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i I i 1 « * • Summer Faculty and Student Directory CAMPUS PROJECT HOUSES Key Name No. 0 Collinsworth No. 1 Childress No. 2 N. T. A. C. No. 3 Falls-Milam No. 4 Leon No. 5 Eastland No. 6 .... Industrial Education No. 7 Fannin No. 8 Navarro No. 9 Tarleton No. 10 Navasota Group No. 11 Navasota Group No. 12 McLennan No. 13 North East Texas No. 14 J. T. A. C. No. 15 American Legion No. 16 No. 17 Washington No. 18 Smith No. 19 Anderson OFFICERS AND FACULTY Summer Session First Six Weeks Abbott, J. P., 215 Hereford Adamson, A. D., Grove, West Park Add. Anderson, F. G., 213 Houston Angell, E. L., Ill Lee Armistead, W. W., 210 Foster Arnold, Fred H., Restwood Add., Bryan Bagley, J. B., 230 Lamar Baker, C. L., Highway St. Barger, J. Wheeler, Highway 6 Barlow, H. W., 204 Pershing Beardon, H. D., Walton Hall Bebout, Harley, Hotel Charles, Benson, 0. H., Aggieland Inn Berryman, L. G., 2214 College Ave., Bryan Bilsing, S. W., 420 Throckmorton Binney, J. H., 515 Walton Drive Bishop, F. F., 506 W. 27th, Bryan Bolton, F. C., 410 Throckmorton Breland, J. E., 535 Walton Drive Bremner, R. W., 221 Aberdeen Bretz, T. W., 200 Echols, Bryan Brison, F. R., 602 W. Dexter Brooks, T. D., 244 Lubbock Brown, V. K., Aggieland Inn Burns, P. W., 245 Lubbock Cain, R. F., Edge Apts. ,Bryan Chapman, L. C., 104 Duncan St., Bryan Chalk, A. F., 215 Foster Christy, Donald, 107 Lake, Bryan Clark, F. B., 209 E. Dexter Gofer, D. B., 110 Pershing Cowley, W. R., Meadowbrook Add. Crawford, C. W., 258 Clark Dahlberg, F. I., 206 Guernsey Dana, B. R., 204 Lee Darnell, A. L., Highway 6 Davis, N. G., P. H. 6 Davis, W. B., Meadowbrook Add. Dietz, I. M., Y. M. C. A. Dillingham, H. C., 303 N. Robin son, Bryan Doak, C. C., 300 Pershing Donahuej Roy L., 236 Foster Downard, R. W., 1004 Winters Ave., Bryan Duke, Hayden, 208 Hazel, Bryan Dulan, H. A., 204 Ayreshire Finley, A. E., 203 N. Haswell, Bryan Fleming, D. W., 101 Fairview Freeman, L. E., Boyett Apts. Gammon, S. R., Park Drive Gettys, P. L., 218 Foster Gilchrist, Gibb, Throckmorton Glenn, E. W., Jersey Goodheart, C. F., College Rd., Bryan Grandi, L. L., 408 Pease, Bryan Groneman, C. H., 514 E. 30th, Bryan Harrington, E. L., 2211 S. College Rd., Bryan Zisman, S. B., 204 Lee Harris, W. D., N. Oakwood Harter, E. L., 706 S. Baker, Bryan Hedges, C. C., 212 Houston Higgins, P. R., Foster Hughes, M. C., 103 Hereford Humbert, E. P., 2106 College Ave., Bryan Hunt, R. L., 200 Montclair Jaggi, F. P., Beverly Hills Jensen, F. W., 204 Suffolk Jones, Luther G., 400 Houston Kidd, H. L., College Rd. Kyle, E. J., 154 Jones Langford, Ernest, 600 W. Dexter Laverty, Carroll, 2111 Echols, Bryan Legatski, L. M., 207 Milner Leland', T. W., 561 Walton Liebhafsky, H. H., 108 Ayreshire Lindsay, J. D., 310 Pershing Little, V. A., 104 Aberdeen Loving, R. O. Lyle, R. R., 115 Park Place Marsteller, R. P., 152 Jones Markle, E. W^ 807 Center, Bryan Martin, H. C., 16, Edge Apts. McAffe, T. E., 111% Montclair McGee, R. V., 816 Beck, Bryan McGinnis, N. M., 213 Suffolk McGuire, J. G., 106 Jersey McNew, J. T. L., 100 Hereford Melass, V. H., 2004 Echols, Bryan Middleton, E. B., N. Oakwood Milliff, J. H., Hensel and 4th Mitchell, J. W., 127 Woods Molyneaux, J. L., West Park Moore, B. C., 115 Park Place Munson, T. A., 557 Walton Drive Murphey, C.