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. V I. » * * • * / By (Bike Haikin Battalion Sports Editor Cadets’ Response in Turning in Ballots May Place Few Aggies on All-Star Squad Balloting for the College All- Star team ended Thursday here, and, although at this time, final tabulations have not as yet been completed, the response by the Ca dets was far over expectations. Sure enough, Aggies dominated the team, but, with a few excep tions, the Cadets proved to be pret ty good pickers. Since, they were more or less restricted to South west Conference players, the ma jority of the ballots did not include gridsters outside this area. Before the voting even had start ed in these parts, Jim Sterling, Martin Ruby and Derace Moser were already assured of a spot on the All-Star squad, but the reason for this writer’s request for an avalanche of votes for these boys is the fact that enough votes may be able to shove one of the three Aggie aces into a starting post. Sterling led all votes, missing out on only a scant number of ballots. Moser and Ruby were right behind and received plenty of help from this Cadet corps. Besides these three Aggies men tioned, Roy Bucek and Marshall Spivey have a good chance to make the squad. Bucek, especially has been polling a great number of votes and came out far ahead of his nearest rival, Chal Daniel, Tex as’ sensational guard. These boys have not been mentioned too much in the nation’s voting, but those extra votes by the Cadets may be just the thing that puts them on the All-Star team. Aside those fans who voted “hat-cord,” that is, naming all Ag gies on the team, the voting was quite representative. Tabulations so far show the following team: Sterling (A. & M.) and Kutner (Texas), ends; Ruby (A. & M.) and Pasqua (S.M.U.), tackles; Bu cek (A. & M.) and Daniel (Texas), guards; Clarkson (A. & I.), cen ter; and Moser (A. & M.), Spivey (A. & M.), Layden (Texas) and Wilson (Baylor), backs. Spivey was only a scant number of votes ahead of Presto Johnson, S.M.U. back. Surprise of the voting was A. & I.’s great pivot man, Stu Clarkson, who outranged A. & M.’s J. M. (Cotton) Williams by a small mar^ gin. Clarkson had to rally fast to beat out Williams, who, for a time was far ahead. Again, this corner wants to thank all those who took part in the voting. I know this will be duly appreciated by all the Aggie gridsters in the running and may help them either get on the start ing lineup or at least make the squad. Thanks again for your great cooperation. Sports Squibs From Here and There; Some Notes on Twilight League Here and Yonder Notes on Twilight League soft- ball . . . The second-place Campus Cleaners really showed some stuff on the ball when they slaughtered the supposedly invincible Western Auto ten, 18-6, in an exhibition game last Wednesday night . . . it also gave the Twilight League plenty of prestige . . . the Clean ers garnered 20 hits off the Bryan hurlers, with Gillette’s long home- run far over the left fielder’s head being the bife blow of the game . . . the Twilight-Commercial League proved to be quite a success ac cording to the spectator’s view point Thursday night . . . Only five hits were collected—-three by the homelings and two by the vis itors and none of the runs scored by either side were earned . . . Johnny Hejl and Gregg Ramsey did some great hurling for the Twilight Leaguers with the, latter especially standing out with his great control . . . Roger Bond of the Bryanites showed plenty of stuff on the ball but erratic sup port by his teammates changed the complexion of the game . . . the big game of the day will come Monday when the Campus Cleaners and Loupot’s collide on Diamond 4 to determine the leader of the league . . . the Cleaners are only a game behind and a win will dead lock the league once more . . . Coach Homer Norton, who has been vacationing in Galveston for the past two weeks, is slated to return to College Monday ... he will stay here for a short duration • NEED MONEY? Re-Finance Yourself WE NEED—Used Books, Drawing In struments, Slide Rules, Drawing Boards, I.E.S. Reading Lamps ... HIGH CASH PRICES OR HIGH TRADE-IN VALUE LOUPOT's Trading Post An Aggie Tradition For fun and a really good time come out and Dance in comfort at NAVIES On Waco Highway BATTALION Loupot-Campus Cleaner Fracas Features Of Four Twilight League Tilts Monday Saturday, July 23, 1942 Page 3 Twilight League Standings W L T Pet. GB Loupot 10 2 0 .833 Campus Cleaners 9 3 0 .750 1 Lipscomb’s 7 5 0 .583 3 Campus Theatre 6 6 0 .500 4 Holick’s Cleaners ... 