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By Harold Borofsky
Batalion Sports Editor
Aggies Must Stop “Red” Maley, Punch
Holes in NT AC Line to Win Today’s Game
Well, it looks as if today we'll-
either get ourselves a powerful
licking or a very rosy writeup in
tomorrow’s papers. It’s bound to
be one of the two, and if the game
is a tie it will probably be the lat
ter, just by way of showing what
the sports experts think of those
N. T. A .C . boys. Latest dope says
the North Texas line will average
204.6 pounds and the backfield
close behind with 196. Now those
are some fairly big boys to go
fooling around with, especially
when you are trying to outrun
them and still maintain your hold
on that old pigskin too.
While we will have plently of
trouble 'trying to cope with that
line there’s one thing certain that
we must do, and that thing is to
stop Red Maley and his passing.
If the Aggie line can’t get in fast
enough to knock Maley down half
the time , we will be a bunch of
sad sights when Saturday night
rolls around.
Of course we’ve got some fine
boys. Bryant, Turley and Monncrief
are in gopd condition and really
have plently of ' spirit, but you
can’t pit a boy of 17 against an
experienced college man and expect
him to make up the difference in
guts. It just doesn’t happen that
So, the first order of the day
is: “Stop Maley.”
Now for the N-Tac line, and
what a line! All college stars, none
weighing less than 195, they will
be a Maginot line for the North
Texas gridsters. The ends will be
playing wide to frustrate any Ca
det running plays and brother,
those boys are stable! Of course,
if we had trouble of pile drivers
rigged up on wheels .... but
back to business. The second order
pf the day, especially for the Ag
gie line: “Hit that line!’’
That does for the defense. As
far as the offense is concerned it
will be largely a matter of just
how many times we can click with
what we’ve got. The third order
for the day is “Hit them hard and
fast and then do it again harder
and faster!”
Should we accomplish all of
these orders we should win, and
your scribe is really pulling for the
Rules and Results
Of Intramural
Games Announced
Touch Football
And Basketball
Games Up Now
The first week of Intra-mural
competition got into full swing
this week with games in both foot
ball and basketball being played.
Nearly all games were played and
those forfeited were forfeited be
cause one or both of the teams
showed up late. Athletic officers
should call their players attention
to the starting time for intramural
games, which is 5:10.
In the case of football games,
each team must have at least seven
players on hand and ready to play
at 5:10.
Intramural competition in foot
ball will be over, except for the
play off, by Thanksgiving. Basket
ball play will be over about a week
after Thanksgiving with the ex
ception of the playoff. As soon as
these are gotten out of the way,
competition in new sports will be
begun. In the meantime there will
be an intramural cross country
track meet November 21-22, the
week-end before Thanksgiving.
Results in the games played this
week were as follows: Football—
0 Co. 12, Band 6; N Co. 7; B Co. 6;
C Co. 6; A Co. 0; and 4th Co. 27;
G Co. 0. Basketball—K Co. 17; H
Co. 12; 5th Co. 25; Band 12; E Co.
10; O Co. 6; 2nd Hq. Co. 18; C. Co.
16; and 4th Hq. Co. 12; 3 Hq. Co.
old Alma Mater because he, and
that means me, took the Aggies by
two T. D.’s last Thursday. Since
then Pete Stout has returned to
the N-Tac line-up and my predic
tion should be revised accordingly,
but there’s a feeling of high ten
sion in the air so I’m afraid that
my guess will either have to
stand as it is or be buried. The
Aggies by two T. D.’s. (At least
we can dream) See you at the
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Radio and Bicycle Repair
One Block East of North Gate
Frogs and Fish
Lou would like to see you at practice at Kyle
Field every afternoon this week—and let’s clean up
on NTAC Saturday. Let the team know you’re behind
them at practice as well as at the game.
“Trade With Lou — He’s Right With You”
Find Your Class Section at Kyle Field Today
Sections 130,131,132 Used! Freshmen Sit In Rows 1-16,
Sophomores Use Rows 17-22, Juniors, Rows 23-27,
Seniors and Aggie-exes, Rows 28-39.
NING PLAY—This shot from
last week’s game reveals why the
Frogs couldn’t get anywhere.
TCU back has just attempted to
run the left side of the Aggie
line and is being pulled down by
Bob Gary, defensive line backer.
