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Page 4- Official Notices Announcements MEMORANDUM NO. 10: 1. All students who will receive com missions in the Officers Reserve Corps at the end of the present school year, May 16, 1942, will report on the second floor, Ross Hall to have fingerprints made the week of May 4 to May 12, inclusive, dur- BICYCLE REPAIRS AND PARTS The Student Co-op Call 4-4114 For Leisure Wear Spend your leisure hours in cool, comfortable sport togs. We offer a fine variety of new sports shirts in novelty knits . . . Smart in-or-outers in a host of cotton or rayon fabrics that are sure to please. We have a splendid assortment of pleat-slacks and slack suits for your ap proval. ffialdropflfl Two Convenient Stores College Station — Bryan ing the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Each unit yvill report as follows: Infantry-—Monday, May 4, 1942. Field Artillery—Tuesday, May B, 1942. Coast Artillery—Wednesday, May 6, 1942. Quartermaster and Ordnance—Wednes day, May 6, 1942. Cavalry—Thursday, May 7, 1942. Chemical Warfare—Thursday, May 7, 1942. Engineers—Friday, May 8, 1942. i—Frida ' to att .942. 2. The above also applies to students y i Signal Corps—Friday, May 8, 1942. ose due to attend camp—Monday, Signal Corps—Friday, Those due to attend May 11, 1942. The abi who are not now enrolled in military science who are to receive commissions at the end of the present school year. They will report on the day and with the unit in which they will be commissioned. By order of Colonel WELTY: A. J. BENNETT, Major, C.A.C., Executive INFANTRY UNIT, R. O. T. C. The following named men will take Physical Examination for possible enroll ment in advanced course—Infantry. Indi viduals will report at the Hospital at the beginning of the hour at the time and date indicated below: Tuesday—9:00 A.M., May 5, 1942—Ad- kisson, C. B.; Aikman, Albert E.; Alston, Richard E.; Andrews, Wm. S.; Baker, Harold J.; Barton, Jack H.; Baskin, Wm. H.; Bates, R. C. Jr.; Bassett, Roger J.; Beasley, C. P.; Beaumont, Dirk A.; Bell, Charles Wm.; Bell, John L.; Bemus, Earl A.; Bible, Philip L.; Borland, A. M.: Bowles, W. B.; Bradford, H. C.; Brendle, K. A.; Brown, T. C.; Brown, Wm. B.; Butler, W. L.; Butz, Billy .; Carpenter, H. D.; Carroll, W. . Jr.; Carson, H. K. Tuesday—10 A.M.—Carter, Lee ; Clark, R. C.; Cole, H. L.; Collier, M. E.; Corso, J. V.; Coughlin, Frank; Cox, T. D.; Criswell, B. S.; Cross, J. L.; Curl, H. P.; Beautyrest Mattresses Tile Baths Completely Furnished BRYAfl COURTS Bryan’s Newest Phone 2-7560 Bryan, Texas Preston Dishman, Owner and Manager THE COLLEGE BOOK STORE INVITES ALL AGGIES TO INSPECT OUR FACILITIES WE WANT YOUR SECOND HAND BOOKS Located Next To A. M. Waldrop North Gate IT’S GRADUATION TIME AT CALDWELL’S • AGGIE JEWELRY OF ALL KINDS • ENGAGEMENT RINGS AND SETS If It’s New We Have It Hamilton - Elgin - Gruen Watches YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD ,, ^ . Caldwell’s Jewelry Store Bryan, Texas TO GET THAT NEW DNIFORM Look for the H Symbol of Distinction Made By MENDL Si HORNAK Uniform Tailors Mandl & Hornak North Gate ^ ^ WTAW Tuesday, May 5, 1942 11:25 a. m.—Egg Price Market Report and Agricultural Talk. 11:30 a. m.—Treasury Star Pa rade (U. S. Treasury De partment). 11:45 a. m.