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Kyle Field Offers Great Array of Sports
This Weekend; Baseball Tilt Opens Festivities
For those sport fans and cadets
who are in quest of relaxation and
entertainment, Kyle Field will of
fer a grand opportunity this week
end. Listed on the menu are a
couple of A class baseball game?
and a triangular track meet.
Coach Lil Dimmitt’s nine opens
the festivities this afternoon in a
tilt with the Oklahoma Sooners.
The latter has always put out a
strong aggregation and is expect
ed to give a great battle to the
up-and-coming Cadets. The teams
conclude the series tomorrow aft
Saturday, Coach Dough Rollins’
track team will make its debut
for the home folks. The thinly-
clads showed surprising form in
the Border Olympics last week, and
are destined to be a dire threat in
the coming conference meet.
Les Peden, Regular Third-Baseman, Shows
Promise of Becoming Topflight Infield Star
'■ Getting back to the baseball
team for a minute or so, I would
like to make a prediction along
that line, not just a prediction out
of the sky, but a prognostication
based on fact and proof. It con
cerns Leslie Peden, who, from this
corner, should be one of the top
third basemen to come out of the
league in many a year. Peden has
just finished basketball, and last
Saturday was his first day out,
but in that period he has impress
ed the coach, railbirds, and all
with his playing. The boy has a
very strong arm plus the ability
to hit that ball squarely on the
Lack of experience kept him
from the starting lineup last year,
but it’s not so this season. He is
still a bit stiff from the cage wars,
but this is just a technicality
which Les should work out easily.
Peden has already inserted him
self into the lineup, and you’ll see
him start this afternoon at third
base. As long as Les has charge
of the hot corner, Coach Lil Dim-
mitt will have the makings of a
top-flight infield.
Sports Squibs From Here and There; Art
Adamson Named Water Polo Vice Chairman
Art Adamson, Aggie swimming
and water polo coach, has been
appointed vice-chairman of the
water polo committee of the Ama
teur Athletic Association . . . Ole
“Waterduck” has been a member
of this committee for several years
and is a recognized authority of
this intriguing water sport . . .
Since Art came here in 1935, the
water polo team has lost but three
games, copping the National Jun
ior crown once . . . Here’s a good
one on Smokey Carden, Aggie
sophomore pitching ace . . . Early
this summer, Carden was pitching
for an Orange steel corporation in
a regulation softball game . . .
All was going great until Carden
loaded the bases in a late inning
. . . Two men were down and
Smokey was putting all he had on
the ball ... At the moment the
opponents’ coach yelled, “Hey
Smokey, let’s see the ball” . . . Not
thinking anything was amiss, Car
den threw the ball over to the
coach who instantly stepped aside
and let it roll some 40 feet onto
the green grass . . . Incidentally
all three men scored ... last Sat-
(See KYLE FIELD, Page 4)
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Ags Open Series With OU Today
Expected To
Start on Hill
Game Time Is
3:30; Series To
Be Concluded Friday
The Texas Aggie baseball team
will make its second appearance
of the current season when they
meet the University of Oklahoma
Sooners on Kyle Field at 3:30 p.m.,
tomorrow afternoon.
The Sheppard Field Flyers were
defeated by the Aggies in a double-
header here last week. However,
the Cadets had to come from be
hind in the final stanzas to win
the games.
The Aggie pitching staff is in a
weakened condition as only two
lettermen pitchers are all of the
moundsmen returning from the
1941 team which finished second
in the conference.
A trio of sophomores have shown
better than average ability but it
is still too early in the season to
make any conclusions. The most
promising of the new hurlers is
Smokey Carden, a six-foot-six
sophomore. Weldon Acrey and
John Shuford, a wrong-sider, also
worked last week and looked bet
ter than average in their brief ses
sions on the mound.
Sam Porter at first base and
Jimmy Newberry in right field are
two other sophomores who appear
to have won berths. Irvin Smith
and Leo Daniels also looked prom
ising. i
The probable starting lineup for
the Aggies is: Newberry, rf; Bal-
low, ss; Glass, 2b; Scoggin, c; Rog
ers, If; Peden, 3b; Porter, lb;
Stevenson, p; and Black, cf.
Annual Southwest Conference Swim Meet To Track Meet Is
Be Held at Downs Natatorium March 20 - 21 Postponed Until
Sat Due to Conflict
MARCH 12, 1942
Page 3.
Colonel Anderson
Issues Call for Fish
And Varsity Golfers
Golf Coach Colonel F. G. Ander
son has issued a call for all men
interested in trying out for the
golf team. Freshmen and upper
classmen are especially invited to
meet Colonel Anderson at the Bry
an Country Club Saturday and
Sunday. ^
There are six places open on the
team for both. Those men wishing
to qualify for the golf team may
either see Colonel Anderson or
Tommy Howell and the men quali
fying will take part in a trip to
Fort Worth March 20 and 21 to
participate in a round of golf
which will be held in conjunction
with the Fort Worth Fat Stock
Show. All conference golf teams
will be represented at this meet.
Pres. Joseph H. Edge of Dakota
Wesleyan university has been ap
pointed to the education and pub
licity committee of the South Da
kota civilian defense organization.
Bethany college in Kansas has a
pep band known as the Blue Dozen.
A Forfeit means a wasted after
noon for a “bunch of kids who
wanted to play.”
The Commandant’s office sends
out “pink slips,” “bull ring” no
tices are white, and now comes
the little “yellow slips” sent out
by the intramural department.
