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Official Notices
According to college regulations Mon
day, December 16 is the last date for
applying for degrees to be conferred in
February, 1941. Forms for filing the de
gree may be secured at the Registrar’s
Ass’t. Registrar
All seniors who have not turned in their
personnel record forms are requested to
do so at once. Those seniors desiring the
printed personnel leaflets pay for these
at the earliest possible date.
Placement Bureau
Christmas Comes
But Once A Year!
Remember your girl!
Make her happy with a
bracelet, locket, watch,
or diamond ring. We
have a complete line of
Aggie jewelry at Aggie
Bryan, Texas
Give Him
Select one of these smart
Rabhor Robes for His
Christmas Gift. There’s
plenty of styles and fab
rics to choose from . . .
wools . . . silks . . . crown
rayons . . . terry cloth or
Beacon Robes in wine . .
Navy .. .Green—all fine
ly tailored in his favorite
$4.95 to $16.50
Waldrop & (o-
“Two Convenient Stores”
College Station - Bryan
In accordance with the regulations,
Christmas holidays for the clerical staff
will be December 24-28 inclusive.
With the approval of the President,
January 1 has also been designated as a
holiday. Departments and divisions are
authorized to allow the substitution of
December 23 for January I, where the
work of the department will not be ser
iously inconvenienced.
Students who have secured permission
through petition are hereby notified that
the examination for credit in C E 300S
(summer practice) will be given on Sat
urday afternoon, January 18, 1941.
J. T. L. McNEW, Head, •
Department of Civil Engineering
All concession holders who expect to
continue the operation of any type of
concession on the Campus are requested
to report to the Chairman, Student La
bor Committee, at the Office of Student
Employment, Room 215, Administration
Building, prior to December 21, 1940. The
names of all agents of the concessionaire
must be available at that time. Failure
to report during the time specified will be
sufficient cause to revoke operation priv
ileges of concessionaire.
W. R. HORSLEY, Chairman
Student Labor Committee
The Faculty Dance Club will hold its
monthly dance at the Sbisa Hall annex
on Saturday night, Dec. 14 from 9 to 12
midnight. All faculty members, Experi
ment Station and Extension Service work
ers, their wives and friends are invited
and urged to attend. The Aggieland
Orchestra will play. Admission charge is
one dollar plus tax.
To all Paris and Lamar County Club
boys. Contact Wither Sid Kimball or Til-
ford Morgan in Paris before Thursday
noon, Dec. 19, to get your dance tickets.
The president’s office is holding two
cans of carborundum from Peden Iron
and Steel Works. Will the department
ordering this please call for it.
The president’s office has received
from the Winthrop Chemical Co., 2 boxes
of Acaprin Amps. Will the department
ordering these please call for same.
Printed personnel leaflets are ready
for the following seniors. Please call for
these at Room 133, Administration Build
ing at your earliest convenience.
Adams, Billy J.
Ball, John
Barron, Tom W.
Beard, Leldon Foy
Bentinck, George F.
Seville, Alexander H.
Beyer, Donald A.
Bianchi, David C.
Bishop, Jay P.
Brimberry, Will O.
Butler, Elmer R.
Button, John R.
Cowling, Edgar W.
DeArmond, George W., Jr.
Fagin, Karl W.
Floyd, Joe T.
Gault, Robt. B.
Geer, Carl E.
Grasshoff, Lynn H.
Haynes, Wade L.
Hill, Thomas D.
Johnson, Louis H.
Kirby, Max M.
Levine, Phil W.
Massey, J. L.
Naylor, Henpr L.
Nelson, Lewis J.
Nelson, Wm. R.
Noyes, Geo. W.
Parker, James L.
Payne, V. E.
Penland, Aaron B.
Rice, James L.
Rominger, James C.
Snydelaar, Nicolaas A.
Syptak, Raymond A.
Trcalek, Bennie F.
Withrow, Alfred S.
Wolf, Jordan B.
Wolfer, Charles J.
Placement Bureau
The application size photographs that
accompany the printed personnel leaflets
are ready for the following seniors. Please
call for these at Room 138, Administration
Building, at your earliest convenience.
Adams, Billy J.
Beard, Leldon F.
Bianchi, David C.
DeArmond, Geo. W., Jr.
Byrd, Edwin E.
Denton, James G.
Eckert, Roy F.
