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•IW o 2. Page 4 THE BATTALION -TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 21, 1942 Official Notices Executive Offices NO ADM. 404 TODAY—Adm. 404 Cen tral and South America. There will be no class today.—E. J. Kyle, Dean of Agricul ture. NO CLASSES AFTER 2 P.M.—To per mit a review of the cadet cdrps, classes will be suspended at 2 p.m. today. If the weather prevents the review, classes will be held according to the usual schedule.— " " Bolton, Dei F. C. B Meetings FIRST AID—Any group desiring a course in first aid, please contact M. L. Cashion at the Y.M.C.A. or Mrs. Albert Buchanan at the American Red Cross in Bryan. AMERICAN CHEM. SOCIETY—The Students Affiliates of the American Chem ical society will meet at Dr. Jensen’s house hambi at Dr. Thursday afternoon at 5:30 for iurger fry. BETTER BUYMANSHIP—The Better Buymanship group of the College Wom en’s Social club will meet on Wednesday, April 22, at 2:30, at the home of Mrs. Edwin Edwards, 2901 S. College Road. There will be a panel discussion on “Home Management and Health.” The chairman for the group will be elected for the com ing year. RADIO REPAIRS THE STUDENT CO-OP It’s New... Not White... but Cream and Tan! Most Style* $6.00 $7!°50 Cream and tan is the new est combination for men’s sports shoes. One look and you’ll wonder why some body didn’t think of it before. WALDROP & CO. “Two Convenient Stores” College Station, Bryan will be held in Sbisa Hall at 7 p.m. to night. Dean E. N. Jones of Baylor, who was recently elected president of Texas A. & I. College will speak on “V Curriculum.” “What’s in a of the entertain to 6 SOCIAL CLUB -The Army group o College Women’s Social club will ent< with a tea Friday afternoon from 4 o’clock m the Formal Garden in front of the Administration building. Men of the College group are urged to join the women of the Social club in their last meeting of BRAZOS COUNTY CLUB—The Brazos County A. and M. Mothers’ club will meet in the Y.M.C.A. parlors Thursday after noon. All members are urged to attend. SPASISH CLUB—The Spanish club will meet in Room 122 of the Academic build ing Wednesday at 7 o’clock. Pictures of Mexico will be shown. Classified FOR RENT—5-room house unfurnished. at’s Filling Station. Call 4-8514. Ask for Frank Visoski. Across from Grant LOST—Campaign hat with Senior hat ord. Standard Hat Works sweat band. ;. A. Sterling, 3J8 No. 6. FOR SALE: One pair Junior pants, size: waist 32", length 34". Brand Stetson campaign hat, size 6%, See son, 17 Milner. i new Hud- LOST—Log log decitrig slide rule No. pi Dorm 2, Room 219. Reward. _ _ if? s 696600. If found please return to Matzner, Announcements PREMEDICAL STUDENTS—All pre medical students who expect to apply for admission to Medical School during the year 1943 are required to take the Medical aptitude test which will be given in room 10 Science Bldg., at 3 p. m. Friday, April 24th. The fee of $1.00 should be in hand at beginning of the test. Sample test questions are posted on Premedical Society bulletin board in corridor of Science build ing.—G. E. Potter, Premedical Advisor. PRESBYTERIAN PICNIC—The Pres byterian picnic will be Wednesday at Hen- sel Park. Rides will be provided for all students and cars will leave from the tervals betwee: of bad weathe ,rs will leave trom Y.M.C.A. at 15 minute intervals bet' 5 :30 and 6 :30 p.m. In case of bad wei it will be held under the football stadium. etmg Lodge No. 129 tonight at 7:30. There will be work in the Mas ter’s Degree. All members and visiting brethren are cordially invited to be present. H. L. BOYER, W. M. J. W. HALL, Secretary WINS COMMISSION Randolph Field.