-E., 301 Fairview Nelson, A. B., 221 S. Hereford Nelson, T. R., 523 Coulter Drive Oliver, J. P., 2300 College Rd. Orchard, J. M., Ashburn St. Orr, J. A., 400 W. Dexter Paine, L. S., 211 Suffolk Peikert, 401 Fairview Penberthy, W. L., Hensel Drive Porter, W. L., 515 E. 30th Potter, G. E., 102 Jersey Powers, J. C., 811 Center, Bryan Reid, D. H., Poultry Farm Rigsby, H. P., 101 Fairview Robbins, E. T., 402 Dexter Rode, N. F. 502 W. Dexter Ross, Henry, 200 S. Preston, Bryan Rubin, H. L., 324 Milner Russell, Daniel, 254 Clark Samuelson, G. J., 109 Park Place Sails, A. E., 324 Milner Sandstedt, C. E., Across from Campus Theater Silvey, O. W., 415 Throckmorton Smith, F. M., 211 Fairview Snuggs, R. E., 245 Harrington Spencer, H. C., 213 Suffolk Spriggs, C. O., 300 Kerry Steel, E. W., Pecan Grove Story, J. R., Y. M. C. A. Sugareff, V. K., Brookside Drive Sweet, R. B., Church of Christ, Campus Taylor, W. P., 114 Sulphur Springs Rd. Terrell, T. H., 309 Ayreshire Thompson, G. C., Jones Apts. Thompson, L. P., 312 Foster Ave., Bryan Thompson, T. B., 2109 Echols St., Bryan Tibbitts, F. L., 225 Milner Drive Trotter, Ide P., 211 Lee Turner, C. W., Truettner, W. I., 235 Foster Ave. Van Volkenberg, H. L., 507 Has well, Bryan Vaughn, F. A., 1123 E. 23rd, Bryan Walton, T. O., 100 Jones Wilcox, G. B., 110 Lee Williams, D. W., 222 Lamar Williams, E. L., Lubbock St. Winkler, C. H., 419 Throckmorton Woolket, J. J., 107 Park Place Wright, S. R., S. Hereford STUDENTS Summer Session First Six Weeks Abernathy, T. L., Legett 98 Abraham, S. R., Mitchell 32 Acton, John W., P. H. 15 Adams, Leta Jo, Caldwell, Tex. Adams, Luther L., Legett 60 Adams, Lena Marie, 408 E. 27th St., Bryan Adams, S. L., P. H. 15 Adams, T. W., Puryear 45 Agee, C. G., 2206 Echols, Bryan Albritton, F. D., Puryear 8 Aldrich, K. J., College Hills Allen, B. A., Rt. 4, Bryan Alexander, B. E., Milner 60 Alexander, C. F., Box 405-4-6624 Allen, J. W., Mitchell 53 Allen, O. G., 610 Ennis St. Amundsen, E. G., Legett 79 Anderson, A. A., Milner 17 Anderson, E. L., Lloyd Apts. Anderson, G. R., Puryear 1 Anderson, K. E., Legett 37 Andress, E. D., Milner 77 Andrews, T. A., P. H. 12 Asbury, F. D., Mitchell 18 Ashcraft, B. N., Mitchell 84 Ashworth, J. O., 402 S. Bryan, Bryan Atkins, J. D., Milner 54 Atkins, L. C., P. H. 16 Baber, G. A., Mitchell 29 Bailey, E. L., Mitchell 21 Bailey, G. C., College Ave., Bryan Bailey, G. H., Walton D-2 Bailey, W. W., A. H. Dept. Bains, L. G., P. H. 14 Baird, J. M., Puryear 3 Balcom, A. A., Y.M.C.A. Ball, David, Legett 89 Ballard, D. C., P. H. 12 Bandy, D. M., P. H. 17 Banks, W. F., P. H. 15 Bannister, J. H., Milner 3 Barber, C. J., Milner 42 Barber, H. G., Law 73 Barcus, J. M., Law 82 Barker, O. T., 301 Homestead Barker, P. M., Mitchell 54 Barnard, R. K., Mitchell 62 Barnes, H. E., Mitchell 86 Barnes, M. H., P. H. 16 Barrantes, J. R., Legett 74 Barrett, E. W., Seegers Apts. Barrio, Andres, Legett 81 Barth, C. R., Legett 91 Bassinger, L. P., Puryear 81 Bate, C. D., Legett 65 Bate, H. C., Rt. 3, Bryan Bauguss, O. C., 806 E. 28th St., Bryan Bauml, J. A., P. H. 7 Bean, J. T., Law 5 Beard, J. H., 705 E. 31st St., Bryan Bearden, H. D., Walton F-9 & 11 Bearden, R. C., Legett 73 Beasley, M. P., 221 Milner St. Beasley, V. M., 221 