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    Decision on Twilight League to be Made Today
National and American Leagues Staging
Runaways; Yanks and Dodgers Pace
While the executive committee
is deeply pondering 1 over the Twi
light League question, let’s take
an inside look on the status of
the major leagues—the National
and the American. Baseball, this
year, in spite of the war is at
tracting a countless number of
patrons, and it looks like the ma
jors, and the minors, will have a
successful year.
But getting back to the Ameri
can and National leagues. The for
mer is up to its old tricks, with
one team dominating the league.
And there isn’t any use even to
mention the league-leaders for it’s
those New York Yankees again.
Manager Joe McCarthy’s lads were
off to a slow start, but lately
have been coming through in the
old-fashioned Yank style. At pres
ent they’re some eight games in
the lead, and, there isn’t any sign
of a letup. So you may just as
well mark the Yanks as one of
the. World Series entries.
“Wonder-boy” Lou Boudreau,
one of the youngest managers in
the history of baseball, had his
Cleveland Indians hotter than a
firecracker at the start of the cam
paign, but since then the Tribe
has found the going tough and at
present are roosting in fourth
place. The formerly listless St.
Louis Browns have been the sur
prise of the league, being instilled
in fifth place just behind the In
dians. The Browns, not expected
to move from the cellar, have come
along nicely behind the steady
pitching of Eldon Auker and A1
Hollingsworth, and some timely
slugging by Walt Judnick and the
rest of the Brownies.
Meanwhile, the National Lea
guers have almost the same situa
tion as the American League. The
Brooklyn Dodgers, like the Yanks,
are turning the league into a run
away, being some six games ahead
of the up-and-coming St. Louis
Cardinals. However, the Bums are
experiencing slightly tougher com
petition than the New Yorkers.
The Redbirds from St. Louis have
been winning games rather con
sistently lately with the return to
shape of their star rookie, Howard
Pollet. The left-hander, out with
a sore arm most of the season,
found himself last week, hurling
the Cards to a 3-0 win over the
Chicago Cubs. Since then the “Gas
House Gang” has been right on the
heels of the Dodgers, although six
games behind.
The rest of the teams are just
having a good time of it, with
none seeming to have any kind of
a threat to make a battle of it
with Brooklyn and St. Louis. This
corner still contends that those un
predictable Cards will catch up
with the Dodgers and wind up in
the World Series with the Yanks.
It’ll be tough going, but Manager
Billy Southworth has the material
to do the feat.
Sports Squibs From Here and There; Roy
Bucek to Enter NCAA Track Meet June 12
Roy Bucek, captain and ace
hurdler of the past Texas Aggie
track team, who, at present is a
second lieutenant stationed at Lit
tle Rock, Arkansas, will journey
to Lincoln, Nebraska, June 12 to
participate in the National Col
legiate Athletic Association’s an
nual track meet . . . Coach Dough
Rollins also entered Pete Watkins,
lanky high jumper, and Albert
Ricks, pole-vaulter and high jump
er, but both of these boys are un
able to make the trip.
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With a Fresh Haircut
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North Gate
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1. Whisper That You Love Me.—Shep Fields
2. Sleep Song.—Glenn Miller
3. Strictly. Instrumental.—Harry James
4. Who Wouldn’t Love You.—Kay Kyser.
5. Snootie Little Cutie.—Tommy Dorsey.
To Give Reply
Five Teams Already
Entered; 3 More
Expected to Enroll
Approval or disapproval of the
continuation of the annual Twi
light Softball league will be de
cided this afternoon in a special
meeting of the college executive
Put On Shelf
The Twilight League, which was
a most popular enterprise in the
former summer sessions, was put
on the shelf this year when the
huge intramural program was in
serted. However, because of a
large number of requests made by
students and local merchants, the
softball league was revived again,
and today, the big question will be
given deep consideration by the ex
ecutive committee.
The biggest detriment to the
whole enterprise is that it slight
ly interferes with CQ, which comes
at 7:30. As originally planned the
Twilight league was to start at 7
o’clock and to finish at 8. With
sophomores and freshmen eligible
to play in the league, the above
mentioned time conflicted with call
to quarters, and, according to some
advices would slightly break into
the study hours.
Seniors and Juniors
On the other hand, the fact that
over % of the players in the Twi
light League are juniors and sen
iors and the fact that the league
will operate only twice a week gave
further credence that the cards are
slightly in favor of the continu
ation of the league.
Five teams have already been
recruited and skeleton plans are
already in the making for an eight-
team league. Of course, the whole
idea will be dropped if the execu
tive committee gives a negative
answer, but, in case the decision
goes the other way, it is hoped
that the league will get started
as soon as possible.
