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SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 16, 1943 THE BATTALION PAGE 3 c t EARL BEESLEY EARL G. (KID) BEESZLEY from Dallas tops the scales at 170 in. the Frogs brow when he starts throwing those passes over the pounds, and his jersey carries No. 18. He will put many a wrinkle Frogs heads. Meet the Aggies.... By R. L. Weatherly And here they are . . . the 1943 Aggies! At the start of the season the big time sports writers gave the Aggies a corner in the South west Conference’s cellar. Now that this “glorified high school team” has romped through the first three games of the season with three thrilling victories, it looks as if they will go all the way and most of those sports writers who dis carded the Aggies to the ground floor have climbed on the Aggie band wagon. What the 1943 tarn lacks in ex perience and weight has been made up by the incomparable coaching of Homer Norton and his excellent staff and by the Twelfth Man .... that glorious spirit of Aggieland that has carried many an Aggie team through to victory. So it is with the mingled emo tions of pride and pleasure that we present to you the Agg'ies of 1943: JAMES L. (Ans) ANSLEY comes to Aggieland from Henriet ta with three years of high school experience. This 17 year old lad plays back for the Aggies and scales 170 pounds and stands 5 feet 11 inches. His jersey is No. 16. J. C. BARNETTE is a boy who ■comes from Paris with 2 years of high school experience. He is a 180 pounder who plays guard; 17 years old and towers five feet , eight inches, and 64 is his jersey number. EARL G. (Kid) BEESLEY comes to the Aggies from Dallas. He weighs 170 pounds and is 5 feet 10 inches lall. A noted passer, he was invited to play in the north-south all star game for high schools, but his classes prevented him from taking part in that game. He is 17 years old, wears number ,18 jersey and has had three years high school experience. With only one year’s high school -experience HARRY M. (BURR) BRENNECKE comes to A. & M. and plays guard. This 17 year old weighs 165 pounds, stands five feet eight inches and wears jersey num ber 63. His home town is Brenham. WILLIAM A. (PINKY) BROWN a 17 year old lad, hails from Grape- land. He has 2 years experience from high school and comes to Aggieland as a guard. Wearing No. 61. Brown plays the position weigh ing 175 pounds and standing 5 feet and 8 inches. GOBLE W. BRYANT is from Dallas with three years high school 1 experience. He plays tackle posi tion at 200 pounds. He is 17 years old and towers 6 feet one inch. Bryant played for the north in the north-south all-star high school game. He is No. 73. BILLY F. (BIG FOOT) BUNT ING is another Henrietta boy, with two years of high school experi ence. He is at the end position and stands six feet three inches and weighs 172 pounds. Seventeen years old, he wears jersey No. 2. JESSE N. (ERD) BURDITT plays back for the Aggies, coming to A. &M. from Abilene. At 17 he has had two years of high school experience and stands 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 157 pounds. His number is 45. BOB LEE (BUTCH) BUTCHOF- SKY is from Ysleta, 17 years old, weighs 170 pounds and comes to Aggieland with three years of high school experience. He stands 5 feet 10 inches, plays blocking back, and wears number 33 for his team. . E. R. (MOLE) CALLENDER comes to the Aggie lineup from College Station with 2 years of high school experience. He is a 157 pounder and ranges five feet and ten inches, wears No. 28 and is 17. ROBERT (BUSTER) CHERRY is 17 years old, 170 pounds in weight and stands five feet and 11 inches. His home town is Denison and had never doned a footbal uniform until he made first prac tice on Kyle