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Page 4 - THE BATTALION Official Notices Classified I, L. M. inge henceforth be known GALEWSKY, have officially C, and L. M. Gale. LOST—An Elgin wrist watch, last Fri day night, July 10th. Left on wash basin in lavatory of basement of Y.M.C.A. Please return for reward. Charles Graham, H-2, Walton. FOR RENT—One airy bedroom, private entrance, private bath, 8 windows. Phone 4-4764. * FOR RENT—6-room apartment, 3 love ly bedrooms, screened-in porch, tile bath, and garage. Phone 4-4764. LOST—Black and grey striped Sheaffer Lifetime fountain pen. Name in gold on pen—“Paul S. Tani.” Reward for return to Tani at C-7, Walton Hall. Executive Offices ATTENTION AGRICULTURAL STUDENTS In order to encourage students from among the Spanish-speaking peoples of the Southwest to carry on advanced study in institutions of higher learning and to prepare themselves for work among their people, the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs is offering a limited number of graduate fellowships for 1942-43, to be administered by the Institute of Interna tional Education. These fellowships are for study in such fields as social studies, education, medi- cine, agriculture, social work, at an ac credited American university or profes sional school. See notice on bulletin board first floor of the Agriculture Building. E. J. Kyle, Dean School of Agriculture ATTENTION AGRICULTURAL FACULTY AND STUDENTS There will be a meeting of all agricul tural faculty members and students in Guion Hall at 11:00 a.m. Monday, July 20. Students will be expected to attend and will be excused from classes missed. I will make a report on the Second Pan- American Conference on Agriculture held in Mexico City July 6-16. I will also in troduce Dean H. L. Walster who is making a survey on agriculture for the College. Any one interested is invited. E. J. Kyle, Dean of Agriculture NOTICE—Students having I.E.S. Mitch ell desk lamps for sale, please contact the B. & C. U. Dept, across the street from the Exchange Store. Lamps should include the shade and globe.—B. D. Marburger, Superintendent. Commandant’s Office MEMORANDUM NO. 15: Issue of Government Overseas Caps 1. R.O.T.C- first and second year basic course students will draw overseas caps from the Exchange Store beginning at 8:00 a. m., Monday, July 20, lO'iz, ana continue through Friday, July 24, 1942. To facilitate the issuing of caps, individ uals will report to the Exchange Store during vacant periods in the following alphabetical order on the dates indicated: Monday, July 20th A to E Tuesday, July 21st F to J Wednesday, July 22nd K to O Thursday, July 23rd P to T Friday, July 24th U to Z and all others not able to report as sched uled. By order of Colonel WELTY, A. J. BENNETT, Major, C.A.C., Executive APPLICATION FOR COMMISSIONS Those cadets who will complete R.O.T.C. Training at the end of this semester and who have attended summer camp are as follows: John B. Porter, F.A. William H. Byrd, C.A.C. Jack W. Brown, Eng. George P. Candill, Q.M.C. These cadets will report to Room No. 18, Ross Hall and make out their appli cation for commission. Radio Repairs AND PARTS Student Co-op Phone 4-4114 Salute This Favorite 'Aviation Buckler 9 * I^Iade of extremely soft Norse, this plain toe one buckle oxford is amazingly comfortable ... Its heavy oil treated sole can “take it”. For civilian or military wear. Otbtr EdgcrUnt $£ t» $6.8j Salute This “Military Leader” The shoe that is worn by officers in all parts of the world. The shoe for you “Ag-gies” who want comfort and demand service. The Military Leader of all shoes. Edgerton $6.50 f llaldropg(8 “Two Convenient Stores” College and Bryan • Announcements FISH AND GAME MEETING—There will be an important meeting of the Fish and Game club Monday night at 7:30 in Room 115 of the Animal Industries build ing. All students either majoring or minor- ing in Fish and Game should be present. Moving pictures will be shown. A. & M. EX-4H CLUB meeting will be held in Room 132, A. & I. Building at 6:45 p. m. Monday. A program has been planned, so why not come and bring someone with you. IMMEDIATELY after the free show, 4:30 p. m. Sunday afternoon, July 19, under the sponsorship of the A. & M. Lutheran Walther Club there will be a fifty-minute film, “The Power of God,” shown. It is a story type film and all are cordially invited. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SERVICES Rev. D. Campbell Butler will preach in the Presbyterian Church Sunday morning at 11 o’clock. Mr. Butler was a former pastor of this church. He resigned to go as a missionary to China where he served for many years. He is now Professor of English and the tennis coach at East Tex as State Teachers College in Commerce. You are cordially invited to attend this service in Guion Hall. Church Notices THE CHURCH OF CHRIST R. B. Sweet, Minister Sunday: 9:45 a. m., the Bible classes; 10:45 a. m., the worship service; 7 p. m., the after-supper discussion group and at 8:00 p. m. the evening worship. Wednesday: 7:30 p. m., the mid-week prayer meeting. All are invited to attend all these serv ices. You will be most welcome. BETHEL EV. LUTHERAN CHURCH 800 S. College Avenue, Bryan Rev. H. A. Traugott, Pastor 9:45 a. m., Sunday school and Bible class. 10:45 a. m., Morning service. All are cordially invited to attend. Serv ices will be over in time for students to return to the campus for lunch. ST. THOMAS CHAPEL (Episcopal) Rev. Roscoe Hauser, Jr., Chaplain 7:00 a.m., Holy Communion. 9:00 a. m., Church school. The Coffee Club. 10:00 a. m.. Morning prayer and ser mon. 7:00 p. m., Lawn party on the Chapel lawn. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, COLLEGE STATION, Rev. R. L. Brown, Pastor Harvey Hatcher, Education & Music Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Morning worship service, 10:60 a. m. B. S. U. Council 1:30 p. m. Training Union, 7:00 p. m. Evening worship service, 8:00 p. m. All students are welcome to our serv ices in the new Baptist church just one block north of the North Gate, Post Of fice. THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH in Bryan Wm. H. Andrew, D. D. Pastor Sunday School—9:45 A.M. Morning Worship—10:50 A.M. Evening Worship—6:30 P.M. Baptist Training Union—7:30 P.M. A cordial welcome to every Aggie. Meet your friends at this church. Attend the Dan Russell Sunday School Class, every Sunday. Free bus from Project House area at 9 :15 ; New area 9:20, old Y 9:26. A family church for students. PRESBYTERIAN AUXILIARY — The Women’s Auxiliary of the College Pres byterian church will meet Monday at 8 p. m. in the home of Mrs. L. S. Paine with Mrs. C. A. Medberry as co-hostess. All of the husbands are invited. Mrs. D. W. Williams will give the program on Foreign Missions. Columbia university sophomores studying humanities are permitted to don earphones to listen to mu sical recordings while they learn their lessons. —BALLOT— (Continued from Page 3) that those who are in the service will be given leave to participate in the game so don’t pass up a player because you know he is in the army. Last year Jim Thoma son, Chip Routt, Ernie Pannell and Dookie Pugh all played in the game and Pannell made the start ing team by getting the largest number of votes for a tackle job. Fill in the ballot below, or as many other ballots as you can find, and turn them in to your First Sergeant, who in turn will deliver them to Haikin at the Bat talion Office in the Administration Building. Juke Box Prom Saturday...35 cents Winged Horsepower r— - —POLO — (Continued From Page 3) Angelo squad will not bring their own horses but will ride mounts of the Cadets. Strong Opponents At the present time the San An gelo team is one of the strongest in the state, having recently de feated Cecil Smith’s famous ag gregation