5 7 0 .417 5 Madeley’s Pharmacy 4 8 0 .333 6 Aggie Cleaners 3 8 1 .308 6% Faculty : 3 8 1 .308 6% Monday’s Schedule Loupot vs. Campus Cleaners .... Diamond 4 Campus Theatre vs. Madeley’s Pharmacy .... Diamond 6 Lipscomb’s Pharmacy vs. Aggie Cleaners .... Diamond 7 Holick’s Cleaners vs. Faculty Diamond 9 The league-leading Loupot’s Trading Post team faces its tough est test of the current Twilight League season when it collides with the fast and rugged Campus Cleaners Monday night. The Clean ers have been steadily improving of late, and it would be no great surprise if they pulled into a tie with Loupot’s by virtue of this contest. Wednesday night the Cleaners took on Western Auto team, cur rent leaders of the Bryan league, and decisively defeated them by a top-heavy score of 18-6. The heavy hitting of the Campus boys is quite a factor to be reckoned with as the score of this contest will attest. Loupot’s team has been setting quite a pace for the Twilight League, and are now riding the crest of an eight game winning Aggie Polo Team Makes First Debut of Summer This Afternoon; Clash With Strong San Angelo Team at 2:30 Clashing with the hard riding, hard hitting San Angelo Javelinas, the A. & M. polo team will play the first of a two game series this afternoon at 2:30, according to Marty Mertz, team spokesman. The match will be played on the polo field north of the East G'ate. The other game of the series will be played Sunday afternoon at the same time and place, Mertz said. Boasting an undefeated record this season, the San Angelo team is one of the strongest teams in Texas. At a meet held in San An gelo in June the Javelinas defeat ed in ^hort order teams from Big Spring, Lamesa, Lubbock and Dal las. Riding at the number one post for San Angelo is Len Mertz. At number two post will be Fred Roe, Jr. Both of these men are hard riding veterans. At number three In an era of slogans and by words a typical phrase has been adopted by the Intramural depart ment as their official slogan. It is “Keep ’em Playing.” These words exemplify the spirit of the depart ment in their never-ending endeav or to encourage participation in sports over the campus. FORFEIT DOGHOUSE • CLASS A K Infantry, tennis A Field Artillery, tennis H Field Artillery, tennis CLASS B F Field Artillery, softball 3rd Corps Headquarters, softball A Replacement Center, soft- ball 1st Headquarters Field Ar tillery, water polo B Cavalry, water polo I Field Artillery, swimming The recreational questionnaires which were sent out by the Intra mural department have been re turned for the most part but some are still in the hands of 4he recrea tional officers who are urged to bring them to the office as soon as possible. A number of organiza tions have not turned in their In tramural fees and Dewey Hoke says that the department is in a receptive mood for these funds. as he will leave for Chicago in a couple of weeks to begin the Col lege All-Star practice . . . the game between the College All- Stars and Chicago Bears comes off August 28 and the gridsters will take off 2 weeks for practice . . . the executive committee has extended the time limit of Twi light League games . . . Instead of all games being over by 8 o’clock, the teams are permitted to play until 8:15 .. . this gives all of the teams a chance to go the full seven inning route . . . Polo at A. & M. hits big time again when the Aggie malletmen clash with the strong San Angelo team in a two game series today and to morrow . . . the matches will be played on the new field located in the Cavalry Drill field . . . Coach Lt. Bill North and his boys have been working hard to make this series a success, so let’s show him our appreciation by turning out and giving the Aggie poloists some great support . . . Admission is free to everyone. and four posts are “Dutch” Even- ger