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DIAL 4-5444 STUDENT TRI WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF TEXAS A. & M. COLLEGE The Battalion DIAL 4-5444 OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE CITY OF COLLEGE STATION VOLUME 41 122 ADMINISTRATION BLDG. COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS, THURSDAY MORNING, OCT. 2, 1941 Z275 NUMBER 11 ‘Twelfth Man’ Will be on Hand as Team Leaves Tonight Partial List Of A&M Clubs And Officers Other Lists To Be Published At Various Intervals Student club& wlio have turn ed in their application for the al location of funds made available by the new benefit show system will be published as soon as they are made available. The first list of officers of these clubs as turn ed in to the Student Activities office appears below. Other lists will be printed from time but it is impossible to print all of them at one time. Architectural Society President—Gordon McCutchan Vice President—J. B. Pierce Secretary-Treasurer — Moffat Adams Reporter—Philip Crown Sergeant-at-Arms — Robert Simpson Accounting Society President—Robin L. Rominger Vice President—Bob Long Secretary-Treasurer — Johnny Longly Faculty Advisor—Tom Leland A. I. Ch. E. President—W. G. Domaschk Vice President—J. H. Barrett Secretary-Treasurer — W. C. Swain Agronomy Society President—Gene Wilmeth Vice President—Felix Collard Secretary-Treasurer—Sam Fer guson Parliamentarian—Howard Bri ans Sergeant-at-Arms—Bugs Tate A. I. M. E. President—G. R. King Vice-President—Louis Tomaso Secretary—Gene Caperton Treasurer—Bill Doran A. S. C. E. President—Jesse A. Teague Vice-President — George R. Thenn, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer—Dan Ray Sutherland A. S. M. E. Chairman—Ed Clark Vice-Chairman—Moak Rollins Program Chairman—Leland El lis Secretary—Tommy Bolling Treasurer—Robert Townsend Reporter—Paul Kelly Big Spring A. & M. Club President—W. T. Robinson Vice-President—R. H. Miller Secretary-Treasurer — Morris Burns Dormitory Phone Numbers Official telephone numbers for dormitory telephones will be as in dicated below, M. C. Atkins, district manager of the Southwest Tele phone company, revealed yesterday. As telephones are installed in the future corrections will be pub lished. You should clip this list to use in future reference. It will be noticed that all dormitory telephones begin with the number four as distinguished from those for Bryan which begin with the number two. Other College Station numbers begin with four also. Band Third Floor Dorm 11 4 4534 Chemical Warfare Service A Company Top floor Dorm 2 4-9294 Chemical Warfare Service B & C Company Second Floor Dorm 2 4-H4.3 Cavalry A Troop Ninth Ramp Law Hall -4-7884 Cavalry B Troop First Floor Fifth Ramp Law Hall -4-7894 Cavalry C Troop Eighth Ramp Second Floor Puryear Hall .4-8064 Cavalry D Troop Fifth Ramp Second Floor Puryear Hall 4-9774 Cavalry Machine Gun Troop Second Ramp Second Floor Pur- year Hall 4-9264 Coast Artillery A Battery F Ramp Second Floor Hart Hall .4-5864 Coast Artillery B Battery D Ramp Hart Hall 4-7804 Coast Artillery D Battery B Ramp Hart Hall 4-5874 Coast Artillery E Battery Second Floor Bizzell Hall .4-9614 Coast Artillery F Battery East Wing Second Floor Bizzell Hall....4.7014 Coast Artillery G Battery Fourth Floor Mitchell Hall .4 4184 Coast Artillery H Battery Second Floor Mitchell Hall 4-7864 Engineers A Company H Ramp Second Floor Walton Hall .4-4524 Engineers B Company A Ramp Walton Hall .4-8804 Engineers C Company J Ramp Second Floor Walton Hall .4-4024 Engineers D Company Post Graduate Hall 4-9634 Engineers E Company F Ramp Walton Hall 4-4594 Engineers F Company C Ramp Second Floor Walton Hall 4-9904 Field Artillery First Headquarters Battery Third Floor Dorm 10....4.4544 Field Artillery Second Headquarters Batterry Second and Third Floor Dorm 8 4-9204 Field Artillery A Battery First Floor Dorm 10 4-8114 Field Artillery E Battery First Floor Dorm 8 4-1157 Field Artillery F Battery Third Floor Dorm 6 4-9284 Field Artillery H Battery Third Floor Dorm 4 4-8024 Field Artillery I Battery Third Floor Dorm 6 4-9284 Graduate Group Third Floor Milner Hall 4-7944 Graduate Group Fourth Floor Milner Hall ' 4-7949 Infantry B Company First Floor Dorm 9 4-9624 Infantry E Company Fourth Floor Dorm 7 4-4514 Infantry F Company First Floor Dorm 7 4-4234 Infantry G Company Second Floor