—Technical Ser geant Joseph W. Matthews, for merly of Kaufman, Texas, was dis charged from the Service Tuesday (April 7) in order to accept a sec ond lieutenant’s commission, it was announced today. He was commis sioned immediately, by Presidential proclamation. Lieutenant Matthews has been in the Service twelve years. He is chief mechanic at one of Ran dolph’s airplane hangars. Before coming to the Army Air Corps, he attended Texas A. & M. College two years. Lieutenant Matthews’ sister, Mrs. Louise Butler, lives at 4727 2nd Ave., Dallas, Texas. WANTED Second Hand Drawing Instruments and Slide Rules in Good Condition. nr’w LOUPOT’S THE UNUSUAL GIFT CAN ALWAYS BE FOUND AT VARNER’S College Station Bryan At Campus Theater Fireman Training Short Course To Continue This Summer; C. C. Hedges Will Direct School in Place of Lt. Col. Brayton Although practically all of the summer short courses at A. & M. have been cancelled this summer, the Annual Firemen’s Training School will be held May 17-22, as previously scheduled. In the absence of Lt. Col. H. R. LISTEN TO WTAW Use of sand to control magnesium incendiary bombs is recommend ed in the Office of Civilian Defense short subject, “Fighting the Fire Bomb,” how showing at the Campus Theater. Other fire bomb control methods are described in the film. 'Fighting the Fire Bomb’ Now Showing at Campus Theater “Fighting The Fire Bomb,” a short subject film produced for the government in the interest of na tional defense, is showing at the Campus as an added attraction. A vivid description of the various methods suggested by military authorities for combatting the menace of fire bombs, the film was produced for the Office of Civil ian Defense and is released by Warner Bros., in cooperation with the War Activities Committee of the motion picture industry, The film is a contribution to the well-being of American citizens in war times and in addition is pro duced in an entertaining manner. Whether or not air raids ever take plac^ on the continental United States, it is of paramount importance that every citizen be familiar with the precautionary —DISTRACTIONS— (Contmued trom Pag* I) acting done in a sincere manner that is thoroughly enjoyable. It was voted the Picture of the Month by Boxoffice magazine, one of the leading authorities in the critical field. Tracy and Hepburn have really made a hit in their first co-starring vehicle. Jack London’s story, “Gold Hunters of the North,” has been made into a motion picture en titled “NORTH TO THE KLON DIKE.” Brod Crawford and Ev elyn Ankers have the outstanding parts in the picture that plays at the Campus today and tomorrow. It is action, adventure and melo drama all well proportioned to pro vide worthwhile entertainment. The other half of the double feature at the Campus today and tomorrow is “JAIL HOUSE BLUES” with Nat Pendleton and Elizabeth Risdon featured. It is the story of a convict in a peni tentiary presented in a new light with the accent on the comical side. It is enjoyable and amusing al though presenting nothing excep tionally outstanding to the pro gress of motion pictures. Make Your Order Now For Those UNIFORMS OF DISTINCTION UNIFORM TAILOR SHOP MENDL & HORNAK North Gate —TRACKSTERS— (Continued from Page 3) home on Glass’ long fly to left. They added three more in the fourth on successive hits by Scog- gin, Porter and Peden. Scoggin tripled, Porter singled and Peden homered over the left field wall to account for the runs. Another run came in on an error, a single, and a wild pitch in the sixth, but it was in the seventh canto that the Cadets climaxed and iced the tilt with a six run outburst. Rog ers’ long homer over the right center field wall was the telling blow of the rally. Meanwhile, the Ponies could do nothing with Stevenson’s offer ings. Only one man got past first base and that was in the ninth When Davis doubled to deep cen ter. —BACKWASH— (Continued From Page 2) ish who drill their Commandos using real bullets so they will put their heart in their work. April 13th they had 14 casualties, and between 40 and 50 wounded in maneuvers, with aircraft dive- bombing, tank protected troops— they expected casualties but not that many . . . Notice (especially to Cotton Pageant participants): the location for the Cotton Pag eant has been switched from Sbisa to Guion Hall . . . Lady Halifax to Larry Ader, famous mouth or gan artist: “Play the tune where you tell your father to whip you” (Beat Me Daddy). measures necessary in case of a raid. One of the greatest scourges of any air raid is the extensive fire damage caused by unattended incendiaries. In the film several methods of procedure for fighting fires are outlined. Use of sand, garden hose, soda-acid extinguisher, foam spray and pumps are among the meth ods described. Music library at the University of Wisconsin contains more than 2,500 volumes of a historical, bio graphical, critical or scientific na ture, as well as several hundred miniature scores. =1150 KC: Tuesday 6:15-6:30 a. m.