and Lt. Bill “Curly” Dent, both nationally known stars. For the Aggies, Lt. W. G. North, team coach, will start either Clyde Raley or Joe Mertz at number, one. Norris C. McGowen, Jack Buie, J. T. Westbrook or Dyke Gillen at number two, Captain Bill Braid at number three and Marty Mertz or Dick Harding at number four po sition. Of added interest to the match is the fact that two members of the Aggie team will be playing their father. Joe and Marty Mertz, number one and number four play ers respectively for the Aggies, will cross mallets with the number one player of the Javelinas and will try to show their father some new tricks to the game. Regardless of the outcome of the friendly rivalry between father and Eligibility The Intramural department has requested that an explanation be given concerning Class A and B eligibility in an effort to clarify this matter. It seems that one team was disqualified from a Class B league play-off because of the use of sophomores who did not have their P.E. credit. Here is the definition of who is eligible for Class B competition as given by the Intramural Hand book: “A freshman is defined as a student who is attending college for the first time or one who has transferred from another college and who still is required to take Required Physical Education.” Just remember that anyone who does not wear a fish stripe plays Class A sports but anyone who wears a fish stripe does not necessarily play Class B. A man wearing a fish stripe participates in Class B sports unless he has transferred from another school and already has his P.E. credits. Champs Champions will be decided in various sports as playoffs are com ing to a close. E Infantry meets E Field Artillery and C Replacement Center takes on B Infantry in the semi-final events of Class B volley ball Monday afternoon. The cham pions of Class A water polo will be decided early next week when 3rd Headquarters Field Artillery and I Field Artillery clash to de cide the top team. New Sports New leagues now beginning are Class A volley ball and swimming and Class B water polo and tennis. Schedules were sent to' recreational officers by the department yester day afternoon. Class B water polo opened Thursday night and the other sports will begin immediate ly. G Coast Artillery really cleaned house on B Cavalry in a Class A softball game in which the Artil lerymen whitewashed the Cavalry men 24-0. Ed Wood, on the mound for the Coast team, slugged out a couple of hits besides holding down sons Lt. North promised that there would be plenty of action. Mertz said admission would be free and urged that a large crowd turn out with that “ole Army” spirit and support the Aggies. Second Round of ’Mural Tourneys Closes Tomorrow The second round of the Intra mural department’s open tourna ments close tomorrow and still the playing is slow. Last week a num ber of last-minute games saved nu merous men from forfeits. The en trants are reminded of the request concerning the form used in sub mitting the results of a match. The information placed on slip should include: the sport played, the class (whether singles or dou bles), and the names of both the winners and losers. Some of the results of the games of this week’s round are given be low. These are the results record ed through 3 p. m. Friday. The winners are listed in capitals. GOLF Singles REUSS vs. Compton. HORSESHOES Singles BURCHFIELD vs. Dreiss. Caro vs. MEYER. TENNIS Singles GILBERT vs. Seay. Hardin vs. PETTIT. Doubles WHITEACRE and ELLISTON vs. Smith and Blocker. AGGIEMINTON Singles MEYER vs. Mitchell. Fernandez vs. CARO. Doubles LANIER and JAMES vs. Meyer and Dubose. HANDBALL Singles COKINGS vs. Booth. Lowes vs. BURGESS. KENNY vs. Crawford. DuBose vs. DROLESKY. TABLE TENNIS Singles PETTIT vs. Green. Robards vs. CLARK FORREST vs. Gibbons. Armstrong vs. PULS. RODRIQUEZ vs. Williams. Trigo vs. HART. Doubles DRAKE and MITCHELL vs. Ev erett and Hackney. Gifts of $9,200,000 have been reported to the University of Chi cago fiftieth anniversary fund, out of a final goal of $12,000,000 to be raised within the next ten years. Smith college, in a move to con serve fuel for defense, has appoint ed “heat cops” to close windows in