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-With Hub Johnson-
Rain and more rain caused the
Aggie-Texas game to be moved
from yesterday to today.
It will be the final test for the
Steers with their chances of fin
ishing on top the conference ladder
depending on their showing.
Alter the two games with Ran
dolph Field “bombers,” the Daily
Texas carried the headline, “Are
The Aggies Still In The Game?”
Today Marty Karow’s gang will
be out to cast upon the “Forty
Acres” team the same curse that
S.M.XL did in their first meeting.
Seems we’d never know how
many readers we have or just who
reads what unless it were for our
Thursday’s Batt carried the head,
“Baseballers Face Crucial Test To
morrow With T.C.U.” Stories are
written by the reporters and then
turned over to the managing editor
of the day for headings. Some one
failed to read the name of the
“league-leading Texas Longhorns.”
Then yours truly stated that Pete
Watkins would enter the high jump
only and leave the hurdles to Fred
Wolcott. It should have been Fred
Wolcott’s follower.
At the same time the ball club
is in Austin, the Aggie netters will
' /
- V 1
- *
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South Station
Fish Nine,
Yearlings to
Fight It Out Today
Fish Have Played
No Games to Date;
Quality Is Unknown
While Coach Marty Karow’s Ag
gie nine are fighting a “do-or-die”
battle with the Texas Longhorns
at Austin the cadet freshman team
will also be busy in a tilt with the
Texas Yearlings. They will attempt
to protect the glory of the Aggies
at Kyle Field, while the varsity
will put out everything they have
in attempting to dethrone the
According to the latest reports
from the weatherman, the game
will be played in bright sunshine.
The past week’s rain has played
havoc with the freshmen, causing
the postponement of three tilts—
one with the Allen Academy Ram
blers and two with the Yearlings.
Nothing is known about the
team, except that there are many
eager diamondeers who hope to
show their stuff to Coach Harry
Faulkner. They have been work
ing out regularly since the latter
part of March, and are ready for
some competition.
This fracas with the Shorthorns
will be one that the fish will at
tempt to win above all others.
They have, like their “big broth
ers”, fallen before the Texas fresh
men in all athletic contests. A
win over Texas will be enough to
give them a successful season re
gardless of any other losses con
curred during the season.
get their crack at the strong Uni
versity squad here this afternoon.
The Texas team had turned in
some fine showing already this
year, the last being the defeating
of the S.M.U. Mustangs, 4 to 2.
The Ponies beat out the cadets
here some three weeks ago, 4 to
15$ to 5 P. M. - - - 200 After
the Annual A. & M. Horse
Show filmed by Aggietone.
clark gable
Happened One MijhT
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LUCCHESE’S Boots last so
long that after a year of use
they are still good. They are
always a reminder of happy
days spent at Aggieland.
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Cadets to Try to Rope Longhorns Today
“What’ll you give me to throw you to the blonde in the
second row?"
Indoor Intramural Games Take Lead as
Rain Causes Cancellation of 150 Games
After another week of rain and
cold weather, Spring seems to have
sprung once more—thanks to the
Infantry Regimental Ball. Approx
imately 150 games
have been rained
out. Most of these
were softball and
all will be resched
uled as time and
weather permit.
Too many for
feits have been
coming up in ping
pong and swim
ming. For the ben-
Myera e fit of the swim
mers who are hes
itating about going out because
of a shortage of wind, the max
imum length of any swim is only
40 yards—across the pool and back.
A Signal Corps (3)
D Field Artillery (2)
B Cavalry (2)
C Infantry
4th Corps Headquarters (2)
E Engineers
A Field Artillery
B Field Artillery (2)
2nd Headquarters Field Artillery
A Cavalry (2)
3rd Headquarters Field Artillery
downed A Infantry on the ping
pong tables to the tune of 4-1.
Ravey, Burns, Ashley, and Barker
turned in wins for the Artillery
and Miller won for the Infantry.
F Infantry came through with
another win in the pool. Head
quarters Signal Corps gave them
a tough fight that found the meet
tied up 9-9 until the last event.
