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    Aggies Call Off October 10 Game with Duke
Let’s All Clip a Ballot and* Vote For
Our Favorite Southwest Conference Star
Battalion Sports
Saturday, July 18, 1942 Page 3
No Hat-Cord Election, Now!
Here’s Your Chance to Put An
Aggie on the College All-Stars
Listed on the sport page of to
day’s paper is a ballot composed
exclusively of Southwest Confer
ence stars. Now, this particular
ballot will be sent in to Chicago
via Beaumont and will play a big
factor in the question whether or
not Southwest Conference players
will be represented on the College
All-Star team in its game with
the Chicago Bears August 28.
Fans, all of us want to see at
least two Aggies and a couple of
other Southwest Conference aces
on this team, which, incidentally
is co-coached by our own Homer
Norton. The rules are simple and
explanatory—all you have to do is
choose your players, sign your
name and hand it in either to your
first sergeant or to this scribe.
There are many SWC players
who did not get the credit they
deserved and here is our chance to
make it up to them. Take Martin
Ruby of the Aggies for example.
If he wasn’t just about the best
All members of the two Twilight
League All-Star teams are urged
to be present on Diamond No. 7
immediately following the sched
uled games for the purpose of
having a picture taken . . . Don’t
forget, fellows, it’s important that
you be there . . . Herbie Smith,
former Aggie football star, is now
taking flight training at Mines
Field, California . . . Frank Gill
of the “12th man” fame is now
commanding officer, and flying
surgeon at Greenville . . . Many
oldtimers remember Frank as the
originator of the term, “Twelfth
man” . . . The Ags were playing
Centre College in 1922 . . . Hound
ed by consistent injuries, Coach
Dana X. Bible made a plea to the
Aggies in the stands, and Gill an
swered the call . . . Since that time
all Cadets have stood up at foot-
tackle in these United States last
fall, I’ll eat my hat. Ruby never
failed to stand out in any of the
Aggies’ games, even when the Ca
dets were down-trodden, so let’s
see what 5,000 Aggies can do to
put the big bruiser up there.
And what about Jim Sterling,
Pete Layden, Presto Johnson and
some of the other deservant grid-
sters. Everyone knows that the
type of football played in the
Southwest is just about tops in the
whole country, so why shouldn’t
we have some representatives on
the College All-Star team.
Let’s all get busy with our pen
cils and clip the ballot from the
paper. Then, either hand it in to
your first sergeant or place it into
a ballot box which will be located
on the first floor of the Academic
Building. You can vote as much as
you want to, so help put your
favorite grid star into the College
All-Star camp.
ball games indicating that they are
ready to go into the fray upon
one moment’s notice . . . Some
notes on Twilight League ball . . .
After almost five weeks of play
ing time, the team to beat in the
Twilight League has been discov
ered . . . It’s Loupot’s Trading Post
and they aren’t fooling about it
either . . . They have won six
straight games and are at present
as hot as a fire cracker . . . The
rest of the teams are too incon
sistent to be classed as favorites
and until someone comes up with
a better choice, this corner will
take Loupot’s as the top team of
this league by season’s end . . .
The Twilight League all-star
teams are composed of some of the
best softball stars ever to play at
A. & M. ... It was quite a job
(See KYLE FIELD, Page 4)
Results Are
First Round of Play
Of ’Mural Tourneys
To End Sunday
Only two days remain in the
first round of the Intramural de
partment’s open tournaments and
less than a fourth of the scheduled
games have been played to date.
With knowledge of this fact it will
be inevitable for a large number
of entrants to keep from forfeit
ing out of the matches unless they
play their games at once.
The last time a match may be
played is 2 p.m. Sunday, and all
matches not played by this time
will be forfeited. The department
officials advise all contestants who
have not been able to contact their
opponents by Sunday to report to
the proper playing place at that
hour and they will win by forfeit
if they are unopposed.