Fagin, Karl W.
Guerrero, Elias J.
Higgins, Walter S., Jr.
Humphrey, J. R.
Montgomery, W. J.
Moss, King
Noyes, Geo. W.
Payne, V. E.
Shurtleff, Hugh C.
Smith, Tracy E.
Swanson, Roger H.
Placement Bureau
The dance which was to be held Sat
urday night has been called off because of
the holidays.
Sunday morning—Holy Communion, 8:30
Coffee Club, 9:30; Morning Prayer and
Worship, 10:45.
Sunday evening—third annual Christ
mas carol program. Everyone is invited.
The A. & M. Dames Club Christmas
party to be held at Cashion Cabin has
been postponed until a later date on ac
count of bad weather. It will be appre
ciated if all members will get in touch
_ with those they know who are planning
to come.
The Texas A. & M. Section of the
American Chemical Society will be hon
ored by having Dr. W. L. Evans, Presi
dent of the American Chemical Society,
speak at the next meeting on January
16. Dr. Evans is Chairman of the Depart
ment of Chemistry of the Ohio State
University at Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Evans
was a major in the chemical warfare
service in the World War, as head of the
laboratory and inspection division of Edge-
wood Arsenal. Although the subject of
his address is technical, on The Chemical
Behavior of Reducing Sugars in Alkaline
Solutions, these addresses usually contain
matters of interest to non-technical listen-
Rabbi Wolf Macht of Waco will be the
guest speaker at the Hillel Club meet
ing Sunday evening, December 15 at 7 :15
p. m. His subject will be the meaning
of the Hanukah festival in the light of
the present day world situation.” A social
hour will follow the program. Members
are urged to come at r o'clock for a short
business meeting preceding the program.
The meeting will be held at the Lounge
Room of Sbisa Hall.
LOST—1 tan, combed-wool jacket (name
in back-lining; 1 trench coat (name in
side) ; 1 pair Bombay slacks (laundry
mark S077; 1 brown corduroy jacket. If
found deturn to Victor A. Smith, room
15, American Legion House. Reward.
LOST—1 pair brown leather gloves,
about noon December 2 in probable vi
cinity of North Gate. Return to 305 No.
6. Reward.
FOR SALE—1935 Dodge, Deluxe, 4 door
sedan. In good condition. For sale now—
cheap. See Leventhal, Dorm 6-114 or
write Box 5141.
RIDE for 2 passengers to Mexico City
during Xmas holidays. Leaving Thursday,
Dec. 19. 1940 Oldsmobile sedan. See Tex
Flynn, 47, Milner.
University of Texas
Texas College of Mines &
John Tarleton Agricultural
North Texas Agricultural
Abilene Christian College
Austin College
Baylor University
Daniel Baker College
Holiday schedule
From 5 p. m. Dec. 21 to Jan. 3.
From last class Tuesday, Dec. 17
to Thurs., Jan. 2.
From noon, Dec. 21 to January 6.
From 12:15 p. m., Dec. 21 to rev-
eillee, January 2.
From noon, Dec. 19 to 8 a. m.,
January 2.
From December 21 to January 1,
From 5 p. m., Dec. 20 to 8 a. m.,
January 6.
From December 21 to January 2.
Hardin-Simmons University From December 19 to January 2.
University of Houston
Howard Payne College
Incarnate Word College
McMurry College
December 20 to January 2.
From 3:30 p. m., December 19 to
January 1.
From December 21 to January 3.
From 4:00 p. m., Dec. 18 to 8:00
a. m., Dec. 31.
From 1:00 p. m., Dec. 20 to 8:00
Mary Hardin-Baylor College a. m., Jan. 3.
From 5:00 p. m., Dec. 20 to 8:00
North Texas State Teachers a. m., Jan. 2.
Our Lady of the Lake College From December 20 to January 6.
Rice Institute From December 22 to January 3.
From 4:00 p. m. Dec. 21 to 7:50
St. Edward’s University a. m., Jan. 2.
St. Mary’s University From December 22 to January 3.
Sam Houston State Teachers From noon, Dec. 21 to Jan. 2.
University of San Antonio
Southern Methodist Univ.
Southwestern University
From 1:00 p. m., Dee. 21 to 8:00
a. m. Jan. 6.
From 6:00 p. m., Dec. 19 to 8:00
a. m., Jan. 3.