in a San Angelo tourney. The San Angelo lineup will in clude: Len Mertz, prominent San Angelo rancher and horseman at No. Ij Gene Linthicum at No. 2; Dutch Evinger, rated at seven goals, one of the nation’s top polo- ists, at No. .3; and Lt. Bill Dent, of Arizona polo fame, who had a four goal handicap in the last rat ing but is probably worth seven now, will be at No. 4 spot. A practice scrimmage will take place at 3 p.m. Saturday, July 25, and a game is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on the following day. The A. & M. Polo Field is located on the Sulphur Springs road just west of Highway 6. No admission will be charged as an attempt is being made to give the public some good sports entertainment in the ab sence of such major sports as foot ball, basketball and baseball, says Lt. North. Juke Box Prom Saturday...35 cents —COMMENTS— (Continued From Page 2) the Near East there should be no great fear for their destruction there. For here they would have a great area in which to maneuver and several fine points from which to receive reinforcements, supplies, and material through the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf besides the possibility of aid from India, if the British can keep from alienating her. Here then, in the Near East, the Russian-British-Indian and oth er allied troops could be condi tioned and made strong enough over a period of time, possibly years, to launch a victorious as sault westward over the same trail with perhaps the hoped for western front giving aid. I doubt seriously if the allied forces can open a suc cessful western front before the Russians are divided. What this all boils down to then is a long drawn out war (years) with a final spurt to win the last battle to settle it all. Where will this ultimate battle field be? Anywhere from India to France and probably in western or eastern Germany with the ultimate fall of Berlin. —INTRAMURALS— (Continued From Page 3) Within the next day or two a recreational questionnaire will be sent to the recreational officers by the Intramural department. All Aggies who are given one of these forms to fill out are reminded that this is an attempt to better the local sport program. The question naires have been made up by a Park and Recreation Development class of the Landscape Arts de partment. LCir/ BACK WITH you Come by and let us supply your needs LOUPOT’S Trading Post North Gate New Promotion List Released by Dept Military Science Promotions in the corps of ca dets were announced Wednesday by the Commandant’s office. Most of those promotions made were to original vacancies which were not filled on the original list at the be- gining of school. Also promotions of project house officers were made. Following is the list of pro motions: Field Artillery Band Sergeants: Jim B. Sharp, Ernest H. Gras, Joseph F. Gordon. Cor poral, Charles E. Phillips. Cavalry Regiment Headquarters Troop, Second Lieutenant: Jimmie S. Knight, Jr. Field Artillery Regiment First Battalion Headquarters, Second Lieutenant: James L. Rob ertson. First Battalion Headquarters Battery: Sergeant, Sam Rosen- stein; Corporal, Grover C. Wright. A Battery: Sergeant, Edward M. James. B Battery: Corporal, Fred C. Seals. C Battery: Sergeants, Mark L. Browne, Ed Nelson. Second Battalion Headquarters Battery: Sergeant, Raymond E. Velinder. D Battery: Corporal, Harold Lane. F Battery: Sergeant, George Strickhausen, III; Corporals, Dave G. Fox, Durward M. Stayton, Pat rick H. Shovlin. Third Battalion Headquarters Battery: Second Lieutenant, Rob ert A. Alford; Corporal, Edwin L. Glazener. G Battery: Corporal, Jarvis B. Wieser. Coast Artillery Regiment A Battery: Corporal, Henry S. Anthony. D Battery: Sergeant, Flave A. Pledger. F Battery: Corporal, Robert W. Willeford. Engineer Regiment A Company: Sergeants, Park R. Birdwell, Jr., Raymond L. Welch; Corporal, Claude W. Hanley, Jr. B Company: Sergeants, Thomas B. King, Harry L. Bruner; Cor porals, James R. Curry, William G. Hendrix. C Company: Sergeants, James B. Davies, Jr., Harold A. Berry. D Company: Sergeants, Leland R. Anderson, John L. Collier, Jr. E Company: Sergeants, John W. Reagan, Bland M. Woof ter. F Company: Sergeants, James A. Puckett, Roy R. Priest, Jr. Composite Regiment Signal Corps Battalion First Signal Battalion: Techni cal Sergeant, Robert H. Rudasill. A Company: Second Lieutenant, Gabriel W. Marnoch; Sergeants, George M. Williams, George I. Huss. B Company: Second Lieutenant, Robert W. Knowles; Corporals, Harry C. Dillingham, Frank R. Nye, N. A. Tate. Headquarters Company: First Lieutenant, Chris J. H. Schaefer; Second Lieutenant, Robert A. Bre aux; Second Lieutenant, Tom H. Robb; Sergeants, James D. Mont- fort, Robert M. Shuffler; Corpor als, Glenn E. Tanner, George T. Sueltenfuss. Chemical Warfare Battalion C Company: Sergeant, Bernard Sampson; Corporals, Morris Bank- ler, Charles D. Williams. Ordnance Unit A Company: Sergeant, David S. Kauffman. B Company: Sergeant, Martin E. Crossley. With the approval of the Presi dent of the College and the Com- Red Cross Announces Personnel for Week The Red Cross Chapter of Col lege Station has announced the women who will be in charge at the Red Cross rooms for the com ing week. On Monday, July 20, Mrs. Gibb Gilchrist, Mrs. Roscoe Hauser and Mrs. Fritz Hensel will be in charge. Mrs. H. R. Covington and Mrs. Luke Patranella will be in charge Tuesday, July 21. The women of the department of building and grounds and those of the Presby terian church society will have charge. For Wednesday, July 22, the Ex tension Service women and those of the administrative group, and the Baptist church society will participate. Mrs. R. S. Miller, Mrs. F. C. Bolton and Mrs. Roy Simms are the key women. Thursday, July 23, the women of the Methodist church society will have charge. Mrs. K. M. Curts is the key woman. Volunteers are welcome at all times, the announcement said. Bundles of wool scraps and old clothes and shoes are asked to be brought in for use in the Volunteer Service office. Lutheran Club Gives Free Religious Show Immediately after the frees show Sunday afternoon in Guion Hall a religious picture, “The Power of God,” will be 'shown under the sponsorship of the A. & M. Luth eran Walther Club, H. O. Kunkel, president, stated yesterday. Although the picture carries a religious theme, it is a fifty-min ute feature type picture, produced on the R.K.O. lots. All that are interested are cordially invited to attend. The A. & M. Lutheran Walther League is the student organization connected with Bethel Lutheran church in Bryan. It has been active on the campus for the past four years. M R Yezak Receives Ensign Appointment Mitchell R. Yezak, Bremond, re ceived his appointment as an En sign in the U. S. Naval Reserve July 5. He was graduated with the class of ’42, and took his oath of office July 10. ■ Yezak was graduated in the Landscape Art Department, and was a member of the Scholarship Honor Society, the Newman Club, and the Landscape Art Club, mandant of Cadets, the following appointments of cadet officers as project house officers are announc ed: Major: Paul P. Swearingen. Company A Captain, Leslie R. Hereford, Jr.; First Lieutenant, Frank R. Craig; First Sergeant, James C. Spiller. Company B Captain, Harold N. Carr; First Lieutenant, Leonard Mason; First Sergeant, Sidney H. McLean. Company C Captain, Thurman A. Head; First Lieutenant, Robert S. Rob erts; First Sergeant, Forrest E. Armstrong. Company D Captain, Emmett C. McLarty, Jr.; First Lieutenant, Doyle R. Nichols; First Sergeant, Robert C. Jaska. Company E Captain, Thomas A. Duke, Jr.; First Lieutenant, Joe W. Poland; First Sergeant, Herman T. Varde- man. Company F Captain, Otheil J. Erlund; First Lieutenant, Russell L. Chatham; First Sergeant, Paul T. Goins. SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 