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Page 4- THE BATTALION 1 £ f ' Official Notices SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Nov. 11 to 16, inc.—Public Utility Short Course for Electrical Metermen (Mr. N. F. Hode). Nov. 16 and 16—Cattle Raisers Asso ciation Meetings (Dean E. J. Kyle). Nov. 16—Water Polo Club Benefit Show ■—Assembly Hall—3:16 P. M. and 6:30 P. M. Nov. 16—A. & M. vs. Rice Institute— Football game—Kyle Field—2:30 P. M. Nov. 22—A. S. M. E. Benefit Show— Assembly Hall—3:16 P. M. and 6:30 P. M. CORPS TRIP NOTICE Because of the corps trip to Dallas, all classes will be suspended Saturday, November 9. F. C. Bolton, DEAN APPRECIATION DINNER There will be an appreciation dinner for Congressman Luther Johnson and his wife Thursday, November 7th at 7:30 in Maggie Parker Dining Room. Tickets are on sale at the Post Office and at Luke’s Grocery. Everyone is urged to attend. 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All Wool - High Back Maler “FISH” CAPS “Fish” SAM BROWNES REGULATION TIES REGULATION SHIRTS Manhattan and Shirt- craft White Shirts REGULATION SOCKS TRENCH COATS Nunn-Bush - Edgerton and Fortune Shoes fllaldropfl(6 “Two Convenient Stores” College Station - Bryan aptitude test. This test is given only once each year. It will be given at 2 p. m. Friday, November 8, 1940 in room 32 (Bi ology Lecture Room) Science Bldg. The fee of $1.00 will be collected at that time. Have it ready. Professor G. E. Potter Pre-medical Advisor FIELD ARTILLERY JUNIORS You must have your picture made for the class section of the Longhorn by Thursday morning. Please try to have it made as soon as possible to avoid a last minute rush. WAYS AND MEANS WITH FOOD The Ways and Means with Food Group of the College Social Club will meet Thurs day at 3 o’clock in the home of Mrs. C. W. Crawford. Dr. Jessie Whitaker, Chief of the Rural Home Research Division of the Experiment Station, will talk to the group on the subject "Vitamins and Calories.” CURRENT AND ANTICIPATED VACAN CIES IN ENGINEERING POSITIONS IN THE TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY (October 1940) 1. Electrical Engineers for powerhouse (hydro and steam) and substation de sign, layout, and drafting. Salaries $1800 to $3200 entrance per annum. Immediate openings at $2600 entrance. 2. Communications Engineers (carrier- current, radio, and telephone). Salaries $1800 to $2900 entrance. 3. Chemical Engineers. Research men cap able of taking complete charge of re search projects. Salaries approximately $4600 entrance. 4. Structural and Mechanical Designing Engineers, with industrial plant ex perience (chemical preferred) ; also o- thers with highway bridge experience. Salaries $200 to $3200 entrance. 6. Architectural Engineers. Salary $2900 entrance. 6. Hydraulic Engineers. Salaries $1800 to $2300 entrance. 7. Junior Engineering Draftsman, $1440 entrance, to Senior Engineering Drafts man, $2000 entrance. (Civil, electrical, and mechanical) 8. Engineering Report Writing. Salaries $1400 to $2600 entrance per annum. Interested and qualified persons should submit by letter a statement of their qual ifications to the Employment Division, Tennessee Valley Authority, at Knoxville, Tennessee. * OFFICIAL There will be a meeting of the Academic Council at 4 p. m. today. F. C. Bolton, DEAN NOTICE ALL COAST ARTILLERY JUNIORS The next three days are your days to have your pictures made. If you are un able to have them made before the Corps Trip, have them made as soon as possible after. OFFICE OF THE COMMANDANT November 6, 1940 CIRCULAR: NO. 16: 1. The Corps of Cadets will move to Dal las, Saturday morning, November 9, 1940, via. Southern Pacific Railroad to parade and attend the A. & M.