Field. He wears jersey No. 3. DONALD R. DEERE came to Aggieland from Breckenridge were he played two years of higs school football. He is six feet tall, weighs 165 pounds and is a very fleet back. At 17 he totes No. 46 on his back. ADOLPH A. (SPARKY) EBER- LE plays at a tackle position for the Aggies and cames to A. & M. with three years of high school experience from Sweetwater. At 19 he weighs 201 pounds and stands at 6 feet. His number is 70. MARION D. (DON) FLANA GAN, also from Sweetwater, plays back for the Aggies at a weight of 173 pounds. He is 19, a top notch signal caller, and wears jersey number 44. Flanagan hbs had three years of high school expe rience. He stands 5 feet and 11 inches. SAM W. (LEM) FREVERT comes from afar to play for the Aggies. He comes from Okmulgee, Oklahoma, with three years of high school playing. This 18 year old plays guard at the weight of 180 pounds, is a six footer. His number is 69. LEONARD M. GABERT, a Houston man, comes to A. & M. with a year in high school ex perience. He is a 195 pounder, at tackle position and stands 5 feet 11 inches. Age 18, he wears No. 4 jersey. ROBERT J. GARY, a 17 year old, 164 pounder from Dallas has had one year high school expe rience. He stands 5 feet and 11 inches and is a pivot man for the team. Gary wears No. 52. WILLIAM E. (BILL) GEER burst into the Aggie line-up from Fort Worth. He has a year of ex perience to his credit. This 17 year old, 163 pound, 5 feet 11 inch lad plays end. He has No. 85 jersey. EUGENE M. (GENE) GILTZ stands 6 feet tall and weighs 215 pounds and comes from Abilene with a year of high school expe rience. This 17 year old wears the jersey No. 78. OTTO C. (BOB) GRANZIN comes from Miles with four years j experience. He played three years of high school and one year of ju nior college football. At 19 he weighs 188 pounds and plays tackle. He is six feet tall and his jersey number is 71. WILLIAM W. (SHOT) GUNN, a Columbus boy of 18, comes to A. & M. with 3 years of high school experience. Gunn is a back, stands five feet 11 inches and tips the scales at 177 pounds. No. 31 is his number. JAMES L. (BABE) HALL MARK is from Kilgore with three years high school experience in the backfield. He weighs 160 pounds and stands 5 feet and 10 inches. He is 17 years old and can be found in jersey number 12. CHARLES M. (LITTLE DUTCH) HOHN is from College Station. He is 17 years old and weighs 153 pounds and has had 3 years of high school experience. 5 feet and 7 inches tall, he plays guard and wears jersey number 65. DALE R. HUGHES hails from McLeod. Two years of high school experience are posted for him, at 17 he weighs 170 pounds and stands five feet and ten inches. Wearing jersey number 42, he plays back position. JOE HOUSTON JONES comes to college from Wichita Falls. He is a 190 pound tackle. He has had no previous experience in football. At 17, Jones is six feet tall and wears jersey No. 75. Another JONES boy is RO BERT F., who comes from Dallas, with no football experience what ever. He is 17 years old. a 183 pounder, 6 feet 2 tall and plays end. He plays in No. 5 Jersey. WILLIAM DEAN (BILL) JOR DAN is another man without pre vious experience and hails from Waco. He tips the scales at 174 ad towers five feet and eleven inches and with this build he plays back position. He wears No. 40. RICHARD L. (DICK) KUNKEL is from Westover, with three years of high school experience. Weighing 189 pounds and standing 6 feet 1 inch, he plays end position, is 18 years old. His No. is 7. THOMAS T. (SLEEPY) LEA GUE wears number 77. This 19 year old comes from Hamilton with two years of high school expe rience to play Aggie tackle. He is a 185 pounder, and stands five feet eleven inches. ELDON W. LONG comes to Ag gieland from