the morning and to watch tem peratures throughout the day. the pitching chores for the victors. The bats of Buck Bulkley, first- sacker, and George Puls, center fielder, drove tallies across for the winning team. WE CONTINUE TO PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR Used Books and Supplies Trade your old books for the ones you now need COLLEGE BOOK STORE Next Door to A. M. Waldrop INTRAMDRALS By Mike Mann streak. The Loupot boys feature a well rounded attack combining excellent pitching, good fielding, and a heavy batting attack. Lipscomb’s Pharmacy, currently resting in third place in the lea gue, takes on Aggie Cleaners in another Monday night contest. Lipscomb’s has slipped from the fast pace they set a few weeks back, and are now in somewhat of a slump. The Aggie Cleaners gave the Campus Cleaners a terrific bat tle in their game Wednesday night before they finally succumbed 4-2, and can be expected to give Lips comb’s plenty of trouble. In the other two games Monday night, Campus Theatre takes on Madeley’s Pharmacy and Holick’s Cleaners clash with the Faculty. The Campus Theatre team after losing to Loaipot’s and Campus Cleaners came back strong in their last two contests, defeating both Lipscomb’s Pharmacy and Holick’s Cleaners by the identical score of 6-4. Holick’s Cleaners have been more or less of an in and out team in their past few games but have been losing by very close scores. The Holick boys have a good hit ting and fielding team, but erratic pitching has handicapped them. The Faculty has been having ex ceedingly hard luck of late and as a result are in the league cellar. The “profs” have been playing pretty fair ball, but a serious weakness in their pitching staff has held them down. Twilight Leaguers Score 3-2 Victory Over Bryanites Thurs The Twilight League All-Stars drew first blood in their two game series with the Bryan Commercial League All-Stars Thursday eve ning as they came out winners by the score of 3-2 after a hotly con tested game. Sparked by Jimmy Newberry’s triple to right field in the fourth inning and some tight pitching by Johnny Hejl and Greg Ramsey, the Twilight Leaguers came from behind and overcame a two run lead by the visitors. For the first two innings both Roger Bond of the Bryan All- Stars and Hejl of the Twilight League All-Stars held the batters in check. Then, in the third inning the Bryanites collected their two runs as Hejl ran into a streak of wildness and with the bases full two men crossed the plate on wild pitches before Hejl settled down and retired the side without fur ther damage. The Bryan All-Stars didn’t en joy their lead very long, however, as Newberry opened the fourth inning with a lusty triple to right field. Sims got to first base on an error by the Bryan third baseman with Newberry holding third. Rob erts grounded out to the second baseman and in an attempt to cut Newberry off at the plate the ball got away from the catcher and both Newberry and Sims crossed the plate to tie up the ball game. Later in the same inning a wild throw to third base while trying to catch Roberts off the bag, en abled the Twilight All-Stars cen- terfielder to cross the plate with what later proved to be the win ning run. Johnny Hejl and Greg Ramsey shared the Twilight League’s pit ching chores. Hejl started the game and allowed two runs and the same number of hits in four innings. Ramsey took over in the fifth and pitched the last three innings of the game holding the Bryan All-Stars hitless and run less. Hejl chalked up three strike outs during his stay on the mound and Ramsey retired one batter in the same manner. Bond pitched creditable ball for the Bryan All- Stars and the fourth inning ra 1 ly which spelled defeat for the Bryan (See TWILIGHT |>a<re 4) Trade With Don HE’S RIGHT WITH YOU LOUPOT’S VISIT OUR FOUNTAIN For The Best and Coolest Drinks In Aggieland GEORGE’S YOUR PHOTOGRAPH Will Be The Topic of Discussion When you send it home to your friends and loved ones — Photographs of Distinction — Aggieland Studio North Gate We Have All Kinds of Cold Drinks On Hand At All Times Drop by after you have been to the poll. We will open at eight p. m. HRDLICKA’S j I On Old CoUege Road