- S. M. U. football game. 2. Calls will be sounded as follows: 1st Call, Reveille 4:45 A.M. (no formation) Mess Call, Breakfast 4 :55 A. M. Assembly 5 :00 A. M. 3. Units will march to the Southern Paci fic depot in the order given below which will be followed in entraining. Tactical Officers detailed to ride the trains will accompany their units from their as sembly areas to the depot. Troops will march from their respective assembly points at 6:30 A. M. a. First Section: Time of departure— 6:00 A. M. Tactical Officers: Col. Sawyer Major McIntyre Col. Wing Capt. Elwood Major Fox Lt. Jackson Major Hill Troops: Band - Corps Staff - In fantry Regiment - Field Artillery Regiment - Composite Regiment. b. Second Section: Time of departure— 6:05 A. M. Tactical Officers: Major Spiller Capt. Adcock Major Stevens Lt. North Major Hollingshead Lt. Schoenfeld Troops: Cavalry Regiment - Engi neer Regiment - Coast Artillery Reg iment. 4. a. Railroad tickets are on sale at the Southern Pacific Depot, and in the rotunda of the Academic Building. Tickets will be purchased prior to 6:00 P. M., Friday, November 8, 1940. b. Regimental Commanders will report to their respective Tactical Officers enroute to familiarize themselves with the details of the parade before de training. c. Organization Commanders will ac company their organization on the train and Senior cadet officers will be stationed in each end of the coaches to see that students do not get off the train when stops are made enroute, and vestibules will be kept closed. 5. DETRAINING: The first section will arrive at JO :00 A.M.. second section will arrive at 10:06 A. M. Organizations will detrain promptly upon arrival and will march in column of twos, to assembly area. Corps Staff—Intersection of Market and Main Streets. Field Artillery Band—Main Street, head of column on Market Street. Infantry Regiment: 1st and 2nd Battalions—Main Street, between Jefferson and Market Streets. 3rd Battalion—Jefferson Street, be tween Commerce and Main Streets, head of column on Main Street. Field Artillery Regiment: 1st Battalion—Jefferson Street, be tween Commerce and Main Streets. 2nd and 3rd Battalions—Jefferson Street, between Elm and Main Streets, head of 2nd Battalion col umn on Main Street. Composite Regiment—Main - Street, be tween Houston and Jefferson Streets, head of Signal Corps column on Jef ferson Street. Infantry Band—Intersection of Main and Houston Streets. Cavalry Regiment—Houston Street, be tween Commerce and Main Streets. Engineer Regiment—Houston Street be tween Elm and Main Street. Coast Artillery Regiment—Main Street, head of column on Houston Street. 6. BAGGAGE: a. Immediately after halting in posi tion at the parade assembly area, each squad will make up a squad roll containing all overcoats and raincoats, securely tied in one bun dle and tagged with two tags to each roll. Tags will be distributed by Com pany Supply Sergeants. Hand bag gage will be marked with chalk— the name of the owner, organiza tion, and branch; example, Joe Smith, Troop C Cavalry. Rolls and baggage will be placed in baggage trucks provided. Baggage will be ob tained from truck at point of dis missal. Four men will be detailed from each battalion as guards to re main with property and safeguard same during the parade. b. On detraining members of the band will secure instruments from the baggage coach and proceed to a moving van provided for the purpose, and leave baggage and instrument cases in the moving van. 7. PARADE: a. Time: 10:46 A. M. b. Assembly: Organizations will as semble in the respective areas desig nated, in column of companies, each company in mass formation. c. Order of march: Corps Commander and Staff Field Artillery Band Infantry Regiment Field Artillery Regiment Composite Regiment Infantry Band Cavalry Regiment Engineer Regiment Coast Artillery Regiment d. Formation: Column of regiments, regiments in column of battalions, battalions in column of companies, companies in mass formation at close interval, with a 9 man front. e. Route: Main Street to Southern Pac ific freight depot. f. Reviewing Stand: The Reviewing Stand will be located at the City Hall. g. Colors, Standards and Guidons: Co lors, Standards, and Guidons will be carried. Regimental Colors and Stan dards will salute. After the parade the Colors, Standards and Guidons will be placed in the 2nd Battalion Coast Artillery baggage truck under the supervision of one Color Ser geant designated by the Corps Com mander. The truck will be located at the Southern Pacific freight depot (front end of platform). h. Dismissal: Southern Pacific Freight Depot. 