Five Teams Entered
Merchants who have already en
tered the league included Aggie-
land and Lipscomb Pharmacies,
Campus Cleaners, Campus Theatre
and Aggie Cleaners. If the league
is approved it is hoped that the
faculty, who incidentally won the
crown last summer, and some team
from the Navy or the Marine con
tingent can be recruited.
Further plans for the Twilight
League will be discussed as soon
as the executive committee reaches
its decision.
By Mike Mann
JUNE 4, 1942
Page 3.
Honored Tonight
Banquet for Recreational Officers
And Ass’ts to be Held Tonight at 6:30
The Intramural Departmental
banquet for recreational officers
and their junior assistants will
take place this evening at 6:30
p.m. in the banquet room of Sbisa
W. L. Penberthy, director of the
huge forth-coming intramural pro
gram, urged all managers and
their assistants to be present at
the banquet tonight.
“Important matter concerning
the program will be discussed this
evening,” Penberthy quipped, “and
it is my wish and desire that ail
you fellows who head the intra
murals in your organization
present at the feed.”
Recreational officers are regard
ed by Director Penberthy as the
backbone of the whole intramural
program, and it is primarily thru
their efforts that intramural ath
letics have had such a big si
cess at A. & M.
For the first time in recent
history of Louisiana State univer
sity (data on conditions during
the Civil war not being available),
women far outnumber men.
W L Penberthy, Intramural
Director. Starts 17th Year Here
By Mike Mann
Assistant Sports Editor
His monicker is W. L. Penberthy
but he’s just “Mr. Penney” to
thousands of Aggies—present and
past—who have become acquainted
with him through their physical
education courses and their intra
mural activity. Penberthy’s offi
cial title is professor of physical
education and director of intra
mural sports.
“Penney” is a native of Ohio, be
ing born in the town of Massillon,
one of the towns which pioneered
in the great American sport of
football. He attended high school
at Elyria, Ohio, and from there
he went to Ohio State university.
After staying there for six years
he graduated in 1926 with a de
gree in physical education. He
taught classes as a student pro
fessor during his last three years
in college in addition to his regu
lar work.
Immediately upon graduation
from Ohio State, Penberthy was
brought to Aggieland by Dana X.
Bible, then coach of the Texas
Aggies. He was made assistant
professor of education under John
ny Bender, a famed Nebraska ath
lete, who was also freshman foot
ball, basketball and baseball coach
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at A. & M. “Penney” was made
director of intramurals, which, at
that time were conducted on a
battalion basis with competition
being solely between the different
battalions, seven in number.
Bender resigned as head of the
P. E. department in the spring of
1927 and Penberthy took over his
position. In the fall of 1927 the
present form of competition be
tween companies was inaugurated
and has been in operation ever
An idea of the growth of the in
tramural program may be seen in
a comparison of the statistics of
the year “Penney” took over the
department and the year 1940-41.
In 1927-28 with a total of 2,375
(See PENBERTHY, Page 4)
Aggie Tradition
Plenty of books left and still have a lot of titles.
All refunds must be made tomorrow—
No refunds after June 5
With the summer session get
ting under way, the Intramural
Department is planning to open
its program early next week. The
program will begin with five
sports—swimming, water polo,
softball, tennis and volley ball. All
of these will be open to both Class
A and Class B participants.
Large leagues are being plan
ned in the softball event—enabling
each team to play about 10 or 11
games before the end of the com
petition. An attempt is being made
to schedule all volley ball matches
for 5 p.m. to bring about a larger
and better representation in that
Recreational Officers and their
Junior assistants are reminded to
attend the first Intramural ban
quet of the year which takes place
this evening at 6:30 p.m. in the
banquet room of Sbisa Hall.
Mr. Penberthy has announced
that open tournaments will be
staged in various sports if suffi
cient interest is shown by the stu
dents. The sports under considera
tion at the present time are: golf,
tennis, ping pong, horseshoes and
handball. Both doubles and single
matches are planned in all the
above sports with the exception of
ping pong.
An open, swimming meet is also
being considered by the depart
ment. There will be no distinction
between organizations or classes
in these “open” contests. That is,
upperclassmen and freshmen will
play in the same matches and mili
tary organization membership will
have no bearing on the contests.
Shakespeare Replaces
English Survey Course
The English department has
substituted English 212, Shake
speare, for English 231, English
survey course, this summer. This
change is expected to meet the
students approval as Shake
speare’s ability as a great play
wright will be emphasized and the
course will be presented in a more
interesting manner.
Students at the University of
Tampa are being paid commissions
by the city to collect delinquent
taxes from 11,000 persons.
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