Dorm 5 4-9319 Infantry H Company First Floor Dorm 5 4-4969 Infantry K Company Second Floor Dorm 3 4-4384 Infantry L Company First Floor Dorm 3 4-8074 Infantry M Company Fourth Floor Dorm 3 4-9274 Signal Corps Battalion Third Floor Dorm 1 4-9764 Club Meeting Reservations To Be in by Friday Cadet Colonel Tom Gillis states that Friday will absolutely be the last day for home town clubs to make reservations for permanent meeting places. The requests should be turned in to the Corps Head quarters office. To get announcements for the club meetings approved for an nouncement in the mess halls, it is necessary to have them approv ed by the Commandant’s office. A1 so all other regular meetings must be approved by the Commandant’s office. Each club will be given the room they request unless there is a con flict. In this case the two pres idents concerned will settle the dif ficulty. Aggies Will Furnish Military Escort-Robertson County Fair Fifty-three Aggie Seniors will receive a pleasant change from their routine of studying tonight when they will don No. 1’s and sabers to serve as escorts for the royalty at the Robertson County Fair to be held in Franklin. Girls from Hearne, Calvert, Franklin, and Bremond will make up the royal court as the Queen of the Fair is crowned. The affair is di rected by Miss Constance Brad bury of Franklin, who with the help of Howard Brians and Shorty Glenn of A. & M., furnished all the duchesses, ladies in waiting, maids of honor, and the rest of the court with Aggie escorts. The Queen of the Fair will be Miss Doris Woodall, who will be escorted by Cadet Colonel Tom Gillis. After the Fair at Franklin, Miss Woodall will leave for Dallas where she will attend the State Fair of Texas. The girls of the court and their escorts will be: Doris Woodall—Tom Gillis Alma Ruth Jones — Howard Brians Wilma Jean Aynesworth—Bugs Tate Connie Jane Fleetwood—Gilbert Glenn Dorothy Mae Nickleson—Gene Wilmeth Mary Louis Lloyd—Richard Tit- ley Julia Ada Rhodes—Henry Rollins Freda Mae Simon—J. E. Melar- con Jane Mathews—Harris Brin Josephine Briggs—Gus Standish Elizabeth Finke—I. F. Smither Katherine Clark—Joe Gibbs Nettie Marsh—Gerald King Peggy Negliago—Luke Moore Carolyn Herring—Jack Smither Inez Belcher—H. D. Ramsden Isabel Wooten—Harry Harring ton Betty Hailey—C. B. Marsh Janey Boswell—Lee Rice Marjorie Pruitt—Grady Creel Merle Melton—Glenn Evans Freddy Burch—G. A. Villamil Biddie McCormick—Frank King Lorraine Wallace—W. H. Byrd Maudine Freeman — Warren Ringgold Lee Nola Bolton—Doc Watley Marcellias Henson—Robert H. Sharp Olena Bumpers—Richard Kauf man Janelle Petty—Perry Luth Ruth M. Baxter—Howard Warner Ollie L. Massey—G. W. Haltom Marjorie Bush—Ross Merredin Jane Turner—Jack McGarr Sarah K. Robinson—A. SoRelle Ava Jeane Watts—Jack Lamber- son Lucille Rabe—J. C. Ramage Doris Slaughter—Joe Cloud Thelma Everett—Jack Taylor Nannie M. Tallous—Earl Green Juanita Pack—J. J. Cupples New Complete Promotion List Is Issued Today The 1941-42 promotion list for the Corps and Field Staff has been organized as follows: T. S. Gillis, Colonel, Corps Commander; R. B. Pearce, Lieutenant Colonel, Exec utive; W. A. Routt, Major, Adju tant; Lee Rice, Major, Personnel Officer; W. E. Pendleton, Major, Intelligence Officer; J. B. Barker, Major, Plans and Training Officer; G. R. Somerville, Major, Supply Officer; S. C. Kaffer, Master Ser geant, Sergeant Major; W. W. Cardwell, Master Sergeant, Per sonnel Sergeant; R. L. Rix, Mas ter Sergeant, Intelligence Ser geant; W. J. Galloway, Master Sergeant, Operations Sergeant; E. W. Mulhollen, Master Sergeant, Supply Sergeant; D. S. Lansdon, Master Sergeant, Signal Sergeant; D. G. Griffin, Master Sergeant, Chemical Sergeant. The promotion list for the entire corps has been released. Students who are not going to San Antonio this week end are requested to wait until after the game befote getting their stripes. This will avoid a rush before the game for cadet officers who want their stripes prior to their departure for San Antonio. Number One Uniform Will be Worn at Game The official uniform at the game in San Antonio Saturday will be the number one uniform with white shirt, the Commandant’s office an nounced today. After the game and on the streets the number two uniform will be permissible. Donald C. Foulk Joins Air Corps Donald C. Foulk, former A. & M. cadet who has been enrolled in ME