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The Battalion, official newspaper of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of
Tootaa and the City of College Station, is published three times weekly, and issued
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.
Entered as second class matter at the Post Jffice at College Station, Texas,
mder the Act of Congress of March 3, 1870.
Subscription rate $3 per school year. Advertising rates upon request.
Represented nationally by National Advertising Service, Inc., at New York City,
Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
Office, Room 5, Administration Building. Telephone 4-S444.
1942 Member 1943
Plssocided Gol3e6iate Press
Sylvester Boone
Andy Matula
Harold Borofsky
... Editor-in-Chief
Managing Editor
Sports Editor
David Seligman - Reporter
Charlie Murray Reporter
Max Mohnke Reporter
James C. Grant Reporter
Ed Katten Reporter
William H. Baker Reporter
Jack E. Turner Reporter
J. W. (Tiny) Stanifer Reporter
Robert Orr.ick ( Sports Reporter
Charles R. West Reporter
Fred Manget ; Reporter
R. L. Weatherly Reporter
Jerry Dobbs Reporter
Ben Fortson Columnist
Claude Stone Photographer
John Kelley Business Manager
Steele Nixon Circulation Manager
Ben Fortson Asst. Circulation Mgr.
Bditor-in-Chief Pat Bradley 2nd Co. Editor Joe Bennison
Managing Editor. Len Sutton 3rd Company Editor R. J. Lomax, Jr.
Frees Club Representative Marvin Kaff 5th Co. Editor Len Sutton
1st Co. Editor John Cornell
Appreciation to Fort Worth ...
Today is the day of the big game when two undefeated
teams of the Southwest Conference clash in what some sports
writers acclaim as being the nation’s top attraction of the
week. Texas Christian University which is set in the best
city in Texas and the Texas Aggies again meet to see who
has the best team for the week. The winner will not be
known until the final whistle is blown, but one thing that
is known is that both teams will battle until the end.
Each year that the annual game is played, one team
travels to the others home field; this year the game is be
ing played on the Frog Field in Fort Worth. The name of
Fort Worth always brings back memories of games played
in the past with Corps trips and Aggies everywhere have
enjoyed the hospitality shown them. This day is sure to be
another one that will be enjoyed just as well by the Aggies
who are present at the game. The only hope of the Aggies
is that they can merit the friendliness and cordiality that
you have welcomed us with.
The game next year will be another game, but it is
sure to be just as thrilling as this one will be. Kyle Field
will be the scene of activity and College Station, the home
of the Texas Aggies, will be guests to all of the T. C. U.
fans who are able to make the trip down. Let us keep the
good sportsmanship that has always characterized the games
played between the two teams. The Battalion staff, spedkipg
for the Aggies as a whole, wish to thank the people of Fort
Worth for past years here, and for this weekend which prom
ises to be as enjoyable.
By “Sympathy Su-Su”
To all the Ambling Aggies—
Sweetly speaking for the girls
of T. S. C. W., ‘Hi,’ and just to let
you know that school isn’t so dull
all the time will you accept this
as our respect of our campus go
ings on.
You Aggies seem to have been
very active fellows, so in connect
ion may I say that the main at
traction on our campus lately was
the presence of the Aggies who
came to choose the ‘sweetheart.’
Those boys nobly stood up under
the glaring and staring of every
girl on the campus. The elected
girls were enjoyably proud to be
escorted by them, outside of the
fact that several cut classes, an
enjoyment anytime. You might be
amazed at the trouble they went
to, meaning curling hair an’ per-
Office in Parker Building
Over Canady’s Pharmacy
Phone 2-1457 Bryan, Texas
Bicycle and Radio Repair
Phone 4-4114
fuming, but, of course I shouldn’t
tell the secrets of my clan.
Last Friday night there was the
Sophomore Harvest Moon. Imagine,
nothing to harvest, a moon, and
no men. Even if it was just for
girls it seems like a pitiful plight.
The Sophs draped themselves in
‘jeans’ to serenade the dormitories.
No, there was not an auction
sale afterward as no one had any
extra shoes or clocks to throw.
The All College Dance was last
Saturday night. There were nu
merous trampled toes the next
morning, but that’s a penalty for
fun. To bring up an old issue, many
of the girls took Date Burean
dates, giving the the near-by sol
diers a chance to wear out their
G. I. shoes.
Part of the weekend was spent
in selecting talent for future va
riety shows. Too bad we can’t put
on one for A. & M., or do you all
prefer your talent one at a time?
Several of us, say about half
the school went to Dallas for the
Texas-O. U. game. Never fear, our
hearts were with Texas or safer
said, in Texas. For politeness I
could say that in spirit we were
with the Aggies, but who believes
in spirits anyway?