The results of the matches play
ed to date are listed below. The
men listed in capitals are the vic
DREISS vs. D’Avy
Hackney vs. CLARK
BASSETT vs. Pettit
MEYER and DREISS vs. Rob
erts and Burchfield
STERQUELL vs. Alston
Foster vs. STOREY
ALLEN vs. Nelson
Booth vs. SEEGAR
MITCHELL vs. Overton
Bell vs. CHATAM
Booth and Reiney
Everett and Hackney vs. SMITH
Plangman and Whittington
CARO vs. Penn
LANIER and JAMES vs. Vail
and Allen
Hey, Aggies! Do you want to
help pick the All-Star football
squad which will be co-coached by
Aggie Head Coach Homer Norton
and which will play the Chicago
Bears in Chicago on Aug. 28?
Tommy O’Brien, sportscaster of
Radio Station KRIC, Beaumont,
and only sports expert in the na
tion to pick the Aggies to win the
1941 football championship of the
Southwest Conference, is conduct
ing the poll in the Beaumont area,
and feeling that the Aggies as a
body should have a say in the
makeup of the squad he has writ
ten to Mike Haikin, Battalion
sports editor for help.
Unless players nominated get
enough votes they will be left off
the squad so get your pencils busy
and vote some' of the Southwest
men into the game. Let’s go, Ag
Below are a list of some players
from this part of the nation, many
of whom you have seen in action
and among the list are several
Texas Aggies. Advice received is
(See BALLOT, Page 4)
Southwest football players who have finished their football careers and are eligible for the All-
Star game in Chicago, Aug. 28, include:
ENDS—Sterling (Texas A. & M.); Cowley (Texas A. & M.); Goss (SMU); Tunney (SMU);
Pitts (Arkansas); Adams (Arkansas); Kutner (Texas); Sweeney (Texas).
TACKLES—Ruby (Texas A. & M.); Motley (Texas A. & M.; Wesson (Texas A. & M.); Bostick
(SMU); Pugh (TCU); Bynum (Arkansas); Cohenour (Texas); Garrett (Texas); Pasqua (SMU);
Fawcett (SMU); Booth (SMU).
GUARDS—Roy Bucek (Texas A. & M.; Richardson (Texas A. & M.); Self (Baylor); Griffin
(Baylor); Goforth (Rice); Ramsey (SMU); Moss (TCU); Daniel (Texas); Jungmichel (Texas);
Clark (Ark.).
BACKS—Moser (Texas A. & M.); Spivey (Texas A. & M.); Porter (Texas A. & M.); Smith
(Texas A. & M.); Gillespie (TCU); Sparks (TCU); Wilson (Baylor); Bigony (Baylor); Crain (Tex
as); Layden (Texas); Martin (Texas); Doss (Texas); .R. L. Harkins (Texas); Sanders (Texas);
Barker (Arkansas); Johnston (SMU); Brumley (Rice); Jacobs (Oklahoma); Mathews (Oklahoma);
Dick Miller (SMU); Neal (Arkansas); Hagerman (SMU); Young (SMU).
Add any other names you know of who have finished playing college football.
(Your name)
(P. 0. Address)
Turn this ballot in to your First Sergeant for transmission to Mike Haikin, Battalion sports
editor, or leave it on the sports desk in Room 126, Administration Building.
Sports Squibs From Here and There; Pics
Of Twilight All-Stars to be Made Monday
Service Club
To Be Carded
For Opening
Everything to be Done
In Re-SchedulingDuke
Following End of War
Texas A. & M. College and Duke
University agreed to postpone
their scheduled game of October
10 at Durham, North Carolina, in
order to make a place for a serv
ice on the card of both schools,
according to an announcement
made by Head Coach Homer Nor
ton of A. & M.
Norton expressed his regrets at
postponing the game but under
the present circumstances he felt
that it was the only possible thing
that could be done. He also stated
that both A. & M. and Duke would
cooperate to the fullest extent with
the Office of Defense Transporta
tion in . scheduling games closer
to home.
Norton went on further to state
that everything would be done in
resuming relations with the Blue
Devils immediately after the ter
mination of the present emergency.
He added that, at present, no fu
ture date has been set.