for the past three years, enlist ed in the Army Air Corps as an aviation cadet last week. Cadet Foulk enlisted at the District Re cruiting Office, Fort Sam Houston, and was immediately sent to Ran kin Aeronautics Academy in Tu> lare, California. Foulk’s parents, Lt. Col. and Mrs* Foulk, are stationed at Kelly Field at the present. Col. Foulk enlisted in the Air Corps 24 years ago and his son intends to keep the tradi tion in the family. Assembly Hall Prices Advance To Twenty Cents New Federal Tax Causes Price Increase; Must Be Paid by All Pass-Holders Admission prices at the Assem bly Hall advanced yesterday from 15 to 20 cents for week-day shows and 25 cents for Saturday night shows because of the new federal defense tax that went into effect yesterday, M. L. Cashion of the YMCA announced. The new federal tax includes all admissions from 10 cents upward with the government receiving ten percent of the admission price. The price on the YMCA privilege card will remain the same as in past years. The YMCA will absorb the new tax on the privilege cards. All pass holders will be required to pay the tax when entering the theater. Town Hall Reserve Tickets Available Today in Y Lobby Sale of Town Hall reserved seat tickets will continue through to day, Fred Smitham, manager, an nounced today. First day’s sales were brisk but some choice seats are still available, Smitham said. Representatives of Town Hall will be in the lobby of the “Y” all dy Thursday and all faculty members and students who wish to purchase the regular $4.00 sea son ticket entitling them to a re served seat for all performances are asked to come early. Members of the Town Hall staff will start a new campaign to sell student tickets tonight, visiting the dormitories in a last drive to sell out the available seats in Guion Hall. With 10 outstanding numb ers on the program, interest in Town Hall is at a Jiigh point and Smitham said present ticket sales indicated but few seats would be available for single admissions. Students are urged to purchase the season tickets at $2.00 which will afford them the outstanding pro grams for only twenty cents each, Smitham concluded. First Meeting Set For Marketing And Finance Club Tonight The Marketing and Finance Club will meet tonight in the “Y” parlor for the first official meeting of the year. All sophomores, juniors, and seniors majoring in Marketing and Finance are eligible to join the club. A speaker has been ar ranged for the program. The club met Tuesday night for the election of officers. Turney Leonard was elected president; Harrison Bancroft, vice-president; Don Pinson, secretary and treas urer; and Lee Rogers, student rep resentative. Puerto Rico Club Organizes for Year The Puerto Rico A. & M. Club held its first meeting of the year Tuesday night. Julio E. Trigo was elected president; George Villamil, vice president; and Russel T. Cook, secretary-treasurer at the meet ing. Although only 17 boys are here at A. & M. this year as compar ed with 28 who were here last year, the club has an enthusias tic membership. The draft and the fact that several Puerto Ricans were offered jobs were the causes for the drop in club membership, Cook said. Plans are in the offing to form an ex-Aggie club in Puerto Rico. Colorado County Students Hold Meet The first Colorado County A. & M. Club ever to be organized in their meeting Monday night elected F. P. Kallina, president; Henry Hasse, vice-president; Joe Lichnov- sky, secretary-treasurer; and Snip Wells, reporter. The club will func tion as a medium for bringing all the Aggies from Colorado County together. Dust-Chasing Crew Organizes-From Now On They Are “18-23"s Have you ever heard of the “18 23” club? It is the latest creation in the Aggie club line. It is truly a legitimate organization with all intentions to the good and every thing on the level. The membership is composed solely of student janitors employ ed the Building and College Utili ties Department as office, dormi tory or N.Y.A. janitors. C. K. Jones was elected as pres ident of the club. Charles Bode was made vice president; Bert Hall, secretary; and W. F. Breihan, re porter. E. N. Holmgreen and W. R. Horsley are the faculty advis ors of the group. As the goal of the club it is hop ed to create a feeling of fellowship and cooperation among the stu dents on the janitor force and if possible to sponsor social