—Texas Farm and Home Program, C. B. Ray, Extension Assistant in Ag ricultural Planning, U. S. D. A< War Board. Via Texas Quality Network (Not carried on WTAW.) 11:25 a. m.—Market Report and Agricultural Talk. 11:30 a. m.—Treasury Star Pa rade (U. S. Treasury De partment). 11:45 a. m.—We Have A War to Win—Radio Speaking Class. 11:50 a. m.—The Town Crier. 12:00 Noon—Sign-Off. Wednesday 6:15-6:30 a. m.—The Texas Farm and Home Program, D. H. Reid, head, Poultry Hus bandry Department, Triple- A Notes. Via Texas Quality Network (Not carried on WTAW) 11:25 a. m.—Market Report and Agricultural Talk. 11:30 a. m.—Marine Recruiting (U. S. Marine Corps). 11;50 a. m.—The Town Crier. 12:00 Noon—Sign-Off. Brayton, CW.S., director of the, school, who is on active military duty, the school this year will be under the direction of Dr. C. C. Hedges, head of the chemistry de partment at the college. Dr. Hedlges substituted for Col. Bray- Jton last year and since then has attended the War Departrhent Civ ilian Defense school at Edgewood Arsenal, Md. While there he learned the latest approved methods of fighting fires of incendiary origin and intends to stress that part of fire-fighting at the coming school. “We did consider cancelling the annual school since there was a question of available dormitory space but in view of the import ant part the firemen may have to play in national defense, it was decided to go ahead as originally planned,” Dr. Hedges explained. Scheduled to appear on the pro gram will be Col. Brayton, who is director of the War Depart ment Civilian Defense School be ing operated at A. & M. If at all possible the visiting firemen will attend several of Col. Brayton’s classes where they will take part in fighting fires started by actual bombs and also will be given in struction in identification of gas ses and decontamination following gas attacks. Approximately 450 Texas fire men are expected to attend and thereby earn the reduction in key fire insurance rates for their cities. Major E W Steel To Act as MS Instructor Maj. E. W. Steel, formerly an instructor in the department of Municipal and Sanitary Engineer ing, has been assigned to duty with the Corps of Engineers at A. & M. Maj. Steel will replace Maj. T. A. Adcock as senior in structor of the unit. The second annual Kentucky High School Junior Legislature and the twenty-second annual Kentucky High School Speech Fes tival will be held in April at the University of Kentucky. Pay for Your Uniform While You Wear It see LOUPOT FOR THAT WELL GROOMED LOOK LOOK YOUR BEST AT ALL TIMES BY HAVING REGULAR APPOINT MENTS WITH US. AGGIELAND BARBER & BEAUTY SHOP North Gate TEXAS A.&M. MEN WILL BE INTERVIEWED AGAIN... ► Last year, on 39 different college campuses, men were asked for can did opinions about clothing styles. This poll, conducted by The Saturday Evening Post, is being repeated this year for more than reasons of fash ion. It should have important usefulness in the national conservation of cloth and other materials. Manufacturers and retailers want to know exactly what kind of clothing college men like best—what they find most practical. Govern ment regulations about clothing make it vital to get such facts in advance. Maybe you were one of the 4,179 college men who helped provide the information last year. Maybe you also saw the Post Portfolio of Col lege Styles in your favorite store when you bought clothes last fall. It made buying simpler for a good many men. The 2nd Annual Post Poll of College Styles will be made very soon through cooperation of the BATTALION. Results will again be available to you in leading stores this fall. When your local reporter asks you for information, your answers will be appreciated. THE SATURDAY EVENING POST POLL of COLLEGE STYLE FOR 1942-43 * . *