The Juniors had their annual
airing, otherwise known as ‘ariaing’
Tuesday night. They collected
themselves to sing, and for awhile
disturbed the studying students—
no one was disturbed. However, an
unexpected rain sort of dampened
LENA MARIE ADAMS, Aggie Day Sweetheart, the beautiful young lady who will rule the Aggies
today at the football game is a senior majoring in clothing at T. S. C. W. Miss Adams, who is from
Bryan, was selected as a Senior Favorite by band leader Glen Miller in 1942.
that’s why
“Once an Aggie, always an Aggie”. So the saying goes .
there are no Ex-Aggies; there are thousands of Aggie-Exes.
When a man comes to Texas A. & M., he becomes known as an Aggie. An
Aggie he will be from that time on, no matter where he may be, no matter what
he becomes. He is a life member of the greatest fraternity in the world.
So, to our alumnae, of whom we are most proud, we wish to dedicate this
issue to “The Battalion.”
To our men who have seen too many winters to work or fight, but whose
fighting spirit will never be bent—they’ll always be true to flag and school.
To Aggie-Exes all over the United States, who are working in war pro
duction, in business, and at home, doing their part to maintain our free way of
And especially to our men in the Army and the Marines on every battle
field in the world, who fight with an old Aggie tradition: hell-bent for Victory.
To our men in the Navy and Coast Guard, who sail the seven seas, seeking
—and sinking—the enemies of God, Peace, and Country.
To our men in the Air Force, who roar through the heavens, blasting the
foe from the blue.
From the class of 1880 to the class of 1943 each man will be
This week we had a ‘rummage
sale,’ that’s an affair when every
one ramsacks their roommates clo
set for things to sell. Everyone
buys something, everyone sells
something, so nothing is gained or
lost, but all are satisfied.
Last night was the night, for it
was the night of the Free-For-All
Dance for the Aggies. Our ‘Wel
come’ sign also meant * Well-
Hope you take everything in the
good-will that it’s written in, and
if anything is wrong, just address
your grievance to ‘Sympathy Su-
Su’ alias your T. S. C. W. corres
pondent (not counting the one
who sends the pink perfumed let
ters)! The box number is 3693,
and your woes will cheerfully be
So long for now,
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Mess call immediately after retreat. Im
mediately after retreat, Sunday.
Call to Quarters 7:55 p.m., 9:25 p.m.
1:00 a.m., 9:25 p.m. Sunday.
Assembly 8:00 p.m., 9:30 p.m., 9:30
p.m. Sunday.
Tattoo 11:25 p.m., 12:25 p.m., 12:26
p.m. Sunday.
Taps 11:30 p.m., 12:30 p.m., 1:30 a.m.,
12 :30 p.m.
By order of Colonel WELTY:
Major, Infantry
Assistant Commandant
Lena Marie Adams Chosen
From Group of 8 Beauties
Ceremony to Take Place Between Halves;
Tradition Observed for Seventh Time
Miss Lena Marie Adams, daughter of Mrs. George A.
Adams of Bryan, was selected last week to be the Aggie Day
Sweetheart and to reign at today’s game. Miss Adams was
chosen from a group of eight T. S. C. W. girls by a committee
composed of members of the Jun
ior class at A. & M. The Aggies
arrived on the T. S. C. W. campus
on Wednesday of last week and
met the candidates. Later in the af
ternoon the Aggies and their dates
attended the all-college picnic and
then, in the evening, the dance at
the Union building honoring the
visiting cadets. As they returned to
the A. & M. campus Thursday the
Aggies expressed the feeling that
picking the queen was not a very
easy job, and their feelings may be
well understood by anyone who
has ever been to T. S. C. W.
Other sweetheart candidates were
Misses Mary Louise Auld from
Kerrville and Kathryn Turner
from Jacksonville, seniors, Misses
Bonnie Jo Crumpacker of Houston,
Barbara Cook of Little Rock, Ark
ansas, and Mar Gwen Ball of Fort
Worth, juniors, and Misses Mary
Katherine Cain of Lufkin and
Jeanette Hudson of Ola, Arkansas,
sophomores. Miss Adams is a sen
Aggie delegates who choose the
sweetheart were from the Junior
class and included Bill Terrell, Ben
Fortson, Harold Borofsky, Burl
Ervin, John Cornish, Sumner Hun
ter, George Dickey and Jack Knox.
Miss Adams will be crowned
Queen at the half period of to
day’s game while the Aggie band
is on the field. She and the other
candidates will sit in the stands
with the members of the corps, as
will many more TSCWites. The
choosing of the Queen and the
ceremony is a tradition long held
in high esteem by members of both
colleges concerned. Perhaps unique
in the nation is the Aggie-Tessie
relationship, for the Cadet Corps
of A. & M. looks upon the famous
Denton school as its “sister col-
(See MISS ADAMS, Page 4)
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