From 5:00 p. m. Dec. 21 to Jan. 2.
From 1:00 p. m., Dec. 21 to 8:00
Texas Christian University a. m., Jan. 6.
Texas College of Arts &
From noon, Dec 20 to 8:00 a. m.,
Jan. 2.
Texas Presbyterian College From December 20 to January 2.
From 6:00 p. m., Defe. 20 to 8:00
Texas Technological College a. m., Jan. 2.
Texas State College for
Trinity University
West Texas State Teachers
Southwest Texas State
Stephen F. Austin State
From 11:15 a. m., Dec. 21 to noon,
Jan. 2.
From 12:30 p. m., Dec. 21 to 8:00
a. m. Jan. 3.
From Dec. 21 to Jan. 5, inclusive.
From December 21 to January 2.
From noon Dec. 21 to Jan. 2.
Cotton Bowl—
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A gift of $10,500 has made a fly
ing field for the University of Ok
College Sports—
(Continued from page 3)
M. for the first string end post,
Presto Johnston beating Bob
Brumley for a backfield spot, and
Sherrod of T. C. U. loosing to Sim-
ington of Arkansas for guard part
ner with All-American Robnett.
Second team choices were as fol
lows: Sterling, A. & M., and Hick
ey, Arkansas, ends; Pasqua, S. M.
U., and Anderson, Baylor, tackles;
Sherrod, T. C. U., and Bassett,
Rice, guards; and Pope of S. M. U.
slipping by Nelson of Baylor for
center. The backfield was compos
ed of Brumley of Rice, Pugh of
Texas A. & M., Gillespie of T. C.
U., and Wilson of Baylor.
Wilson was out for the greater
part of the season with an inter
nal injury received in Baylor’s tilt
with Colorado. He was given spec
ial mention because of his out
standing play in the games in
which he was a participant.
Class Meetings—
(Continued from Page 1)
ed, it was voted to ask Dean Bal-
ton and Col. Watson to hear the
arguments presented from the
Upon the arrival of these faculty
members the case was presented
by various organization command
ers and others as to the immediate
need of action of some kind upon
the matter. The suggestion of a
committee to appear before Pres
ident Walton and a faculty com
mittee accompanied by himself was
made and accepted with the added
agreement that another meeting be
called for Friday night to an
nounce and discuss the results.
=ini ■ inr=
Gjffts Galore!
... at prices you can
afford. Watches for your
girl on easy payment
plan . . .
Elgins, Hamiltons, Gruen
and Accro Watches
Priced from $16.70 up
A complete assortment
of the best quality Aggie
jewelry obtainable.
A business institution
that appreciates your
N. Gate, College Station
and Bryan, Texas
Thank You Aggies
For The Business
You Have Given
Us This Year.
ers in the East.
The Rams are coached by Jim
Crowley, one of the “Four Horse
men of Notre Dame.” He has
compiled a record there and he
promises that he will put on a
great show for the Texans, wheth
er win, lose, or draw.
On the opposing side of the line
of scrimmage, coach Homer Nor
ton will present the Easterners
with line competition, that held its
opponents to a minimum through
out the past season, and backfield
men who fell only to the aerial
attack of Texas University that
threw the block on the Aggies’
Rose Bowl drive.
All interest of the sport world
will be centered on the Cotton
Bowl this year as two of the
greatest teams ever to wear
shoulder pads and cleated shoes
battle it out to see who will come
through the season with only one
defeat to mar their record.
(Continued from Page 1)
early for the holidays, there is
little danger that sickness will
spread. While the influenza had
not reached dangerous proportions,
the immediate action of the author
ities in dismissing school has nip
ped any possible epidemic in the
bud. The matter of chief import
ance now is that all students should
exercise great care that they do
not expose themselves to further
sickness while going home or dur
ing the holidays. The situation at
college should be normal by the
time classes resume in January.
Notice Industrial Engineering 401
Week of December 30, Chapter
27 or mail in report on Greenly Oil
Week of January 6, Quiz C and
Chapter 28.
Santa Says:
"Give Battalion Subscriptions
For Christmas"
Your Family and Friends Will Appreciate This
Lasting Gift
5 Magazines Mailed
60 Cents
Newspaper Mailed For Remainder of Year
122-126 Adm. Bldg. Telephone 4-5324