Milner St. Becker, A. W., Poultry Farm Beene, A. G., Legett 75 Beesley, R. S., Poultry Farm Belden, Leonard, College Station Bell, S. A., P. H. 13 Benbow, R. H., 1117 Ursuline, Bryan Bender, W. H., Mitchell 40 Benitez, J. T., P. H. 16 Bennett, F. D., Milner 25 Bennett, P. M., Milner 73 Berch, H. A., Milner 34 Berg, AM., Hort Farm Berry, Charles D., Legett 86 Berry, E. W., Mitchell 49 Berry, Jim, Legett 20 Biehler, P. W., Mitchell 4 Binion, J. M., Law 84 Bird, M. D., P. H. 12 Bird, Virgil W., Sulphur Springs Rd. Birdwell, P. R., Milner 99 Bishop, C. O., 1004A S. College, Bryan Bistrow, E. I., Milner 10 Black, Mary Ann, Foster Ave. Blackburn, G. S., Milner 50 Blair, J. E., 714 Ennis, Bryan Blankfield, H. A., College Hospital Blankinship, R. C., Law 3 Bloodworth, M. E., P. H. 12 Bloodworth, W. A., 306 W. 24th St., Bryan Blume, W. L., Rt. 1, Bryan Bolling, T. J., Mitchell 85 Bonner, ,0. A., Mitchell 19 Bonner, W. D., Dairy Farm Booe, E. L., Mitchell 10 Boone, J. L., Puryear 46 Borcherding, L. J., P. H. 1 Boswell, M. H., Rt. 3, Bryan Bouchard, R. S., Walton H-6 Bounds, E. B., Law 84 Bowden, R. H., Mitchell 2 Bowles, W. B., 703 E. 32nd St., Bryan Bowman, V. R., Mitchell 4 Boyd, M. M., Calvert Boyles, R. L., Mitchell 31 Bracher, R. H., Milner 79 Bradshaw, T. E., Mitchell 84 Breihan, W. F., Legett 68 Brennan, F. M., Legett 1 Brennan, R. N., P. H. 2 Brewer, Margery, 712 E. 27th St., Bryan Brewster, C. F., Milner 22 Briggs, H. M., Milner 48 Brimberry, W. O., 4-8799 Briscoe, A. C., Milner 63 Brock, G. A., Seeger Apt. No. 2 Brodie, G. E., Mitchell 43 Brogdon, B. R., Legett 35 Browder, H. M., Mitchell 24 Brown, A., Mitchell 72 Brown, J. F., P. H. 15 Brown, W. B., Legett 65 Bruckmiller, P. P., Milner 24 Brupson, F. W., Ross 6 Bryant, R. L., Mitchell 28 Buchanan, W. M., Milner 92 Buckley, F. A., 334 Foster Ave. Buenger, J. C., Puryear 4 Buie, T. R., Tauber - North Gate Buller, W. S., Puryear 12 Bullock, C. A., 1010 S. College, Bryan Bunger, W. H., Field Trip Bunting, W. D., 1611 Ursuline Ave., Bryan Burger, F. W., Puryear 74 Burgess, A. W., Legett 21 Burgin, C. J., Y.M.C.A, Burk, L. C., 2004 Echols St., Bryan Burnam, T. J., P. H. 7 Burnett, R. E., Legett 12 Burns, R. E., P. H. 18 Burow, Martin, co E. L. Williams, Lubbock St. Butler, C. U. Foster Ave. Butler, E. B., Puryear 40 Butler, J. H., Milner 102 Butler, R. W., 2-6205 Byler, H. C., P. H. 6 Byrd, W. W., 240 Foster Ave. Cabell, H. B., Legett 102 Camejo, Daniel, Bryan Cameron, B. S., Mitchell 61 Campbell, Banks, Legett 20 Campbell, D. E., P. H. 1 Campbell, L. B., P. H. 14 Canfield, A. B., Legett 96 Cangelosi, A., 207 N. Baylor Canterbury, R. H., Puryear 80 Capt, E. E. P. H. 10 Card, L. P., P. H. 6 Carlsen, G. A., Puryear 79 Carmichael, H. A., Hamlin Carr, E., Puryear 7 Carr, H. N., P. H. 4 Carr, J. M., Absentia Carrington, J. T., P. H. 4 Carroll, C. A., Law 10 Carroll, P. M., Milner 27 Carroll, R. E., P. H. 11 ague Starts Monday PAGE 3 IS . SummerSportsFeaturedBy Swimming, Tennis, and Golf Harrison to Schedule Events According To Ardent Interest Shown by Student Body Swishing racquets and whistling shuttle-cocks will begin another series of summer sport tourneys shortly when students enter open competition under the able gui dance of Luke Harrison. Watersports, golf, bowling, shuf- fleboard, and