The Aggie gridsters had a 10-
game schedule for the ’42 season
and had it added another game as
prescribed by the conference it
would have to be played either on
September 19 or December 12. The
former date would be a disadvan
tage to students and faculty mem
bers since the present semester,
under the new speed-up plan at
A. & M., would end on that parti
cular day. The date of December
12 would be a week past the regu
lar season; therefore it was agreed
upon by the officials of both
schools that, in order that each
may schedule service teams, the
scheduled game between Duke and
A. & MT. would have to be postpon
Juke Box Prom Saturday...35 cents
5 Drawing Sets
First Come
First Served
Polo Makes Comeback at A&M July 25-26;
To Be Conducted on Limited Scale Due to War
By Mike Mann
Assistant Sports Editor
Polo will make a comeback in
the Aggieland scene on Saturday
and Sunday, July 25 and 26, when
the Texas Aggie polo team meets
the strong San Angelo quartet on
the new A. & M. Polo Field. This
sport has been held back by the
war emergency and will continue
only on a limited scale because of
financial backing and transporta
tion facilities.
Lt. W. G. (Bill) North, Aggie
polo coach, states that a number
of top civilian teams will come to
Aggieland during the summer and
it is hoped that the school and the
student body will give the team
more support in the future to al
low it to continue its activities and
Aggie Lineup
Bill Braid, Aggie captain, will
start at No. 3 position with Joe
Mertz at No. 1; Jack Buie or Nor
ris McGowan at No. 2; and Marty
Mertz at No. 4. Clyde Raley, Dick
Harding and Dyke Gillen are three
other Cadets who will probably
see action. Of these men Braid,
McGowan, Buie and Raley are let-
termen left over from last year.
Braid is the only Aggie poloist
who has ever carried a handicap.
He had been rated at three goals
but since his return to school after
an operation he has not been rated.
The two Mertz brothers on the
Aggie squad are sons of Len Mer
tz, No. 1 on the San Angelo team.
For the first time in polo history
at A. & M. a number of the mem
bers of the squad have brought
their own mounts to school to sup
plement the Cavalry ROTC horse
now in use. This, fact should im
prove the Aggie game. The San
(See POLO, Page 4)
By Mike Mann
Class A softball saw a couple
of unique and interesting games
take place this week. In the first
game D Infantry whitewashed A
Engineers 26-0. However, the score
of the winners is not the highlight
of the match. W. N. Shaw, the In
fantry hurler, set the Engineers
down with no runs and no hits and
only two of the losers reached first
base—both on errors. L. J. Solo
mon and E. C. Shillenburg were
the big guns for the winners and
tallied four runs each.
The other game ended in a 7-7
tie between the 4th Stoop Quarter
masters and A Cavalry. K. Giese
kept the Cavalry boys in the run
ning when his four-bagger cleaned
the bases in the third inning. The
Quartermasters put a “big league”
touch to the game when they end
ed it with a triple play. The play
ers who figured in the spectacular
play were P. L. Bell, Fred Norton
Three-Way Fight For Fourth Place
Features Twilight League Tilts Mon
The Twilight League games
Monday evening will feature a
clash between Madeley’s Phar
macy and Holick’s Cleaners for
undisputed possession of fourth
place. Loupot’s boys will be trying
to stay in first place as they
take on the Aggie Cleaners. The
other games of the evening in
clude Campus Theatre vs. Lips
comb’s Pharmacy and the Faculty
vs. Campus Cleaners.
At the half way mark in the
league schedule Loupot’s Trading
Post is the current league leader
with a margin of one game over
the Campus Cleaners. On the heels
of the Campus Cleaners are the
drug store boys from Lipscomb’s
two games out of the first place.
The Campus Theatre, Holick’s
Cleaners, and Madeley’s Pharmacy
are all bunched in a three way tie
for fourth place four games from
the top. Sharing cellar honors at
the present are the Aggie Cleaners
and Faculty four and a half games
out of first place.
The teams have had their ups
and downs so far this season.
(See TWILIGHT, Page 4)
R Coast Artillery, softball
E Replacement Center, soft-
E Replacement Center, ten
A Coast Artillery, tennis
D Coast Artillery, tennis
B Replacement Center, ten
Headquarters Cavalry, ten-
F Infantry, softball
B Engineers, softball
American Legion, volley ball
7 Corps Headquarters, volley
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