events for the 180 student janitors. The name “18-23” was chosen because that represents the range of salaries which club members re ceive for their various duties. Thumbers Cards May be Obtained From Payne or Y The YMCA has announced that the Aggie thumbers cards are now available at either the Y desk or at A1 Payne’s office. These cards have been the source of many com pliments to the school and create a great deal of good feeling be tween Aggie hitch-hikers and mo torists. The cards give the Aggie’s name, his home and school address, and his organization. They express thanks for the ride, invite the mo torist to visit him in his home or at A. & M., and give the Aggie hitch-hiker’s philosophy. This philosophy states, “Realizing that the person who favors me by giv ing me a ‘lift’ is doing so at his own risk and that his consideratioh in helping a student is the mark of a true sportsman, it is my pleas ure to show him every courtesy and render any service possible. It is an opportunity for me to up hold the true Aggie Spirit.” CLUBS NOTICE All requests for allocations from the Student Activities fund should be filed with the Student Activities Office, 126 Administration Building by October 10. Application blanks are now available for making your requests. Barger Made Member Of Co-op Committee J. Wheeler Barger, head of the department of agricultural eco nomics, has been appointed a mem ber of the committee to arrange for the program of the American Institute of Cooperation. The Institute is held annually and is, sponsored by the federated councils of all types of cooperative organizations throughout the Unit ed States. The meeting this year will be held at the University of Georgia in January. Professor Barger served as chairman of the program commit tee of the Texas Institute of Coop eration for four years and last year attended the meeting of the American Institute of Cooperation at Michigan State College. Senior Invitations Contract Let—Hervey The contract for the printing of the Senior invitations was awarded to the Southern Engraving Co., of Houston, it was announced yes terday by Dick Hervey, Senior class president. The Southern En graving Co. has had the contract for the printing of the invitations for the past three years. Hervey also said that a committee meet ing will be called on to decide upon the design for the invitations for the Class of ’41. [Aggie Band to Furnish Music As Team Leaves for Alamo Stadium Game By Mike Mann Senior Sports Assistant Those Fighting Texas Aggies will be given a typical Aggie send- off by the “Twelfth Man” tonight at 11 o’clock at the Missouri Pacific railroad station. The occasion is the departure of the football team for San Antonio where they meet the Texas A. & I. Javelinas Saturday night in Alamo Stadium. Head Yell Leader Skeen Staley states that the sendoff will begin promptly at 11 o’clock, and aftei-f the yell practice is over the team will go to bed and their cars will be pulled out sometime after mid night. Staley will be assisted by J. O. Alexander, “Big Foot” Nagle, and “Chuck” Chalmers. The entire Aggie Band will be at the station to provide the very nec essary music for the occasion. The band will follow the team to San Antonio by special train early Sat Virday morning. The special train will leave at o:30 a.m. Saturday carrying the. band and those students who do not have to attend classes Satur day morning, and will arrive in San Antonio a 11 a.m. Upon arrival the band will parade up Houston street to the Gunter Hotel where they will broadcast a short concert over a local radio station. After the broadcast a yell practice will be held in front of the Gunter Ho tel for all Aggies who are in San Antonio at the time and who wish to attend. The yell practice will begin at approximately 12:15 p.m. Skeen Staley has requested that all Aggies who wish to participate in the yell practice meet the yell leaders and the band at the Gunter instead of going to the station and follow ing the band downtown. This is the first trip of the sea son for the football boys and will be the Cadet Corps’ first chance to give the team the rousing send- off they so justly deserve. A & I Tickets Available at Y This Afternoon Psychological Quizzes for Fish To be Held Friday Advanced Transfer Students Must Report To Take Examinations All freshmen and undergraduates who have not yet