San Benito with 3 years of high school experience. He stands 6 fet 1 inch and weighs 179 pounds. His position is end and he may be identified on the field by the glasses he wears and by number 81. GEORGE T. (MAC) McALLIS- TER comes from Eden with three years of high school experience. His running shows resemblence of Kimbrough’s style. He is 185 pounds, six feet one inch back at the age of 17. His number is 20. BOBBY G. McCURRY came to college from Royce City with two years of high school playing. He is 16 years old, 178 pounds, and stands 6 feet and one inch in the backfield. His number is 10. JAMES LEONARD MIZELL is a 16 year old, 176 ponud, five feet and 11 inch guard from Conroe. Mizell had a year of high school playing. His number is 62. MONTE P. (NIGGER) MON- CRIEF comes from Dallas with 2 years of high school experience. He teamed -jvith Bryant to play tackle posts for the north in the north-south all star game for high schools. Moncrief weighs 195, and stands 6 feet 2 inches. He plays tackle for the first string. He is 18 years old and is identified by numebr 74. LESS E. MOORE is a 6 feet three inch, 180 pound end from Forney. He has had 3 years of high school playing and is 17 years old. He wears number 83. EDWIN H. (BUB) MUELHAU- SE is a back from Belton with 3 years of high school experience. He is a 17 year old, 190 pounder, who stands 5 feet 11 inches and wears number 32. THOMAS G. MURNAME comes from Dallas. His weight is 150 pounds and this 17 year old had no experience. His positiion is back and he wears number 8. He stands 5 feet 6 inches. HARVEY A. (BEEFY) NE VILLE comes from Conroe with 3 high school playing years. He is a 17 year old, 180 pound, 5 feet 9 inch guard for the Aggies. His number is 60. BOB GARY ' ' t, 'vv ■■ -^WBr ipr ^ <- 4 E if . ylfe- JAMES WILEY DON DEERE ELDON LONG Coming from Longview, CHAR LES R. (DICK) OVERLY brings 3 yars of high school experience. He is 18, 170 pounds, and stands 6 feet tall. His No. is 68 and he plays guard. KENNETH F. POGUE comes from Dallas with 1 year of high school experinece. He is a 169 pound back. He towers six feet and is 17 years. His No. is 14. BEN R. (RED ROOT) REY NOLDS comes to college from Houston with no experience. He is a 175 pound, 18 year old, 5ft 11 in. guard. His No. is 23. From Waco comes a 236 pound lad by the name of T. B. (TOBY) RUTHERFORD. Rutherford is a 17 year old, 6 ft. 2 in. tackle. He has 3 years of high school ex perience. His No. is 76. JOSEPH S. SACRA comes to A. & M. from Denison wit ha year of high school play. He is a 180 pound, 6 feet tall guard. This 16 year old boy wears No. 66. JOHN N. (SMITTY) SCHMITZ A. & M. from Denison with a year of high school experience. He plays guard under the No. 9. He is 17 years old, weighs 165 pounds, and is 5 ft. 9 in. tall. No. 88 is the number owned by RUDOLPH L. (BUDDY) SCHOD- DE who is from San Antonio with no experience. He is 17 years old and weighs 175 lbs. He stands 6 feet tall and plays end. MARION E. (BROTHER) SET- TEGAST comes from Houston with 3 years of high school football be hind him. He is 17 years old and weighs 190 pounds. His position is end and he towers 6 ft. 1 in. His No. is 82. JOE S. SHELDON, a San Anto nian, plays tackle for the Aggie squad. He is 17 years and dons No. 11 jersey. He weighs 185 and towers 5 feet 11 inches. CHARLES N. (FLAT TIRE) SHIRA comes from Hamlin as one of the biggest men on the squad. He tips the scale at 237 pounds. This 16 year old plays tackle with a height of 6 ft. 3 in. He has had one year of experience. His num ber is 79. ORTON H. SIMS, from Hous ton, plays center on the Aggie squad. This 17 year old, 170 pound, 5’ 11” man has had no experience. His number is 53. WILLIAM M. (BILL) SOYARS comes from Sabinal with 