handball are only a few of the tournaments to be held in this series besides softball. Bird ie smashing contests and tennis singles, doubles, and mixed doubles competition are offered to all stu dents. Girls are especially invited to participate, as many of these activities cannot get along without a female touch. These tournaments are arrang ed by Harrison to last throughout the first session only. The same program will be offered the second istructor and coach, Adamson will have ind will gladly help ill Open lours r days, and today saches some of the i the South, mming meets have in Luke Harrison’s im, and many inter- >t events should be s open to all. Those sted in these activi- ntact either Adam- p, who will give out For BOOKS We must have the following books and mainy more to fill our customers’ demands. Ag. Eco. 312 Eco. 317 Ag. Eco. 314 Ed. 121 Ag. Eco. 423 Ed. 321 Ag. Eco. 426 Ed. 426 Agronomy 105 Engl. 103 Agronomy 301 Engl. 203 A. H. 107 Engl. 231 A. H. 202 Engl. 401 A. H. 203 Engl. 415 A. H. 303 Ento. 201 Biol. 101 Hist. 105 Biol. Ill Hist. 306 Biol. 206 Hist. 322 Chem. 101 Hort. 317 Chem. 102 Math. 101 Chem. 103 Math. 102 Chem. 206 Math. 103 Chem. 207 Math. 104 Chem. 212 Math. 203 Chem. 214 Math. 204 Chem. 216 Math. 409 C. E. 206 Physics 201 Eco. 203 Physics 203 Eco. 311 R. S. 415 Eco. 315 R. S. 416 Eco. 316 Vet. Anatomy 111 Loupot's Trading Post North Gate in military science. . . . Pugh and Dawson will specialize in baseball and basketball respectively, while all will be in there on the football coaching job. . . . Charlie DeWare and Manning Smith will be co coaches of all freshman sports ex cept track. . . . Lefty Bumpers, ace hurler of the past baseball team left here Saturday afternoon for Detroit where he will get a tryout with the Tigers. ... if he makes good, he will probably wind up with Beaumont of the Texas League and be a teammate of another Southwest Conference baseball great—namely J. P. “Little Gen eral” Wood. . . . Frank Carswell, Bill Telschow, and Dub Barrow of Rice Institute are others who are going to get a tryout with Detroit. . . . Roy Peden, Bill Buchanan, and Jack Lindsey are due to take a fling at pro ball this summer. . . . Ed Dusek, big husky full-back of the district champion Temple Wild cat football team is due to enter Aggieland in the fall. ... he was already seen kicking the ball back and forth on the drill field Monday afternoon. The draft is due to have plenty to say in the outcome of next year’s football campaign. . . . The record of the Houston Buffs in the Texas League corresponds just about to the exact percentage of their record last year. . . . They are running away, with the league again and the only interest left is the battle for the first division be tween the other seven clubs. . . . Sammy Dwyer, former captain of the Aggie basketball team, is hit ting the ball hard and often for a local Bryan softball entry. . . . Hub McQuillan will begin his new ly-found basketball duties at T. C. U. September 1. . . . i w* i i i VS VI I I I I I I V/I Oil field work, highway depart ment jobs, light and power enter prises, and the regular junior camp sessions are some of the odd jobs held by the gridiron heroes of Tex as A. & M. Five are scheduled for military