taken the Psychological Test will meet in the Assembly Hall Friday morn ing when freshmen classes will be suspended for the test. Advanced standing students will receive excused absences from classes. Any of these students who have taken this test previous to attending A. & M. College should write at once to the institution where he took the test and request that the gross score made by the student on the American Council of Education Psychological Test be sent to the Registrar’s Office at A. & M. A record has already been received in the Registrar’s Office of the grades of those stu dents transferring from N.T.A.C. All students who will take the test must be on time. All fresh men are required to take the ex amination. H. L. Heaton asks that the freshmen and others who will take the test cooperate by arriv ing according to schedule. The schedule by which the Psychological Test will be conduct ed is as follows: 8 to 10 a. m. All new students whose surnames are A to K in clusive will meet in the Assembly Hall for the test. Five o’clock this evening is the deadline for purchasing tickets for the Aggie A. & I. game to be played in San Antonio Saturday night, E. W. Hooker of the Athlet- ic Council stated yesterday. Any student wishing to buy ei ther a student or a data ticket may do so at the desk of the Y. M. C. A. Student tickets are priced at $1.10 and it will not be necessary to own a coupon book to get the tickets at this price. Date tickets sell at $2.20 and are available un der the same conditions are regu lar student tickets All tickets will be taken to San Antonio Thursday night and rib student tickets will be available to students after their arrival there. AVMA Schedules Meeting Thursday All Pre Veterinary students are cordi|ally invited to attend the meeting of the Jr. Ch., A. V. M. A., Thursday evening in the Veterin ary Hospital Amphitheater at 7 o’clock. 9 a. m. All new students whose surnames are L to Z inclusive will meet in Guion Hall for an assem bly. 10 to 12 a. m. All new students whose surnames are L to Z inclu sive will meet in the Assembly Hall for the test. 10 a. m. All new students whose surnames are A to K inclusive will meet in Guion Hall for an as sembly. Ponthieux Announces Red Cross Life-Saving Courses for Students Instruction in the Red Cross Senior Life Saving class will begin P’riday at 7:30 p.m. in the P. L. Downs Natatorium. Thereafter the class will meet every Friday night at 7 p.m. N. A. Ponthieux will be the instructor and will be assisted by Robert Cockrell. Students hold ing instructors ratings who would like to assist in the instruction of the class should get in touch with Mr. Ponthieux. The course will re quire 16 hours of instruction. Dr. Asa Chandler, one of the country’s foremost parasitologist, and professor of the department of biology at Rice Institute, will be the principal speaker of the eve ning. Students who plan to take the course should report at 7:30 p.m. Frida ywithreg ulation swimming equipment. The student should be able to swim a quarter of a mile if he intends to take the course. Red Nichols Orchestra Comes Here As First Big-Name Band Red Nichols and his famous or chestra will play for a corps dance after the Town Hall program in Sbisa Hall, October 10, Alden Ca they, social secretary of the sen ior class announced yesterday. This will mark the first time that a big-name dance orchestra has appeared at Aggieland during the fall semester for a corps dance and promises the A. & M. social season a good start, Cathey said. Nichols and his orchestra will be here the week-end that the foot, ball team plays NYU in New York so that everyone will be able to attend the dance. Ranked by George Simon, music critic for Metronome, as the “sur prise sensation of 1941,” Nichols is considered as tops where im mortals of jazz are concerned. Downbeat, favorite among music ian 1 ’ newspapers, states that Nich ols climbed to fame ten years ago with more than able assistance of his celebrated “Five Pennies.” Perhaps his attribute is the in genious arrangement of danceable tune — a type of music that is fresh and distinctive. Saturday night, October 11, a juke box prom similar to those held during summer school will be held in the annex of Sbisa Hall. The Town Hall program will be given in Guion Hall and all student tickets sold for the season will be good for the performance.