Bob Butchofsky and Marion Set-
tegast may be seen coming to as
sist the tackle. At right the AG
for a fumbled pigskin. One of
many fumbles in last week’s
game; the TCU back was hit
hard at the center of the line
and fumbled. The Aggies re
PROBABLE STARTING LINE-UP for NTAC against the Texas Aggies at Kyle Field next Saturday
afternoon will be chosen from this galaxy of former Southwest Conference and other Texas college
grid stars. The players and their former college from left to right, first row are: Harold Crossen,
220 pound end, Texas Tech; Burnie Smith, 220 pound tackle, SMU; James Reed, 195 pound guard,
Texas Tech; Jim Sid Wright, 205 pound center, SMU; Doyle Caraway, 200 pound guard from Texas
Tech; John Steele, 215 pound tackle, TCU; Easter Parham, 200 pound end, TWC. Standing, Pete
Blanda, 190 pound fullback, Texas Tech; Don Ezell, 185 pound halfback, TCU; J. J. Gibson, 180
pound halfback, TCU; Bib John Bond, 215 pound fullback, TCU; J. P. Stout, 200 pound quarterback,
TCU; Howard “Red” Maley, 185 pound quarterback, SMU; Ben “Peck” McMinn, 180 pound halfback,
COACH HOMER NORTON—The genial mentor of the amazing
young Texas Aggies, who, at the present time, are the only unde
feated and untied team in the Southwest Conference. Coach Norton
came to A. & M. from Centenary College where he coached the
famed Gentlemen. He has made an enviable record with the Cadets
and is looking forward to Thanksgiving Day at Kyle Field when
he hopes to avenge the defeat of the Aggies last year in Austin.
TER comes from Eden with three
years of high school experience.
His running shows resemblence of
Kimbrough’s style. He is 185
pounds, six feet one inch back at
the age of 17. His number is 20.
Courses in war economics, eco
nomic geography, transportation,
income tax procedure, general ac
counting and international econom
ic policies are but a few of the
studies to be presented this fall
by the University of Kentucky
college of Commerce, which have a
direct bearing on the war effort.
Football Figurin'—
By R. L. Weatherly
Last week we met the Aggie
team. This week we have facts
about the team as a whole.
In the past few years the Ag
gies have had a much heavier, old
er and experienced team than that
of this year’s team. But lacking
bulk, age and experience the Ag
gie team of ’43, has made quite a
record for itself. In four games
they have won four games. They
massacred the Bryan Field team
Coming from Longview, CHAR
3 yars of high school experience.
He is 18, 170 pounds, and stands
6 feet tall. His No. is 68 and he
plays guard.
Pete Stout Will
Be Back In NTAC
Line-up Saturday
Thirty Six Ags to Come
To Aggieland For Tilt
On Kyle Field Today
ARLINGTON, Oct. 22—A squad
of 36 North Texas Aggies will get
to College Station, if the train’s
on time, Saturday afternoon at
12:15 p. m. for the game at Kyle
Field with the Texas Aggies at
The NTAC squad won’t be at
full strength, but they’ll be in bet
ter shape than the coaches thought
at the beginning of the week. Most
encouraging to NTAC hopes, what
ever they may be worth, is that
Pete Stout, NTAC’s great 200-
pound tailback, only released from
an Austin hospital Wednesday,
will be able to play some of the
game. Stuot’s head injury, a blow
received in the NTAC-Southwest-
ern game last week, has proved to
be inconsequential and Aggie fans
will get to look at the boy Coach
“Dutch” Meyer of TCU pronounced
his most promising frosh back in
a decade. When Pete played for
the TCU Frogs last season, several
sport writers tabbed him as a po
tential all-American.
Starting line-up against the Ag
gies will average about 200 pounds
to the man. The players and their
former schools and weights will
probably be as follows: Easy Par
ham, T. W. C., 200 pounds, left end;
John Steele, T. C. U., 215 pounds,
left tackle; Keith Curry, T. C. U.,
210 pounds, left guard; Jim
Wright, S. M. U., 205 pounds, cen
ter; James Reed, Texas Tech, 195
pounds, right guard; Burnie Smith,
S. M. U., 220 pounds, right tackle;
Herold Crossen, Texas Tech, 200
pounds, right end; Howard Maley,
S. M. U., 185 pounds, quarterback;
James Batchelor, Texas University,
200 pounds, right halfback; Peck
McMinn, S. M. U., 180 pounds, left
halfback; and John Bond, T. C. U.,
215 pounds, fullback.