Noton, Perkins, Grohn, and Elliott
splashed through the free style
relay in 3:10.9 to annex another
first place and the needed extra
points. )
4th Corps Headquarters stepped
into the semi-finals of volleyball
in an easy 2-0 win over B Chemical
Warfare. The first game only went
to 15-2 but the going got tougher
for the second lap and was set
tled at the 15-10 mark.
A Chemical Warfare nosed 5th
Corps Headquarters out of run
ning to take a league champion
ship in horseshoes. The score of 2-0
was run up when Pyeutt, Terrell,
Warnke, and Levey won their
matches and made it unnecessary
to complete the third one.
Headquarters Cavalry topped
their league ii* horseshoes by win
ning from C Coast Artillery 2-1.
Galt and Melancow won the first
game for C Battery but the sec
ond and third contests were taken
by Holt, Maloney, Plyler, and Gar
za to to give the match to Hq.
Headquarters Signal Corps and
A Chemical Warfare swam to a
19-19 tie in their league B meet.
Both teams’ entry in the medley
relay were disqualified on the
breaststroke kick, but the other
entries were very evenly matched.
A fast free style relay in 1:43.9
closed the meet even up.
Del Rio Joe
Bought by Schreiner
An interesting fact to horse
breeders is the recent purchase of
Del Rio Joe, champion Quarter
horse, by Charles Schreiner II of
Kerrville and Dallas, from Robert
M. Denhardt, secretary of the
American Quarter horse associa
tion and Instructor in Agricultural
Economics at Texas. A. & M. The
price was said to be a “fair fig
Del Rio Joe was grand cham
pion at the Stamford Quarter
horse show last July 4. That he is
a true breeder may be seen by the
fact that one of his colts placed
third in his class at the Fort
Worth Fat stock show last month.
Also, Joe is a good roping horse.
He was used by “champion cow
boy” Fred Dalby in the Saddle and
Sirloin rodeo last fall.
A survey by students at Sarah
Lawrence college resulted in
$325,000 slum clearance grant for
Bronxville, N. Y.
Individual advanced research
work in psychology is being con
ducted by 12 undergraduate honor
students at City college, New York.
State Highway
Pistol Team to
Meet Aggie Shooters
The State Highway Police Pistol
team from Austin will be the guests
of the Aggies, as the cadet pistol
team winds up its current schedule.
Don Lawrence will lead the po
lice team, and will attempt to sur
pass his record on the 25 yard
police course with the .22 caliber
The Aggie team has won 15 out
of 23 matches this season, and hop
es to put a grand climax to their
successful season by taking the
policemen into camp.
Freshmen Meet
Houston Squad Today
Swimmers from Stephen F. Aus
tin High School in Houston will
compete here today against the
Campus Club. The Campus Club
is composed of all men out for the
freshman swimming team and is
captained by newly elected Arthur
L. Lapham of Jacksonville.
The meet is scheduled for 3:00
and will serve as a proving ground
for the Adamson coached tankers.
Both clubs boast talented swim
mers and promise a good showing.
SWC Lead Will Depend
On Outcome of the Fracas
Spring Training
Now in Progress
Recently Appointed
Coach Marty Karow
Is Training Aspirants
Officially starting last Monday,
spring basketball training is now
in progress with the new coach
Marty Karow instructing varsity
cage aspirants. The training will
continue until the latter part of
The Varsity has five lettermen
returning, Bill Henderson, Fred
Nabors, R. B. Bayer, Art Jarrett,
and Charlie Stevenson. Handicap
ping the team will be the loss of
Dog Dawson and Sammy Dwyer.
Mike Cokinos and Ray Klutz
should figure prominently in Coach
Karow’s plans for they have both
put in good games in the past sea
Promising freshman prospects
are Jack Robinson and Jamie “Lit
tle Dog” Dawson taking the part
of the leading candidates. Fresh
man Andrew Cokinos has signified
his intentions to go out for basket
ball and if he does, it will be the
first brother team the A. & M.
cage courts have seen in a long
Recently elected captain of the
1942 basketball team, lanky Bill
Henderson will lead the cagers next
The Aggie quintet are taking
things a bit easy this week be
cause of Coach Karow being with
the baseball team in Austin. They
will resume their heavy drilling
next week.
