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■SATURDAY, FEB. 3, 1940 PAGE 4 Official Notices All Batlcea should bo sent to Ths Bsttslloa Offieo, 122 Adminiitrstion Bslld- hsv. Thor should be typed and double* ■patod. The deedlino for them is 4:0# p. at. the day prior to the date of issue. FELLOWSHIP LUNCHEON The Fellowship Luncheon is every Thurs day in Sbisa Hall, from 12:10 to 12:40 noon. EARLY REGISTRATION 1. Those students who desire may com plete their registration for the second semester through the Fiscal Office and the Commandant’s Office, beginning at 8 a. m., February 1, 1940, and continuing each day from 8 a. m. to 1 p. m. until the day of registration. 2. Students are advised that they must register for the rooms that they are now occupying. Organization commanders will see that this order is complied with. COL. GEO. F. MOORE, Commandant ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS All junior electrical engineering students and all 305 non-E.E. students must have their leads turned in to the Electrical En gineering Department no later than noon, Thursday, February 1. M. C. HUGHES Head of E. E. Dept. COURSE CHANGES Students who are expecting to change their course of study beginning with the second semester, should make the offical change now. Change of course cards may be secured in the offices of the deans or the Registrar. REGISTRAR E. J. HOWELL CHANGE IN OFFICIAL SCHEDULE Chemistry 218, Section 500R....ThS 8, M 1-4, T8-11. Civil Engineering 305, Section 287P, MWFS 8 Civil Engineering 346, 253M, 263M, TThS8, Fl-4 Civil Engineering 414, 362R TTh9 Tl-4 Civil Engineering 448 263W MWF 10 Civil Engineering 458, SOON MWF11 REGISTRAR E. J. HOWELL STUDENTS NOT REGISTERING FOR SECOND SEMESTER Students who do not intend to register for the second semester must check out through the Commandant’s Office in order to clear their record. COL. GEORGE F. MOORE, Commandant LANGUAGE SCHEDULE ADDITIONS Lang. 222, Technical French Readings (3-0), will be given in the second term, if registration warrants. Open to graduate students who have had French (see head of department) ; open also to undergradu ates who have had Lang. 201 or its equivalent, but not as a substitute for regular course 202, since it is only a two- hour course. In case Lang. 222 is not given, it would be possible to give instead Lang. 224, a corresponding course in Technical German. C. B. CAMPBELL Head of Modern Language Dept. DAY-STUDENTS A day-student will be required to pre sent either a day-student permit or a fee receipt for the first semester before he will be allowed to pay day-student fees for the second semester. FISCAL DEPARTMENT FINAL EXAMS WE HAVE OUTLINES FOR: Chemistry 101 Biology 101, 105,107, 111 Bacteriology 206 Economics 203,' 403 History 306, 307 These outlines are de signed to help you study for finals. For Sale At LOUPOT’S TRADING POST North Gate : Jd-THL ASKILVVKLY HALL Saturday, Feb. 3 12:45 1 br °ond thc RiU “ ^ JANE WITHERS ^ fACKUPYOU* TROUBLES J THE RITZ^jL™ BROTHERS * gfc a LYNN BARI Joseph SCHILDKRAUT STANLEY FIELDS , FRITZ LEIBER ^ LIONEL ROYCE A 20th Csntury-Fox Picture "'/fl Saturday, Feb. 3 6:30 & 8:30 GLEB CLUB CONTEST Notice, students and friends of Aggie- land: Don’t forget the A. & M. Glee Club contest for a new name I Get your sug gestion in now and win the easy $5.00 prize. Send entries in care of "Gib” Mich- alk, box 630, College Station, or room 423, hall 10. The deadline for entries has been extended to February 24, 1940, so that outside friends may also have a chance to send in their suggestions for a name for this college organization of ninety voices. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS Penalty schedule for payment of taxes after January 31 is as follows: February ... 1% March ... 2% April 8% May 4% June 6% July 8% Taxes are delinquent on July 1 at which time 6% interest begins. J. C. CARLL Tax Collector A. & M. Consolidated School District Organizations SCHOLARSHIP HONOR SOCIETY The first order of the Scholarship Honor Society keys is now at Caldwell Jewelry Store in Bryan. Members may get them there by paying the balance due, if any. ROSS VOLUNTEERS Those who have not paid their dance fee, pay it at the Student Publication Of fice, 126 Administration Building, immedi ately. VERNON SMITH GLEE CLUB The regular meeting schedule of the A. & M. Glee Club is from 6:30 to 7:30 p. m. every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night—all in the basement of the old dining hall. Special rehearsal of the tenor sections will be held every Monday; of the bass- baritone sections, every Tuesday. These are from 5:0O to 5:30 p. m. in the above meeting place. Lost and Found LOST: Key ring with three Russwin keys and four others. Please return to Ludeman, room 461, A. I. Building, for reward. LOST: Drill medal—lost in vicinity of Law and Puryear halls. Please return to John F. Lyons Jr., 67 Law, for reward. For Sale or Rent ROOM FOR RENT: Room within easy walking distance of the campus. For further information telephone College 244. FOR RENT: An attractive, new, one- bedroom house with new furniture, in- cludng a Servel gas refrigerator, in a good neighborhood near campus. Apply at 209 Fairview or call College 918. FOR SALE: A Remington DeLuxe Noise less Portable Typewriter, in new condition. 