NTAC will depend on a mixed
running and passing attack for its
offense rather than a constant
aerial bombardment as has been
its custom.
Maley and Batchelor will do the
jassing and kicking. Bond and Mc
Minn are expected to do most of
the running.
The Ags, since their defeat by
Southwestern last week, are under
dogs, but they hope to give the
rampaging Texas Aggies more
than a mere workout. Most sports
editors throughout the state pre
dict that the Texas Aggies will
beat their little brothers by at
least two touchdowns. If they do,
they’ll be beating the marines
since nearly all NTAC players are
marines stationed here by the Na
vy V-12 program.
At the beginning of the season
the entire college decided to “adopt”
a football team and after a care
ful scrutiny of the country’s grid
teams, they decided to focus their
attention on Michigan.
by a score of 48-6. The Aggies
held Texas Tech scoreless for four
quarters to win 13-0. They tangled
with the L. S. U. Tigers and came
out on top with 28 points to their
opponents 13. Last week they
proved their strength by whipping
TCU 13-0.
The average age of the football
teams is seventeen. The oldest
men at nineteen are: Bob Butchof
sky, Adolph Eberle, Marion Flan
agan, Otto Granzin, Thomas Lea
gue and Bing Turner. The young
sters of the squad are 16 and in
clude Bobby McCurry, James Ez
ell, Charles Shira and Joseph Sac
Five feet, eleven inches is about
the average height of the team.
The giants of the team at six feet
and three inches are Billy Bunt
ing, Charles Bruno, Jess Moore,
Charles Shira and Charles Wright.
The “shorty” of the squad in
Thomas Murnana at the height
of five feet and six inches.
The average weight of the Ag
gie squad is about 179 pounds.
The average weight of the first
string is 172 pounds. This is light
comparable to other teams of the
Southwest Conference.
The experience of the Aggie
team averages about two years
of high school experience. This is
odd because of the ruling before
the war for playing, as a man had
to be a sophomore or better to
play for the varsity team.
Now of this Week’s Predictions
We find ourselves in much dif-
diculty in trying to pick the out
come of the Aggie-NTAC game.
The Aggies have won every game
they have played up to date. Yet
the NTAC team is a strong team
composed of many Southwest Con
ference stars of last year. It is
true that NTAC lost two games
to Southwestern, but Southwestem
is one of the strongest teams in
the south, so this game seems to
be a toss-up and a flip of the coin
would be gambling. Therefore, we
pick the Aggies by a touchdown—
7-0 is the score of the NTAC game
with the Aggies on top.
The S. M. U. Mustangs tangle
with the Tulane Green Waves this
week. The Mustangs proved noth
ing by beating the Rice Owls last
week by a score of 12-0. This year
Rice is weaker than tea in Japan.
To prove their strength the Green
Waves rolled up a score of 32-0
against Rice. Since Tulane enter
tains SMU in New Orleans, we
pick Tulane by a score of 20-7.
Rice invades Austin to get whip
ped this week. The Texas team
has more than proved their
strength in holding the Southwest
ern team to 13 points while they
were able to chalk up 7. Rice has
lost every game this season and
this is no time to start winning.
We pick Texas 26 and Rice 0.
Arkansas goes to Mississippi to
play NATTC this week. The trip
will be too much for the Razor-
backs so expect Arkansas to fall
to NATTC at the score of 7-0.
TCU will play Oklahoma A.&M.
this week. This game is another
hard one to pick. The TCU Horned
Frogs have lost and won a game.
The Aggies from Oklahoma are
strong this year so we pick them
Now for the Stars of the TCU-
Aggie game
Hallmark stood out on ground
and in the air for the Aggies. His
passing to Butchofsky and Flana
gan respectively made the two
Flanagan lived up to his scat-
back ability by catching a pass
from Hallmark and racing through
the TCU team for a touchdown.
Butchofsky came up with a nice
catch to score the first touchdown
for the Aggies. He did yeoman
work as a blocker, too.
Turner turned in his usually
good play at fullback by punting
superbly. His kickoff thrills the
crowd also.
Herb Turley and Goble Bryant
stood out in the Aggie line both
on defense and offense.
TCU’s mainstays were Charley
Flowers and Jim Lucas. Flowers
twinkled in the line while Lucas
carried the blunt of the offense for
All in all both teams played good
ball and the best team came out on
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