8. UNIFORM: a. No. 1 uniform. bt Non-military students and other students that are not required to purchase a blouse are authorized to wear civilian clothes with coat and tie. c. No. 2 uniform will be non-regulation for the trip and for the ball game. 9. Time of departure for return from Dallas: Regular train—II :30 P. M., Saturday night, November 9. Tactical Officers—Col. Sawyer, Ma jor Spiller, and Major Hill. Special train—2:00 A. M., Sunday morning, November 10. Tactical Officers—Col. Wing, Ma jor Hollingshead. Day train—8:00 A. M., Sunday morn ing, November 10. Tactical Officers—Major Fox and Capt. Adcock. Regular train—11:30 P. M., Sunday night, November 10. Tactical Officers—Major Stevens, Lt. Schoenfeld. 10. To prevent confusion and delay in forming the parade. Cadets that do not go to Dallas by train will be at the assembly areas of their respective organizations not later than 10:00 A. M. 11. Company Supply Sergeants will report to the Commandant’s Office not later than 2:00 P. M., Friday, November 8, and receive twine, tags, and chalk for marking squad rolls and baggage. Color Sergeants will report to the Ser geant Major’s office on the 2nd floor, Ross Hall, to receive Colors and Stan dards not later than 5:00 P. M. Fri day, Nov. 8, 1940. JAMES A. WATSON Lt. Colonel, U. S. Army Commandant NOTICE Payroll and checks covering quarterly subsistence payment for second advanced students have been received and will be paid by senior instructors of each unit, beginning at 3:00 P. M., Thursday, Nov ember 7, 1940. By order of Lieutenant Colonel Watson: J. B. WISE, JR., Major, Cavalry, $ Adjutant. PLANT SCIENCE SEMINAR The Plant Science Seminar will have its regular meeting bn Thursday night, from $7:30 to 8:45 P. M. Place—Conference Room, Agricultural Experiment Station Building. Date—^November 7. Speaker—Dr. Glenn Ken Knight. Title—Studies on the cause of conflict ing results from soil treatment used as control measures for potato scab. JUNIOR COLLEGIATE F.F.A. CHAPTER MEETING The Junior Collegiate Chapter of Future Farmers of America will meet Thursday night at 7:30 in the Agricultural Engi neering lecture room. CZECH STUDENTS TO FORM A “CZECHSLOVAKIA CLUB” Everyone that is interested—Please be present at the old YMCA Thursday night after yell practice. There is to be a short and important discussion. Committee A- I. E. E. There will be an A. I. E. E. meeting tonight in the E. E. lecture room im mediately after yell practice. Mr. C. O. Spriggs of the English Department will speak. Visitors are cordially invited. EX-4H CLUB MEETING The Ex-4H Club will hold its regular meeting Thursday, November 7, 1940 at 7:30 p. m. in Room 101, A. & I. Building. An interesting program has been ar ranged and plans for the dance will be discussed. All old members and any boys who were at one time 4-H Club members are invited to attend. A. I. Ch. E. MEETING The student chapter of the American In stitute of Chemical Engineers will have a regular meeting tonight at 7:30 in the Petroleum Lecture Room. Dr. J. D. Lind say will be the speaker for the evening with some information of particular in terest to underclassmen Chemical Engin eers. FELLOWSHIP LUNCHEON There will be a Fellowship Luncheon for employees of A. & M. from 12:10 to 12:40, Thursday noon. Classified WILL THE person who found a slide rule and strength book near the gin pole Saturday please bring them to 17 P. G. for a liberal reward. Thank you. LOST—Campaign hat. Reward for return. G. R. King, E-8, Hart. FOR RENT—Furnished room in pri vate home in College Hills. Transportation available to campus. P. R. Higgins, 307 Foster Avenue. FOR RENT—6-room duplex. 