camp, while the rest are distributed in the fields mentioned above. The five gridsters who are des tined to sweat by their “brows” at camp include the following: Roy Bucek, Derace Moser, Marshall Spivey, Zolus Motley, and Jim Sterling. Felix Bucek, Martin Ruby, Euel Wesson, “Bama” Smith, Willie Zap- alac and Jake Webster are the boys who plan to do the “dirty” work in the oil fields. These jobs range far and wide—from east to west and north to south. Scheduled to take jobs with the Highway Department include Ray Mulhollan, Bill Henderson, Jimmy Knight, and Boots Simmons. Leonard Joeris and Dub Sibley will work in a gas station and ship yard respectively, while Leo Dan iels will join Charlie DeWare and Manning Smith at Bill James’ summer camp. Sheldon Beise, physical education instructor, believes army life would cause “pronounced physical hard ship” for 90 per cent of the Uni versity of Minnesota men of draft age. Less “cream puff” teaching and more “intellectual spinach” is need ed in American colleges, in the opinion of Dr. Paul J. Ketrick, pres ident of Loretto Heights college. Economist Announced ]ivil Service openings for min- has been announced State Civil Service Washington, D. C. f the comprehensive ational defense, min is are needed to do 2 fields of minerals, oleum. Civil service for these positions The salaries range $5,600 a year. Com- -year college course idy in such subjects tallurgy, mining en- economics, and pro- rience dealing with the economics of mineral industries are required. Substitution of ad ditional experience for part of the education, and likewise of appro priate graduate study for experi ence is permitted under certain conditions. Persons who may be qualified for these important posi tions are urged to file their appli cations with the U. S. Civil Ser vice Commission in Washington at once. Applications will be rated as received until further notce. Victor Bluebird Records “Boulder Buff” Glenn Miller “Flamingo” Freddy Martin and His Orchestra “Blues” (My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me” Tony Pastor and His Orchestra “Daddy” Sammy Kaye “My Sister and I” Four King Sisters “The Hut-Sut Song” Freddy Martin R.C.A. Victor RECORD PLAYER $4.95 HASWELL’S Bryan Eight Federal Credit Unions op erated under the supervision of the Farm Credit Administration were chartered in March, 1941. There are now 285 in operation in Texas. The tomato suckfly, a small in sect resembling a mosquito in size and shape, may be controlled if sulphur is dusted on the plant dur ing hot weather. It feeds on the leaves, causing them to turn pale yellow and have pin-sized black spots. Dr. A. Benbow DENTIST Phone 375 Astin Building - Bryan semester, but will probably con form-to another schedule. The act ivities will be scheduled in order of interest shown by the students. All swimming meets will be held in the P. L. Downs Natatorium, while all tennis matches will be played at the clay courts opposite the gym. Welcome Summer Students! Check your needs on Cool Wearing Apparel For This Summer. ARROW and GLOVER Sport Suits Sport Slacks Sport Shirts Swim Trunks FREEMAN Sport Oxfords FLORSHEIM Sport Oxfords Come over and let us say hello. Always glad to show you. 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