing, rolls, etc., the boys have over
come that undesirable feeling that
so many of us attained the first
time we flew. (Editors Note — I
was trying to find a dignified way
of saying that the boys are not
losing their dinner anymore.) Even
A/S Wong kept his dinner down
Among low level hedge-hoppers
having truck with a blimp we
found A/S Balliet Saturday night
at the Onyx. Who was the First
Lieutenants with whom you had
such interesting double talk, Paul?
Incidentals: Mr. Sorenson’s gal
calls him “Flash”. My gals calls
me—(think the worst and you’ll
be right).
Rirtg out the champagne, launch
a battleship, kill the fatted calf,
Squadron Commander Javadas
went through a week end without
being POURED. (Oh, take that
knife out of my back.)
A/S Maldanado, the Sausage
Tender, gave with a good one in
C. A. R.—It seems the discussion
was on balloons, and their lighting
at night. John remarked that he
had been in a balloon outfit and
that they didn’t have any lights
on the cables hanging down. The
professor patiently explained that
the balloons he worked on were in
the air for the purpose of trapping
planes in their spidery trap, not to
advertise their presence in the air.
Stop! Think! and Listen!!
Misters Hewitt and Heikkla
can’t get enough “edj-icatum.” To
further their intellect, they have
a close companionship with two
school marms. The usual proced
ure is to give apples but what is
that lemon doing in your pocket,
Harold ?
Are your shoes soles thin? Are
there too many patches in your
khaki britches? If so Jack With
row has information regarding
the Capt. Murphy “Charity Bur
eau.” It seems that Chow-hound
Jack couldn’t get enough to eat.
Captain Murphy feeling heartbrok
en at the sight of his drooping
mouth and tearful eyes sends him
a gift of four bottles of milk and
a piece of pie. This happened after
Jack had consumed everything in a
six table area.
Thumb-Nail Character Sketches
Borsani, R. L. .. Little Napoleon
Pack, R. E Sleeping’ Boy
Rau, M. J Greased''Lightning
Stump, C. K Gestapo Agent
Esbin, S. C Slim
O’Brien, R. W Persky’s friend
Persky, J. ........ O’Brien’s friend
Secoy, J. E Giggy, Jr.
That’s all there is there ain’t no
Hello again. Gentlemen, you
handsome “Herren!” Better late
than not at all, I always say. I
meant to write sooner, but school
started yesterday and I’ve been
awfully busy getting in the groove
again. It’s really swell being back
on a campus and seeing all the
beaming faces. Of course, college
just ain’t what it used to be with
out Frauleins and marching to
and from classes. They may call
us Fish, but don’t let that worry
you, men. We have been in our
0. D.’s long before today—mean
ing that we are really on the ball.
This is one point that Squadrons
1, II, III and V cannot be FIRST.
Get what I mean?
It seems as -though something
has been lost. Even our Tactical
Officer, Lt. William H. Getler,
cannot seem to locate the guilty
individual. Anyone finding the mis
sing articlej/ please return it to
the victim involved.
and the Queen of hearts was his
mother. The Kings were the wise
men from the East who came to
visit the infant Saviour, and the
king of spades is the King of All
Kings. These are 365 spots on the
cards which denote the 365 days
of the year. Also 52 cards in the
deck which denote the 52 weeks
in the year, and 4 sets of cards,
hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades,
which denote spring, summer, fall,
and winter. And 4 things every
human should always remember
is heaven, hell death, and judge
ment. Yes, Major, a deck of cards
are as good to me as a prayer
The Major became quite inter
ested, and said: “My boy, that is
fine, but you laid away the Jack,
and said it was not honest.” Well
Major, if you won’t put me under
arrest I will explain the jack.”
“Speak up, my boy, you will not be
placed under arrest. “Well Sir, the
jack is Judas, who betrayed Jesus
Christ to the Jews, and the Cap
tain that reported me to you.” The
Major laughed, and said, ‘You are
the cleverest rascal I ever saw.
Here take a fin and go out and
have a good time.”