2 years of high school experience. He is a 173 pound back. His No. is 32 and he stands upward at 5’ 11”. ROBERT B. SPENCER hails from Pittsburg, Texas. He has had two years of high school expe rience. This 17 year old, 160 pound back stands 5’ 11”. His No. is 15. Another boy to come from Dallas is GEORGE P. SPICER. Spicer is the lightest man on the team. His weight is 148. This 17 year’old back stands 5’ 11” tall. His No. is 17. HARRY L. (PORKY) TAYLOR comes to A. & M. from Longview. He plays guard at the weight of 170 popnds. This 17 year old stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. His No. is 17. JOHN F. THOMAS comes from Ringgold, La., to play tackle on the Aggie squad. He has had four years of high school experience. This 18 year old stands 6’ 2” and weighs 195. His No. is 21. HERBERT E. (HERB) TUR LEY comes from San Antonio at the age of 17 with 2 years of high schoo lexperience. He is a 5’ 11”, 195 pound guard. His No. is 67. STANLEY S. (BING) TURNER has established a good punting re cord for the Aggies so far. He booted one 79 yards in the Texas Tech game. Besides being a cacpa- ble punter he can place kick and kick off. Turner comes from Beau mont with 3 years of high school experience and one year of Fr. College experience. He weighs 200 pounds and stands 6 feet. His age is 19; his number is 24. HARRY C. UTHOFF comes from Celina with two years of high school experience. This 17 year old, 179 lb. 6’ 1” center wears jersey No. 51. JAMES E. (RADIO) WILEY comes from Dallas with no ex perience. He is a 170 pound end and towers 6 feet 2 inches tall. This 17 year old wears No. 80 jer sey. JAY S. (BILL) WILLIAMS, a Haskell boy, plays tackle on the Aggie squad. He is a 6 feet 1 inch, 194 pound man with three years of hibh school experience. 72 is his his jersey. JAMES D. (WIMP) WIMPEE can be found under jersey No. 25. Wimpee comes from Kaufman with a year of experience from high school. He weighs 160 pounds and stands 5 feet 10 inches. This 17 year old plays back. CHARLES E. WRIGHT comes to A. & M. from Beaumont with a wear’s high school experience. He is a 180 pound wingman, who towers 6 feet 3 inches. He is 17 and he wears jersey 84. Nacogdoches sends 17 year old RICHARD C. (DICK) WRIGHT with 3 years of high school expe rience. Wright weighs 170 pounds and stands 6 feet tall. He uses this build to play center for the Ag gies. His No. is 50. CHARLES W. (SCOOTER) YEARGAIN comes from Dallas to play end for the Aggies. He is a 17 year old, 164 pound, six- footer with 3 years of high school experience. His No. is 86. —MISS ADAMS— (Continued from Page 2) lege” and this tradition is a long- lasting and famous one. This will not be the first time that Miss Adams has received rec ognition on the A. & M. campus, for in 1942 she was selected by band leader Glenn Miller from many other beauties to be one of the girls in the “Senior Favorite” section of the Longhorn for 1942. Last night many of the Aggies made the trip to Denton where the Tessies played hostesses to them at a dance in the Union building from 8 until 11 o’clock. The Cadets usually have a swell time at “Ag gie-Heaven” and last night was no exception. The members of the corps wish to use this medium to thank the students of T. S. C. W. and their dean, Mrs. Mattie Lloyd Wooten, for the courtesies extend- OfficialsandManagersMeet To Plan Activities For Fall Basketball and Touch Football First; Speedball, Handball, Track Later On Last Wednesday night the Physical Education depart ment held its annual get-together at the Y. M. C. A. cabin and discussed plans for next semester’s intramural sports ac tivities. Mr. Penberthy welcomed those present and stated that the purpose of the get-togeth-'t — er was to let the boys ask ques