—Commandos (A. & M. Radio Speech Class, drama tization written by Warren Clepper). 11:50 a. m.—The Town Crier. 12:00 Noon—Sign-Off. —VOX POP— (Continued from page 1) kets will be announced at a later time, Jenkins said. Vox Pop was originated by Parks Johnson in Houston, and started on KTRH. Later, after its initial success, it was taken to New York and has been there for the past nine years. Johnson, who serves as master-of-ceremonies, has broadcast his program on a coast-to-coast chain since then. The program has been broadcast from places all over the country. D’Avy, C. J.; Dawson, J. T.; Dean, R. O. ; Rominy, W. W.; Eberle, A. M.; EHer- brock, Wm. W.; Estes, C. H.; Fahr, R. E. ; Field, Eugene Jr.; Flynt, T. Y.; Foote, M. G.; Franklin, C. C.; Galewsky, L. M.; Garrett, D. J. Jr. Tuesday—11:00 A.M.—Garrett, Ralph J.; Glass, Harold D.; Glass, I. V.; Glenn, E. F. ; Goddard, Wm. R.; Goldman, T. B.; Good, Gene D.; Greer, B. F.; Griffin, R. R.; Grove, G. G. Jr.; Gunn, F. L.; Hahn, W. L.; Halbig, Wm. B.; Hall, N. R.; Harland, J. H.; Hartman, H. F.; Harvey, R. N.; Hatchell, J. W.; Hays, F. L.; Hicks, F. L.; Hicks, H. M.; Hicks, S. G.; Hodges, J. D.; Holdman, J. M. Tuesday—1:00 P.M.—Howell, T. B.; Tueske, E. E.; Huser, J. E.; Inglis, T. N. ; Ivey, A. H.; Jackson, A. O.; Jen nings, Wm. R.; Jones, Stephen Jr.; Jor dan, I. G.; Jordan, C. H.; Keeling, Wm. B.; Klare, Wm. B.; Lancaster, R. D.; Lanier, T. F.; Leathers, J. P.; Legler, L. O.; Linam, D. D.; Lindley, J. H.; Lo- brecht, T. D.; McCarrdll, A. L.; McDan iel, A. A.; McLarry, N. R.; McMillan, Marvin Jr.; McWhorter, R. L.; Main, L. M. Tuesday—2:00 P.M.—Maples, W. L.; Martin, E. C. Jr. ; Martin, L. D.; Martin, M. B.; Massey, H. M.; May, L. E.; Meas- ley, G. H.; Measeles, R. K.; Melcher, T. E. Jr.; Meredith, R. K.; Merritt, R. L.; Morehouse, Wm. B.; Morrow, C. W.; Moses, A. R.; Mosty, W. E.; Muller, C. W.; Mullins, J. M ; Murland, Irving; New berry, J. E ; Outlaw, B. F.; Pace, Homer E.; Pealor, J. P. Jr.; Perkins, H. G.; Perry, E. B.; Phenicie, F. E. Tuesday—3 :00 P.M.—Phillips, R. W.; Poindexter, A. D. ; Pollan, M. J. ; Pumph- rey, J. B.; Reeder, B. F.; Reid, J. W. ; Reinhart, O. J. ; Rideout, A. F. Jr.; Rob bins, J. D.; Robertson, J. W.; Robinson, D. W.; Robinson, J. G.; Rollins, H. R.; Ruisinger, R. W.; Saunders, J. M.; Saun ders, J. W. Schas, R. H.; Schodde, H. D.; Schultz, R. L.; Schulz, B. J. Tuesday—4:00 P.M.—Scott, W. E.; Seale, L. R.; Seay, H. D. ; Shary, J. H.; Shearer, G. T. ; Shuford, J. A.; Sisserson, C. H.; Singleton, J. R.; Slover, C. L.; Smith, R. R.; Stalcup, J. K.; Strofher, J. D.; Taylor, J. C. Jr.; Terry, D. K.; Thaxton, C. L.; Thompson, D. E.; Thomp son, M. R.; Turner, O. G.; Varvel, K. G.; VonRoeder, R. B. Wednesday—8:00 A.M., May 6, 1942— Waggener, Wm. G.; Walker, C. A.; Walk er, Wm. D. ; Wallace, E. C.; Wallace, J. N. ; ard, J. C.; Weber, L. T.; eedon, . D.; Weeren, H. J.; Wheeler, L. B.; Whisenhunt, M. H. Jr.; Wier, C. S..; Wil- fong, M. F.; Williams, G. .; Wofford, S. R.; Wright, F. C. STANDARD First Aid Cards for those who have finished the course have ar rived and may be had at the Physical Education Office.—C. E. Tishler, Instruc tor. COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS — The Commencement Committee has on hand a limited number of invitations to Commencement. Members of the gradu ating class may secure these invitations without cost by calling in person at the President’s office.