807 E. 29th St., Bryan. See Mrs. Bryan, Extension Service Library, campus. A & M Enters— (Continued from Page 3) the Cadets, and if mistakes are to be made in Saturday’s thriller, the boys from College Station prob ably won’t make them. The S.M.U. line was superb a- gainst the Longhorns and will have to maintain that pitch. The best phase of the Mustang forward play is to be found at end, where two juniors, E. L. Keeton, and Gus Tunnell, do more breaking up of any forward defense than any other players. Both men like to drive in hard on plays, and Mustang sup porters are expecting these two lads to give the cadet blockers some troublesome moments. Kelly Simpson, Bob Maddox and Alpine Poultry Judgers Here Friday The Alpine Poultry Judging team will stop by College Station Fri day afternoon for a short workout while enroute to Kansas City where they will represent the Texas div ision of the Future Farmers of America. The team is composed of Hal Smith, Earl Scudday and Eddie Scudday, all of them high school boys. These boys won out in the statewide contest that was held here last year from among 110 en trants in the contest. The spon sor of the team, Edward Lee Bailey, will accompany the team in their brief visit here on the campus. The National F. F. A. Judging Contest, which will be held at the American Royal Livestock Pavil- lion in Kansas City, will have en trants from all the F. F. A. dis tricts in the U. S. and the winner will win nation-wide acclaim. Bob Collins also saw service last Saturday at the S.M.U. terminals and each had his share in stop ping the Texas ground attack. If these ends come up with an other great game, the S.M.U.-A.& M. affair may be decided by the aerial route, with Johnnie Clement and Marion Pugh doing the elbow ing. The Aggies tried out plays on a sloppy field yesterday, as an all-day rain had the turf compar able to the condition of the Aggie- Mustang clash here last year. The Mustangs were shaping a good de fense for their go with the Aggies Saturday and were concentrating on Aggie pass plays. Only Two More Days —to get your uniform cleaned and pressed for the Corps Trip For PROMPT SERVICE and QUALITY CLEANING and PRESSING, SEND YOUR CLOTHES TO THE CAMPUS CLEANERS Over Exchange Store In New “Y” ■THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1940 Williams and Warren Judging Many Poultry Exhibits, Exhibitions Junior Corps Trip— (Continued from Page 1) Karl Williams and Alex Warren, graduate assistants in the poultry department, have been judging nu merous poultry shows in the past few weeks. The poultry classes of the Gon zales County Fair last Thursday was judged by Williams. The poul try show was unusually large this year with an entrance of 250 exhi bition chickens, 200 broilers, 75 turkeys, and 25 geese and ducks. This week Warren had judged the poultry exhibit which is being held by the American Legion Fair in Bryan. 50 Fish and Sophomore SAM BROWNES 75^ & up 12 JUNIOR BLOUSES $10 & up “You can always find a bargain at— LOUPOT’S If you have anything of value to sell, bring it hprD North Gate to stop car SQUEEKS We can stop nerve-wrecking squeaks in your car not caused by mechanical faults. Our Cer tified Mobilubrication protects vital, moving parts with high grade Mobiloil and Mobilgrease. Your car will run smoother, bet ter and last longer when lubri cated by us at regular intervals. We will gladly call for and de liver your car. AGGIELAND Service Station Opposite Main Gate ed to wear serge shirts at all times during the trip. Arrangements have been made for 140 boys' to stay in Stoddard Dormitory which will be vacated by the girls for the occasion. The girls must be in their dormitories by 12:50 and those Aggies who stay in Stoddard will have to be in by 1:00. 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