tions and to get organized. Mr. Penberthy, acting as master of ceremonies, then introduced M. L. Cashion of the Y. M. C. A., L. D. Boone of the Student Ac tivities Office, and the following tactical officers, who in turn in troduced the cadets who were ap pointed intramural managers for their ‘ various organiaztions: Col. A. J. Bennett, Major Joe E. Davis, Major J. E. Breland, Major G. P. Lerner, Captain C. E. Williams, Captain J. H. Echterhoff, Lt. R. W. Snyder, and Lt. A. J. Garafola. Colonel Welty, our P. M. C. & T. then delivered a short talk on his opinion of the P. E. and intramural program. Col. Welty said that the need for physical training is ap parent in the Army and that we should be proud because we have prepared our boys to take the toughest jobs. He also told the athletic officers that job is an important one and that they should be proud to hold it. Mr. Penberthy then introduced his assistant, Mr. Ponthieux and Dr. Bolton, the principal speaker of the evening, who then took the floor. Dr. Bolton, in his speech, mentioned the many purposes that our intramural sports program serves. “Of course,” said Dean Bolton, “the most important pur pose is to prepare boys for the rigorous army life they will soon encounter, but the development of competitive spirit, discipline, self- control, and loyalty cannot be neg lected when mentioning the merits of such a program.” Dean Bolton then complemented the athletic oficers and wished them success. He said that he be lieved that the main reason for the succes of A. & M.-Exes was the fact that they lived at Aggieland with their fellow Aggies and really got to know what that Aggie spir it meant. After Dean Bolton’s talk Mr. Penberthy outlined the program for this fall and gave the intramural managers their instructions. Ac cording to Mr. Penberthy the first two sports in line are basketball and touch football, with cross country, water polo, and perhaps others such as speedball and hand ball later on in the winter. It was stated that any man who wishes to play will be given a chance and it is hoped that there will be no forfeits this smester. When the corps lived in organizations the intramural program worked out well and there is no reason why the cadets should not have pride in their organizations now. Games will start at 5:10 and 5:50 when the new time schedule goes into effect.. AGGIE ROSTER NO. PLAYER 8 Murnane, Thomas G. 10 McCurry, Bobby G. 12 Hallmark, James L. (Babe) 14 Pogue, Kenneth F. 15 Spences, Robert B. (Bob( 16 Ansley, James T. (Ans) 17 Spicer, George P. 18 Beesley, Earl G. (Kid) 20 McAllister, George T. (Mac): 22 Soyars, William M. (Bill) 24 Turner, Stanley S. (Bing) 25 Wimpee, James D. (Wimp) 28 Callender, E. R. (Mole)i 30 Barger, Wilfred F. (Horn) 31 Gunn, William W. (Shot) 32 Muehlhause, Edwin H. (Bub) 33 Butchifsky, Bob Lee (Butch) 40 Jordan, William Dean (Bill) 42 Hughes, Dale R. 44 Flanagan, Marion D. (Don) 45 Burditt, Jesse N. (Red) 46 Deere, Donald R. 50 Wright, Richard C. (Dick) 51 Uthoff, Harry C. 52 Gary, Robert J. 53 Sims, Orton H. 54 Langford, Cecil M. 60 Neville, Harvey A. (Beefy) 61 Brown, William A. (Pinky) 62 Mizell, James Leonard 63 Brennecke, Henry M. (Burr) 64 Barnett, J. C. 65 Hohn, Charles M. (Little Dutch) 66 Sacra, Joseph S. 67 Turley, Herbert E. (Herb). 68 Overly, Charles R. (Dick) 69 Pledger, John E. 9 Schmitz, John N. (Smitty) 19 Taylor, Harry L. (Porky) 23 Reynolds, Ben R. (Red Root) 70 Eberle, Adolph A. (Sparky) 71 Granzin, Otto C. *(Bob) 72 Williams, Jay S. (Bill) 73 Bryant, Goble W. (Globe) 74 Moncrief, Monte P. (Nigger) 75 Jones, Joe Houston 76 Rutherford, T. B. (Toby) 77 League, Thomas T. (Sleepy) 78 Goltz, Eugene M. (Gene) 79 Shira, Charles N. (Flat Tire) 4 Gabert, Leonard M. 11 Sheldon, Joe S. 21 Thomas, John F. 80 Wiley, James E. (Radio) 81 Long, Eldon W. 82 Settegast, Marion E. (Brother) 83 Moore, Less E. 84 Wright, Charles E. 85 Geer, William E. (Bill) 86 Yeargain, Charles W. (Scooter) 87 Gibson, Charles B. (Hoot) j 88 Schodde, Rudolph L. (Buddy) 1 Brunow, Charles L. . 