Campus Parking
Lot Reworked
The various parking lots located
on the campus have recently been
reworked in an effort to make them
mare attractive. The work has been
carried on by student labor under
supervision of the landscape art
A screening effect is given to
the lots by placing a short row of
shrubs immediately outside the
taller ones thus eliminating the
plain appearance of the lots. All
the plants which have been used
have been propagated in the col
lege greenhouse at a saving of sev
eral hundred dollars, according to
N. M. McGinnis, professor of land
scape art. The only expenses con
nected with this work has been
the cost of setting out the shrubs
which is done by student labor.
All the parking lots on the campus
have been screened except the one
next to the agricultural building
and it will be eliminated in the
near future.
Beaumont Mothers’
Club to Give Banquet
Entertaining students from Beau
mont and the surrounding area,
the Beaumont A. & M. Mothers
Club will give a banquet in the
banquet room of Sbisa hall at 12:30
Paul Lowry, president of the
Beaumont A. &M. club on the cam
pus, pointed out that boys from
Beaumont did not have to be mem
bers of the club in order to come.
He also said that the boys could
bring three guests each.
A group from the Sproule school
of dancing from Beaumont will
contribute a program of dances,
and the Singing Cadets of the col
lege will present several numbers.
Colonel Ike Ashburn will be the
main speaker.
Thurman Randall
To Conduct Three
Day Rifle Classes
Dates Are
April 29, 30 and
May 1; All Aggies Invited
Holding classes in rifle instruc
tion, Thurman Randall, director of
the National Rifle Association, will
be on the campus April 29, 30, and
May 1. Randall is the holder of
six world records and has shot 196
consecutive bulls eyes at 200 yards.
He is recognized as one of the na
tion’s outstanding riflemen.
Randall will be assisted by Lee
Braun of Austin and Willett Kuhn
of Bridgeport, Conn. Kuhn is also
one of the superior riflemen in
the country.
All Aggies are invited to join
the classes and receive training
for rifle instructorship. There will
be a cost of 75 cents to every man
to cover the cost of ammunition
and targets. All persons interested
are asked to contact J. W. Potts
of the extension service. His tel
ephone number is 4-6324. Potts
especially asked that all persons
call soon so that an early check
can be made.
The classes will be held fi’om 8
to 10 in the morning and from
3 to 5 in the afternoon and they
will use the rifle range under the
Before and after
the Dance ...
.Bring your date where
the food is delicious and
the service is prompt.
College Courts
Coffee Shop
East Gate
* Tilt to Pit
League Leading
Hurlers Together
By Mike Haikin
Coach Marty Karow and his de
termined Texas Aggie nine left the
campus Friday afternoon as they
trod on to Austin and Carter Field
for a one game stand against the
powerful Texas Longhorns this
afternoon. The game was original
ly set for Friday, but due to the
wet grounds, the officials of both
schools decided to advance the date
to Saturday.
This game is important in more
than one way. In the first place
the Southwest Conference lead is
in the balance on the outcome of
the fray. Then, too, the game will
pit two of the leading hurlers in
the league. Lefty Bumpers and
Melvin Deutsch have been fighting
it out for top honors since last
year, and both are eager and look
ing for a victory. Bumpers has
fared better in the won and lost
column this year, but Deutsch has
been more consistent. Both have
been defeated once—Bumpers by
Rice, and Deutsch by S. M. U.
Lefty showed more brilliance in
his victory column by pitching 23
consecutive scoreless frames for
two shutouts, while Mel was
pounded good and hard in his vic
tory over Rice and T. C. He
also holds a win over the Mus
Captain Marion Pugh and Mar-
land Jeffrey are the hard-hitters
on the team and will attempt to
lead the cadet offense, Jeffrey,
who partols the right garden, is
the leading Aggie hitter up to
date. Pugh, too, has a respectable
average, and is leading the cadet
team in circuit blows. Bill Buc-
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