LAST: One set of side-burns,
formerly owned by Mr. Bernard
Tankel—an ex-super salesman in
New York City of women’s dainty
unmentionables and a Rooter for
the Brooklyn Dodgers. Side-burns
were last seen walking toward the
Y.M.C.A. Barber Shop last Thurs
Sporting a “1917 Model”, G. I.
flight cap has finally gotten un
der Clifford McGilvrey’s skin. On
last Saturday evening, Mis McGil-
vrey with the aid of Mr. Mumford
purchased a good-lookin’ flight cap.
It is rumored that the ancient ver
sion of the overseas cap is going
to the bottom of his hope chest.
We regret that Messrs. Murphy,
Elliott, Cline, Adams, D’Urso,
Schneider, Saltsberg and Dale had
to leave behind them such a bril
liant record of getting out of
work and winning ball games. But
these distinguished gentlemen have
analysed the problem here and
they have settled down and are now
in the swing of things. Some of
these men are trying for Student
Officer positions. Good luck, fel
What on earth has happened to
the tall, red-haired Gentlemen by
the name of “Buzz” who hails from
Jasper, Indiana. Back at Sheppard
Field, he was known for his shrewd
acts of getting out of work. And
when his comrades would return
from breakfast—“Buzz” would just
be getting outa bed. However, men,
we have noticed his reactions at
A. & M. He is completely reform
ed. “Buzz” crawls out of bed in
the mornings one half-hour before
the bugle blows. And when his
roommates are just opening their
eyes, he is all dressed, his bunk
made and ready to ‘Fall Out.’ I
reckon he has his heart set on
“earning his wings.” Keep up the
record work, “Buzz.”
Spotlight on Sports
Look! it’s Squadron IV, no it’s
Squadron III, no it’s V. Yes, it’s
Rau, he’s from V, and look, some
one catching up. Yes, Hoover and
Benis of I are closing in on him,
Hoover is getting closer, but Rau’s
undiminishing stamina keeps him
to the front; Squadron V’s, Rau
wins. Here comes Hoover, Benis of
Squadron I, now Callahan of I and
Bick of V. Here comes Crisp, El
gin, Hollifield Maurice, and now
Powers. Squadron V took the hon
or with Rau in first place. Squad
ron I won the meet with a total of
32 points. Squadron II made it a
close race by receiving 44 pts.
The time of the race was 7 minutes
and 9.3 seconds.
In attendance at the meet could
be seen Capt. Murphy, Lt. Norris,
Lt. Segrest, Lt. Askew, and Mr.
MacDowell. Congratulations to
Squadron I on their brilliant per
formance, and congratulations to
Squadron V on their spped de
mon. Roses of the day ade award
ed to Mr. Rau, Hoover, and Benis
for their fine showing in the race.
Saturday afternoon found Squad
ron I and II engaged in a bitter
football contest. The game rolled
adong merrily until the last quar
ter. With the score 37-35 in favor
of I, Squadron II, led by Mr. Bro-
rerick, started to roll. They took
over the lead by a score of 43-40.
It seemed as if I would win out in
the last few minutes; but II off
set their scoring threats to finally
win out.
Sunday afternoon found the
same two teams go at it again.
This time the tables were reversed.
Squadron I produced an easy sco
ring machine, to soundly trounce
II 44-13. With the overwhelming
advantage of perfectly timed plays,
Sqaudron I finaly played superb
ball. These two teams will fight
it out for the Detachment Football
Championship in the near future.
Lt. Segrest could be seen on the
sidelines directing Squadron I from
his position. Nice football figuring,
What men in the Detachment,
namely Mister Hoover, Benis, Vac
ci, Hancock, Klingensmith, Bro-
drick, Matzner, and a few other
Beavers, were seen playing water-
pool Sunday noon? Pretty rough,
eh Rover?
Regrets of the day go to Mr.
Callahan of Squadron I. Trying to
reenact the role of a good Sama
ritan in a football game Saturday
noon as timekeeper, Mr. Callahan
almost had to fight for his life.
Someone challenged Mr. Callahan
to a boxing match.
Watch Dog of the
Please don’t take my ticker,
Let me go trade it with Lou,
No one will call you a sucker
There’ll be enough for me AND you!
If you need money for the S.M.U.
game Saturday . . . check with
Lou first.
“Trade With Lou — He’s Right With You”