2 Bunting, Billy F. (Big Foot) 3 Cherry, Robert L. (Buster) 5 Jones, Robert F. 7 Kunkel, Richard L. (Dick) HOME TOWN POS. AGE WT. IIT. Dallas TB 17 150 5.6 Royce City Kilgore Dallas Pittsburg Henriettm TB 16 178 6.1 TB 17 160 5.10 TB TB 17 17 169 160 6.0 5.11 TB 17 170 5.11 Dallas TB 17 148 5.8 Dallas TB 17 170 5.10 Eden Sabinal FB 17 185 6.1 FB 17 173 6.0 Beaumont FB 19 200 6.0 Kaufman FB 17 160 . 5.10 College Station FB 17 157 5.10 Sonora BB 18 187 6.1 Columbus BB 18 177 5.10 Belton BB 17 190 5.11 Ysleta BB 19 170 5.10 Waco WB 17 174 5.11 McLeod WB 17 170 (.10 Sweetwater WB 19 173 6.11 Abilene WB ’ 17 157 5.9 Breckenridge WB 17 165 6.0 Nacogdoches C 17 170 6.0 Celina C 17 1(9 6.1 Dallas C 17 164 5.11 Houston C 17 170 6.11 Conroe G 17 180 5.9 Kilgore C 17 170 6.2 Grapeland G 17 175 5.8 Conroe G 16 176 5.11 Brenham G 17 165 5.8 Paris G 17 180 5.8 College Station G 17 153 5.7 Denison G 16 180 6.0 San Antonio G 17 196 5.11 Longview G 18 170 6.0 Okmulgee, Okla. G 18 180 6.0 Houston G 17 180 5.10 Longview G 17 170 5.7 Houston G 18 175 5.11 Sweetwater T 19 201 6.0 Miles T 19 188 6.1 Haskell T 19 194 6.1 Dallas T 17 200 6.1 Balias T 18 195 6.2 Wichita Falls T 17 190 6.0 Waco Hamilton T 17 236 6.2 T 19 185 5.11 Abilene Hamlin T T 17 16 215 237 6.0 6.3 Austin T 18 195 5.11 San Antonio T 17 185 6.11 Ringgold, La. Dallas T 18 195 6.2 E 17 170 6.2 San Benito E 17 179 6.1 Houston E 17 190 6.1 Forney E 17 180 6.3 Beaumont E 17 180 6.3 Fort Worth E 17 163 5.11 Dallas E 17 164 6.0 Graham E 17 165 6.1 San Antonio E 17 175 6.0 Houston E 17 180 6.3 Henrietta E 17 172 6.3 Denison E 17 170 5.11 Dallas E 17 183 6.2 Westover E 18 189 6.1 L.S.U. Tigers Think Aggie Spirit Is Powerful Factos To let you Aggies and T. S. C. W-ites know what other schools think of the Aggie Spirit that we demonstrate at all the football games by yelling our heads off, here is a paragraph from an ar ticle that appeared in L. S. U/s. “Reveille” immediately after last Saturday’s game. “Across the football field Sat urday night sat a handful of Texas Aggies in their own little cheering section. Their cheerleaders per formed no fancy tricks and wore no flashy clothes. They didn’t have a band. Yet that comparatively small group made more noise and showed more enthusiasm over the game than did the entire L. S. U. half of the stadium.” Well, fellows, today we don’t have a “little cheering section.” We have a helluva big “Yelling” one, and just at the side of each of us sits a Tessie-W-ite that’s yelling just as hard as we are. ed them and the enjoyable dance given for them. They’ve got the spirit too, and be tween us two, let’s tell the world who’s side we’re on. And, fellows, that band is com posed mainly of “frogs and “fish,” but it his really been giving out. There are just about a hundred pieces in the whole outfit. They gloriously glorify the “War Hymn” and make fingers run up and down our spines when the “Spirit of Aggieland” is played. So, Aggies and gals and whoever else happens to get one of these specials, you are seeing right here a part of the Aggie spirit. And you will as long as there’s a breath of air left in an Aggie. Spirit’s cannot die ... . and this one won’t! If you don’t de- lieve this, ask the 21 generals that have come from our ranks, or the 10,000 officers that graced our corps at one time .... the men on Bataan and Corregidor .... the men in North Africa and Italy .... and these fellows you see here today .... tomorrow in Tokyo and Berlin.