—B. P. Humbert, Chair man, Commencement Committee. C. P. T. ELEMENTARY AND SEC ONDARY APPLICANTS—There will be a meeting of -all students interested in taking during the coming summer the Civilian Pilot Training Elementary and Secondary Flight and Ground School Courses on Thursday, May 9, in the Pe troleum Engineering lecture room at 7 p.m. Classified HELP WANTED—Wanted, cashier for Campus Theatre. Apply at Campus The atre. FOR SALE—Plymouth 2-door sedan, 1941 model. Good tires, spare unused. Telephone 2-2289. LOST—Lifetime Scheaffer fountain pen with name engraved. If found please turn in at Student Activities Office for R. L. Heitkamp. FOR SALE—1939 H. D. Motorcycle. Ex cellent tires, just had new rings and the valves ground. Come by 328 No. 6 before Saturday. State Farm Insurance Companies offer low cost Auto, Life and Fire policies.— S. D. Snyder, Local Agent. Phone 2-2629. Box 1555, College Station. BOOTS, size 9*4, bombay ice cream breeches, 29 waist, and accessories for sale. These have been worn very little and are in excellent condition. See Toppy Pearce in 201 Hall 11, or phone 4-4534. Meetings A. I. Ch. E. The student chapter off the A. I. Ch. E. will meet in the Physics lecture room, Wednesday at 7:00 p. m. A five-reel color film on the man ufacture and extraction of perfume oil will be shown. FOODS GROUP—The Foods Group will meet on Thuasday, May 7, at 3:00 P. M. at the home of Mrs. K. F. Manke, 100 Guernsey, College Park. There will be a short business meeting to be followed by a social hour. Anyone who has ever at tended the Foods Group is invited to at tend. BETTER BUYMANSHIP—The Better Buymanship groap of the College Wom en’s Social club will have a social meet ing and tea Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock at the home ef Mrs. J. N. Thomp son, 214 Foster Ave., College Hills. The plans for next year’s program will be presented and a commercial exhibit on table service and costume slips will be shown. All those who are interested in participating in the group next year are urged to attend. PUERTO RICO CLUB—There will be a meeting of the Puerto Rico club to night a_t 7 o’clock in Room 106 Academic building. All members must he present as this will be the last meeting that this club will hold for this semester. A. S. M. E.—The American Society of Mechaaical Engineers will hold its an nual barbecue Thursday at 6 p. m. sharp. Tickets will go on sale in the M. E. build ing- for 10 and 88 cents. An election of officers for the coming semesters will be held and other business wiH be concluded. All Mechanical Engineers are urged te at tend. THE BATTALION -TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 5, 1942 -TRACK RESULTS- (Continued from Page 3) Broad Jump: Won by Christopher (Rice) ; second, Cummins (Rice) ; third, Lindow (Rice) ; fourth, Quillian (Texas). Distance: 23 feet, 10 inches. Two-Mile Run: Ziegler (A. & M.) ; sec ond, Hafernick (Texas) ; third, McGloth- lin (A. & M.) ; fourth, Stranadel (Texas). Time: 10 minutes, 1.5 seconds. 