These timely messages are sent
to each organization whenever a
game is forfeited, and the above
motto is printed on them. Let it
soak in, and THINK before you
forfeit a game. Nine times out of
ten, when a game is forfeited the
other team is on hand in full
strength and ready to play. And
it is quite disheartening to go
down to the playing fields and
find no opponent.
Big B Infantry walloped C Field
Artillery 2-1 in a flashy class A
volleyball match.
Bringing back the honor of the
Field Artillery, 2nd Headquarters
Class B:
C Replacement Center,
I Infantry, Handball
D Coast Artillery, Handball
B Replacement Center,
Hq. Cavalry, Handball
B Cavalry, Handball
D Replacement Center,
C Replacement Center,
beat C Cavalry 2-1. H Field Ar
tillery also beat a Cavalry team.
The H Battery players tossed the
volleyball over enough to make
two points to their opponents one.
Class B Wrestling
Here are the results of last
night’s wrestling matches. The
winners are bold-faced.
149 pound
fort (A CAC)
WALKER (HQ. SIG)-Barrier
(3 Hq. F.A.)
(A F.A.)
Ellifrit (G CAC)
(I Inf.)
CLESI (E F.A.)-Reese (C Inf)
Odds ’n Ends
All volleyball matches are being
played in the gym . . . The wind
is too strong during the month of
March to facilitate the playing of
games outside . . . Class A Ping
Pong will start Monday . . . Better
unlimber that forearm stroke hhd
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An Agent in Every Hall
Dorm. Agent
No. 12—301 Sibley, Dub
65 Law. Johnson, R. G.
40 Foster Wizig, M. J.
63 Legett Japhet, Jim
49 Milner Dusel, Jack
A-10 Walton. Brooks, Dick
10 Mitchell Woolford, John
356 Bizzell Goldstein, Jim
and Bruce, Robt.
P. H. No. 5 Johnson, J. A.
No. 1—314 Sommer, H.
No. 2—201 Lynn, H.
No. 3—211 Snell, W. A.
No. 4—228 Ravey, Lu
No. 5—206 Bryant, W.
No. 6—417 Sparks, T. C.
No. 7—301 Buehrig, Elmo
No. 8—107 Alford, P.
No. 9—203 Crews, A.
No. 10—121 Schmidt, K. E.
No. 11—318 Barnes, H. E.
Net Proceeds for Defense Bonds
Across from ME Shops
cop an intramural medal . . .
Class A and B softball will also
begin Monday . . . The games will
be played on the same diamonds
that were used last year . . . Six
new diamonds will be located on
the new drill field, south of the
new mess hall.
Most Valuable
Bayer Elected Capt
Of Cagers; Jarrett
Is Most Valuable
Following the basketball ban
quet tendered the cage team by
Coach Marty Karow, Ralston Bay
er of Houston was eletced captain
of the 1943 basketball team. Bayer,
a junior, is a high school team
mate of retiring captain Bill Hend
erson, and has lettered twice here
at A. & M.
Before attending A. & M., Bayer
attended Kilgore Junior College
and lettered there. The Lipscomb-
Munnerlyn most valuable man
trophy, a desk set, was awarded
to Ray Jarrett, Stephenville sen
ior at the banquet. Henderson won
the trophy as a sophomore, and
was barred from repeating, but
he was awarded the Lipscomb-
Munnerlyn trophy as retiring cap
TCU Schedules Only
Nine Games for 1942
Fort Worth, Tex.—For the first
time since 1927 the schedule of
the TCU Frogs contains only nine
games. The 1942 books call for
four games and five road tilts.
Coach Dutch Meyer will take his
team to Los Angeles for the sea
son’s opener, where the Frogs will
meet the UCLA Bruins in a Friday
night affair.
R. Bayly Winder IV and William
M. Taussig, undergraduates at
Haverford college, have left school
to drive ambulances with the
British army in Libya.
■ The annual Southwest Confer
ence swimming meet will be held
in the P. L. Downs, Jr., swimming
pool at Texas A. & M. College
Friday and Saturday, March 20-21,
Coach Art Adamson announced
As usual the battle is expected
to be between the Aggies and Tex
as Longhorns with the Longhorns
again favored to win as they have
in the past 10 years while the
Cadets trailed in eight of those
Last year the Aggies took seven
of the 10 events and set new pool
records in six events but still the
meet went to Texas on their third,
fourth and fifth placings.
Back for action for the Aggies
will be Bobby Taylor, 220 and 440-
yard freestyle and 100-yard back-
stroke champion of the conference.
But gone is Harold Hensley, the
50 and 100-yard freestyle title
holder. His loss also will be felt
on the two championship relay
Newcomer who promises to shat
ter a record is Bob Cowling, a
soph, who set a new Aggie pool
record of 1:06.8 for the 100-yard
breast stroke last week. That time
is faster than the present 1:07.0
record held by Sojka, of Texas,
and which was set last year. Coach
Adamson says he expects Cowl
ing to better his mark and set one
for future nators to shoot at.
This year the Aggies have more
men and count on winning more
placings but are woefully weak in
diving, an event which should be
won by Capt. Babe Papich, of
Texas, present champ and excel
lent diver.
The triangular track meet be
tween the Texas Aggies, San
Marcos Teachers and Sam Hous
ton Teachers scheduled to be held
in Kyle Field here next Friday,
March 13, has been moved to Sat
urday, March 14 to avoid a con
flict with the baseball game be
tween the Aggies and Oklahoma
University Friday afternoon.
The meet will start at 3 o’clock
with a full card of events to be
St. Ambrose college (Davenport,
Iowa) has added a course in phy
sics of radio communication.
Grove City (Pa.) college has es
tablished a judicial board to medi
ate differences of opinion between
the faculty and women students.
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