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By (Dike Uaikin Battalion Sports Editor Southwest Conference Boasts of Six Strong Teams; First of These Tangle This Saturday If ever there was a conference that possessed six teams that were scalping opponents throughout the country as the present sextet :s accomplishing, we sure would like to know about them. It has even been a long time since the SW conference can boast of such var iety, but that is just what is hap- penng this year. The Texas Ag gies, Texas Longhorns, T. C. U., S. M. U., Rice, and Baylor, are just slaughtering teams from one end of the coast to another and it’s going to be mighty interest ing to see what these demons will do against each other. Yes sir, mighty interesting. The first of such battles pops off this Saturday afternoon when Coach Homer Norton’s Texas Ag gies match their offensive record against Dutch Meyer’s T. C. U. Frogs’ defensive ability. It’ll be a mighty interesting battle to ob serve, especially on the passing angle. There’s going to be passes galore flying through that dense Fort Worth air, and also more aerials popping in the wrong man’s hands than has been witnessed in many a moon. That accounts for Andy Anderson’s picking of a real high scoring game. However, this writer wouldn’t bet a penny on the pick he made. Aggies and Frogs Crippled for Saturday Battalion Sports OCTOBER 16, 1941 Page 3 Most Cadet Crips Due to Start Sat; Blackstone and Bierman Badly Shaken Stalwarts of TCU Horned Frog Defense Give Pat on the Back to All Sophomores For Their Showing; Pickett Most Consistent It’s been quite a while since we gave a sophomore football player any publicity. We did that for a definite purpose, figuring that the publicity he got would probably hurt him more than it would do him good. However, in this case we just can’t help it. After watch ing this boy come through as he has in the past three games, watch ing him hustle his head off on the football field, and watching him make a great comeback after being in - eligible for a year, we feel that we should at least give him a nice pat on the back. Sure, you know who we’re talk ing about. Correct the first time. It’s none other than Tom Pickett, one of Coach Homer Norton’s brightest sophomores. He came here from Temple high school where he lettered three years each in football, baseball, and basket ball. He gained his freshman numeral in 1939, but was ineligi ble last year. He’s been working hard as ever, and it looks like it’s finally paying off. Tom may not be in the starting lineup this year, but you’re going to hear plenty about him in the coming two years. Yes, sir, we’ll even bet on it. ' V SPORTS SQUIBS FROM HERE AND THERE Football tickets for the A. & M.-Texas game are definitely sold cut . . . not even bleacher seats are left . . . Some inside sidelights about the New York trip ... it seems that while in Washington, Trainer Lil Dimmitt caught one of those streamlined buses that they have there (they don’t have those things amabobs in Beaumont, do ihey Lil?) . . . the driver was go ing some 75 miles per hour in a fairly crowded street . . . when asked what he (Lil) thought of him, he gave this reply . . . “the only place I want to go with those “ ‘think-I-can-drive’ ” is to h--l” . . . Leo Daniels had a nice man to- man chat with Senator W. Lee O’Daniels . . . “he isn’t such a bad guy after all,” said lightning Leo .... Cullen Rogers figured that the only (difference between Mart and New York was that the “Big City” was on the right side of the road . . . Roy Bucek felt the same way about Schulenberg . . . Some statistics about the Texas Aggies and the T. C. U. Horned Frogs . . . In three games, T. C. U. has gain ed 4'30 yards by rushing and 227 yards by passing . . . they allow ed their opponents but 230 yards by passes ... by rushing their opponents have been able co squelch 114 yards . . . the Aggies have gotten 454 yards by rushing in their games, while allowing their opponents only 82 ... in passing the cadets have gained a total of 693 yards, while the opponents have connected for 112 . . . the Frogs have had only one of their passes intercepted “while pulling down 7 of their opponents’ . . . the Aggies have intercepted 10 aerials, while the opponents almost match ed them by getting ahold of 9 . . . (See KYLE FIELD, Page 4) il * * ■SPrt/z.Xs --r. <?. O' -ALFOR.D - ~r.C.O, C-QPT. CMLrtFORV- r. C-O. rnmm The Texas Aggies and the Tex as Christian Horned Frogs will face the possibility of having a number of their key men on the bench Saturday afternoon when they meet in the T. C. U. Stadium. Both teams suffered injuries in their intersectional games last week. Despite the injuries the Aggies have been scrimmaging overtime in an effort to be in shape for the coming tilt. Coach “Dough” Rol lins scouted the Horned Frogs for the Aggies in the T. C. U.-Indiana game and the Nortonmen have been working on a defense against the outstanding T. C. U. plays. Several Aggies suffered injur ies as a result of the game against N. Y. U. but most of them will be in the starting lineup Satur day. Jim Sterling received a bruis ed knee; Dub Sibley sprained a finger; and Jitterbug Henderson and Tom Pickett sustained body bruises. All will be ready to go Saturday but may not be in the peak of condition. Wayne Cure, substitute guard, sprained an ankle and will probably not see much ac tion. Bill Blackstone, the Frogs first string center, lias not been in prac tice scrimmages because of injur ies received in the game against Indiana. One of the T. C. U. half backs, G u s Bierman, e s u f- fered injuries in that game and, like Blackstone, has been watching practice from the sideline. Next to Kyle Gillespie, Bierman is the big gun in the Horned Frog back- field and his loss from the game Saturday would be sorely felt by Coach “Dutch” Meyer’s gridmen. Blackstone has one varsity letter and his only backing at the center post comes from a trio of sopho mores who have little game exper ience. The Horned Frogs, with one con ference victory already under their belts, have been scrimmaging hard and long for the Aggie game. They have been studying the Aggie of fense and working up a defense they hope will stop the cadets. It is reported that the T. C. U. grid- sters have been working up a num ber of new plays to cope with the razzle-dazzle of the cadets. VO IMG T G,,). PaLmEK. ~T.