18, 1942 —DISTRACTIONS— (Continued From Page 2) but gets fired because- he’s de priving somebody that needs it of a job. Playboy Fonda ends up buy ing a hospital, his wife ends up running it and everybody is happy. The funny situations are well por trayed and the story is filled with funny bone ticklers. The Lowdown: fun for all with no holds barred. “NAZI AGENT,” showing at Guion Hall today only, portrays Conrad Veldt in a dual role as Nazi agent, and his twin brother, a loyal American citizen. The cast also includes Ann Ayars and Frank Reicher. “Nazi Agent” is something new and original in the line of German spy pictures so prevalent at this time. Veidt does a masterful job in his role as the two brothers. The brother who is a spy is a German consul, and he attempts to use the small shop of his Amer icanized brother as a clearing house for the Nazi bund. Natural ly, the two brothers, each loyal to his country, have a fight and the best man wins. To thwart the spy ring the American assumes the place of his brother and foils the Germans’ plot to blow up the Pan ama Canal. The Lowdown: Nazi spies in a s-nazi picture. —KYLE FIELD— (Continued from Page 3) to choose the boys for the differ ent positions, but after due delib eration, the managers made a wise choice . . . Neither the A or B teams can be classed as the first or the second team since it was the idea of the managers’ to di vide the teams as evenly as possi ble and still stand a grand chance of drubbing the Bryan All-Stars twice—something that is yet to be done in the annual Bryan-A. & M. series . . . Kyle Field is still being considered as the site for the game here but should that plan fall through, Diamond No. 4, which is across from Dean Kyle’s home will probably be used . . . Word from the athletic office and official ad vices state that the Washington State game WILL BE PLAYED unless something comes up which neither team can control . . . the Duke-A. & M. tilt could have been played but each team desired to schedule service organizations and October 10 was the most conven ient date for both. Paying his tuition at University of Cincinnati college of law with 102 silver dollars, a student ex plained the money came from his sideline as justice of the peace. LISTEN TO WTAW ========= 1150 KC ========= Saturday, July 18 11:25 a.m.—Music. 11:30 a.m.—Treasury Star Parade. 11:45 a.m.—Brazos Valley Farm and Home Program. 11:50 a.m.—A Moment for Reflec tion (Bryan and College Sta tion Pastors). 11:55 a.m.—The Town Crier. 12:00 noon—Sign-off. Sunday, July 19 8:30 a.m.—Classical Music. 9:15 a.m.—Roans Chapel Singers 9:30 a.m.—Sign off. —TWILIGHT— (Continued From Page 3) Lipscomb’s Pharmacy started out like a house on fire but soon the fire was put out by the rest of the teams. The Campus Theatre started with a losing streak and lost their first four games but since then have been winning their share of the games. At the present Madeley’s Pharmacy is in the middle of a winning streak which has carried up the ladder. The closeness of the race is shown by the fact that three teams are tied for fourth place only four games from the league top. After Monday’s games the league players will forget all differences and the All Star selections will try to defeat the Bryan All Stars next Wednesday and Thursday. Trade With Lou HE IS RIGHT WITH YOU LOUPOT’S Patronize Our Solicitor In Your Dormitory • ' OUR WORK IS THE BEST • COURTESY CLEANERS WWf I; I Summer Merchandise Takes the Exit Route at PENNY’S Men’s Sharkskin Suits $12.77 Men’s COOLAIR Suits $14.77 Men’s Straw Hats Choice any hat now 97*? Men’s Summer Slacks Reduced to $1.66 $2.66 Summer Materials Reduced to Clear Bembergs, Ting-a-lings, Rayons, now 47*? 57*? 67*< yd. Misses and Ladies Sport and Slack Shoes in white and light shades, broken lots and broken sizes 770 and $1.77 J.C.PENNEYCQ “AGGIE ECONOMY CENTER” Bryan, Texas $ it . L *