220-Yard Low Hurdles: Won by Cum mins (Rice) ; second. Minor (Texas) ; third, Jacques (Texas) ; fourth, Mitchell (A. & M.). Time: 22.9 seconds. Mile Relay: Won by Rice (Neath, Spil- ler, McCluskey and Hall) ; second, Tex as. Time: 9 minutes, 20.2 seconds. Javelin Throw: Won by Cheatham (Tex as) ; second, Henderson (A. & M.) ; third, Watkins (A. & M.) ; fourth, Montgomery (A. & M.). Distance: 193 feet. Total Points: Texas 641/,; Rice 56 ; Tex as A. & M. 49%. —CADETS PLAY- (Continued From Page 3) T.C.U. (2) AB R H E Pelto, 2b 3 0 0 0 McHenry, ss 3 0 0 0 Dowell, p-lb 4 0 0 0 Allen, 3b 3 10 0 Alford, cf 4 12 0 Balabam, Ib-rf 4 Oil Conard, If 4 0 0 0 Williford, c 3 0 11 Whatley, c 0 0 0 0 Looney, rf 2 0 0 1 Adams, p 2 0 11 TOTALS 32 2 5 3 A. & M. (16) Ballow, ss Rogers, If Glass, 2b Scoggin, c-cf-p Porter, lb Peden, 3b Stevenson, p-rf Daniels, cf Aldrich, c Newberry, rf ... Carden, p Black, cf AB R H E ....6 12 0 ....5 4 3 0 ....5 3 2 0 ...6 3 6 0 ....6 1 4 1 ....5 0 3 0 ....4 0 1 0 ....2 1 1 0 ....2 0 0 0 ....3 3 3 0 ....1 0 0 0 ....1 0 0 0 TOTALS .46 16 25 1 Score by innings: T. C. U : 000 200 000— 2 A. & M 261 130 21x—16 —TRACKSTERS— (Continued From Page 3) with Rice, which was stopped by rain. The team is led by Xavier Fernandez, of Lima, Peru—the number one singles player. Thomp son, Marshall, Krezdorn and Pat terson make up the remainder of the squad. Colonel Frank Anderson’s golf team also goes into action Thurs day. The team this year is led by Captain Wayne Rohrer and star Tommie Howell. The golf meet lasts through Friday. Preliminaries Friday Preliminaries in the track ev ents begin Friday afternoon and the finals will be held Saturday. With Roy Bucek back in the run ning, the conference meet prom ises to be the most hotly contested one in years. Should the Aggies win, it will be their first confer ence victory in track since 1930. George J. Behnke, a 36-year-old electric company employe, recent ly received a bachelor of science degree from Northwestern univer sity after 17 years in night school. He enrolled at the age of 19 and averaged two evenings a week on the campus. “Just 24 more hours of credit and I’ll have a master’s degree,” he commented. A TRADE WITH LOU IS MONEY MADE L 0 U P 0 T J S —DISTR A CTI ON S— (Continued From Page 2) suitor, but Douglas manages to stunt, from dressing as a woman to characterizing “The Lone Wolf” to catch a gang of kidnappers who are running wild in the wild west. In a manner which is pure slap-stick comedy, he succeeds in catching the outlaws and bringing them to justice. win her back while posing as an interior decorator, and they elope again. Double feature today and to morrow at the Campus includes “HONOLULU LU” and “SHUT MY BIG MOUTH.” In “Honolulu Lu,” Lupe Velez, as the niece of an adventurer swindler, Leo Car rillo, gets disgusted with her life with her uncle and goes job-hunt ing in Honolulu. After a run-in with three sail ors, she finds a job in a burlesque theater. Meanwhile, her errant un cle has turned hfs swindling charms on the rich ladies of a large Honolulu hotel and induced them to hold a charity program. Part of the program is the selec tion of “Miss Honolulu,” which title, after much to do over her being a burlesque queen, Lupe wins. Romantic angle of the pic ture is handled by Lupe and one of the sailors. “Shut My Big Mouth” is a non sensical farce of the west star ring Joe E. Brown as the town marshal. Brown receives his job as marshal after he accidently knocks out three! stage-coach ban dits. 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