<Z-V. ROrtc+J-T- c.d. Repairs to DeWare Field House Floor Nearing Completion Repairs to the floor of DeWare Field house are nearing comple tion and intramural class A bas ketball should get underway by October 27. The entire floor of the gym has been removed and re placed by a modern floor—one that is comparable to any other in the Southwest conference. The old floor of the gym was hard and caused a strain on the legs of basketball players, but the new floor is a different type and one that is built up of the founda tions with allowances for resist ance. All Southwest conference bas ketball games played at Aggie- land will be played on this court as will all class A intramural basketball games. Laid out on the floor, in addition to the basketball court, will be four badminton courts to be used by the student body. s>fET way TAXI INTRAMDRALS By DUB OXFORD nine t Class A Basketball Touch Football With so many teams in the for feit “Doghouse,” here is a rule that might make you think before you forfeit a game. “Any team that forfeits twice in a sport is declared out of that sport.” Think that over fellows, and try not to forfeit any games. One team for feited their game because they used an ineligible man. Be sure and check with the P. E. depart ment if you have any doubt in your mind as to whether or not a man is eligible. Quite a number of the games Pinff Pong Volleyball MARTHA WASHINGTON GANDIES 2 lbs. for $1.29 Regular $1.80 value Sweetheart Day Sale Oct. 17th, 18th, 19th Place your order now to avoid disappointment LIPSCOMB PHARMACY Exclusive Agency Phone 4-1121 FORFEIT DOGHOUSE Class A A Infantry, Water Polo I Infantry, Water Polo 5 C. H. Q., Tennis I Field Artillery, Tennis H Infantry, Water Polo B Signal Corps, Water Polo A Cavalry, Tennis E Engineers, Tennis Class B H Coast Artillery, Foot ball G Replacement Center, Football H Coast Artillery, Bas ketball 3 C. H. Q., Swimming Swimming I Infantry, Football Football G Replacement Center, Swimming were forfeited because of late ar rival of the teams. Matches will start promptly at the time stated (See INTRAMURALS, Page 4) Let’s hope it doesn’t rain Saturday — but just in case . . . Get an ALLIGATOR And You Won’t Get Wet . . . See our complete line of Al ligator Rain Coats, Trench Coats, and Slickers. Slip into one of these smartly styled Alligators and see what we mean by “Style-in-the-rain”. Look for the ‘Alligator’ Label ... the best name in rainwear. $5.75 to $28.50 7 ♦ r *r\ V/i'MBERLEY - STONE DANS BY W- ZJ7L7 CLOCfUERS COLLEGE and BRYAN Each time you taste ice-cold Coca-Cola, you are reminded that here is the quality of genuine goodness. Experience... many a refreshing experience... has taught people every where to trust the quality of Coca-Cola. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Bryan Coca-Cola Bottling Company Baylor to Defeat Villanova in Game Friday-Williamson By Paul B. Williamson The Southwest will be well on its way to retaining the intersect ional championship if it comes through victorious in its intersect ional games this week-end. Two of the big affairs Friday afternoon involve Southwestern teams while three cow country teams meet outside teams Satur day. The Baylor Bears go east to tangle with Villanova. The System picks the Bears to take this game. Two little schools meet out on the West Coast; Hardin Simmons of Texas travels out to California to meet San Jose State. In this match we take San Jose State. Ada will defeat Durant; Howard will take Chattanooga; Moravian should beat Franklin-Marshall; and Maryville Teachers of Missouri will win over Missouri Mines. The Williamson System’s select- (See WILLIAMSON, Page 4) “GIG THOSE FROGS AGGIES!” “SPECIAL” 14 inch Zipper Hand Bags 98c “Plio-Film” Dish Covers Make Good Waterproof Cap Covers 10c CAMPUS VARIETY STORE PE Dept Trains Men As Athletic, Recreational Officers Seniors interested in athletics who are to graduate and enter the army this year will not have to cast away their interest in sports. The Physical Education department has introduced this semester a one hour course to train men for duty in the army as ath letic and recreational officers. W. L. Penberthy of the Physical Education department and instruc tor in the course announces that 35 seniors are taking the course. The class meets in the Civil Engineer ing lecture room each Wednesday from 5 to 6 p. m. The course includes a study of the drawing up of tournaments; and instruction in the types of con tests, round robins, and meets. Pur chasing and caring for equipment is also covered in the course. In struction in the layout of fields and courts, and contest rules and regulations is another phase of the semester’s work. The course is to be continued in the second semester and is open to any senior, whether taking ad vanced R.O.T.C. or not. A safety conference for farmers was recently conducted at the Uni versity of Minnesota. Patronize Our Agent In Your Outfit. DYER5-FUR STORAGE HATTERS rtLonean. u CASH & CARRY — D. M. DANSBY, ’37 North Gate A WORD TO THE FRESHMEN Your Mother, Sister, or Sweetheart had rather have a picture of you more than anything else you can give her. Let The Official Longhorn Photographer Make Your Pictures AGGIELAND STUDIO ry FORT WORTH BOUND !!!! Before You Go Do You Have A Trench Coat Or Jacket? ★ If not come by and see our stock. Nationally famous brands in all sizes and models. Exchange Store “An Aggie Institution”