24 Legett Hall. CHURCHES EPISCOPAL CHURCH St. Thomas Chapel. College Rev. Roscoe Hauser Jr., Chaplain 8:30 a. m. Holy Communion 9:30 a. m. Coffee Club and Bible Class 10 :45 a. m. Morning Prayer and sermon. (1st Sundays - Holy Communion) FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF COLLEGE STATION R. L. Brown, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School 10:50 a. m. Morning worship 6:45 p. m. Baptist Training Union 7:30 p. m. Evening worship Wednesday—B. S. U. Council 6:45 p. m.; prayer meeting 7:30 p. m.; choir rehearsal 8:15 p. m. Student prayer meeting every evening at 6 :45. A. & M. CHURCH OF CHRIST R. B. Sweet, Minister 9:45 a. m. Bible classes 10:45 a. m. Worship service 6:45 p. m. Young People’s meeting 7:30 p. m. Evening worship Wednesday—Prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m. A. & M. METHODIST CHURCH James Carlin, Pastor 10:00 a. m. Church School 11:00 a. m. Morning worship 7:00 p. m. Epworth League meeting 7:45 p. m. Evening service PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Y. M. C. A. Chapel Rev. Norman Anderson, Pastor 9:30 a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Morning worship 6:45 p. m. Young People’s League 7:45 p. m. Evening devotional and fel lowship. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICE Y. M. C. A. Parlor 11:00 a. m. Morning worship LUTHERAN SERVICES Y. M. C. A. Parlor Rev. Kurt Hartman, Pastor 7:00 p. m. Evening worship FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF BRYAN W. H. Andrew. Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School 10:50 a. m. Morning worship 6:30 p. m. Baptist Training Union 7:30 p. m. Evening worship Free busses for students leave both “Y’a” at 9:20 every Sunday morning. COLLEGE AVE. BAPTIST CHURCH OF BRYAN R. C. White, Pastor. 9:4S a. m. Sunday School. 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship. 6:20 p. m. Baptist Training Union. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship. Free bus for students leaves old "Y”, Project House area, and street intersection near new dormitories at 9:10, 9:15, and 9:20 respectively each Sunday morning, and 6:10, 6:15, and 6:20 respectively Sunday evening. The University of Vermont will begin construction soon of a mil- lion-dollar building to be named after Sen. C. W. Waterman. Women beware! The Tiger, un- dergradute newspaper at Clemson College, has thrown its full edi torial weight into a movement to stop coeds from wasting the valu able time of Clemson men. Listen to this: “A good many girls have the mistaken idea that ‘dates’ are more appreciative of feminine charm if they are made to wait. The Tiger registers its protest. It will stand up for anyone who just leaves in disgust and lets that ‘waiting’ date wait.” THE BATTALION “IT’S CAPTAIN BILL KENNEDY NOW,” STATES ARMY AIR CORPS Captain William L. Kennedy, ex- Aggie in the air corps at Kelly Field, Texas, recently received notification of his promotion to the grade of captain, with rank from January 6, 1940. Captain Kennedy first entered the service as a flying cadet on October 25, 1928, when he enter ed the Air Corps Primary Flying School; he graduated October 12, 1929, in the bombardment section, Air Corps Advanced Flying School, Kelly Field, Texas. He then ac cepted appointment as a Second Lieutenant, Air Corps Reserve, on October 12, 1929 and was on ex tended active duty as a reserve officer until February 3, 1930. He was appointed a second lieutenant in the regular army on January 6, 1930; held a temporary ap pointment as first lieutenant from March 12, 1935 to July 31, 1936, receiving his permanent appoint ment in that grade on August 1, 1935. Captain Kennedy’s home is in Beaumont, Texas, and he graduat ed from A. & M. with the degree of bachelor of science with the class of 1928. He is also a gradu ate of the Air Corps Technical School (Armament Course). He was assigned to duty at Kelly Field, Texas, on April 8, 1935, where he has served successfully as post armament officer and range officer, agent finance officer, commandant of flying cadets, sup ply officer of the Gulf Weather Station, flying instructor in the bombardment section, and his lat est assignment is chief of section IV, the ACAFS. He holds areo- nautical ratings of pilot and com bat observer. Airport— (Continued from page 1) Captain M. F. Clark of Houston is expected here this week or the first of next week to rate the ground school and inspect the field for the C. A. A., Mr. T. H. Coffelt announced. Dean Gilchrist also stated that plans were still being considered for securing additional aviation equipment and perhaps lights and lighting equipment. The new flying field is on a direct line between Barksdale Field, Shreveport, Louisiana, and Randolph and Kelly Fields at San Antonio, Texas, and as a result officers of the United States Army Air Corps are interested in the es tablishment of an adequate field in this community. The field can be used by the Army as an emer gency landing field for long-dis tance flights between the two army posts and can also be used as the terminal for short cross-country flights from these ports. There is some probability that the equipment on the field at Nav- asota may be available for the new field. This equipment is valued at approximately $40,000. Students taking the C. A. A. ground course have described the course as “just like reading a novel” and say that it resembles other college courses only in that it is held in a school building. Traveling Aggie— (Continued from page 1) they were well advanced in archi tecture. Pompeii also had a MEN ONLY room. It was in one of the most elaborate homes and probably the private room of one of the rich old evilminded Romans. The walls were covered with paintings of couples in all the intimate poses of the boudoir art, which goes to show that those ‘just from Paris’ maga zines that float around in the U. S. A. weren’t anything new. Also in this room was a fountain that at one time stood in the garden of one of the these homes. It was a nude statue of a very virile young man—and I said it was a fountain, so turn your imagina tion loose. We believed it authen tic because there was no extra charge for entrance to the room. After leaving Pompeii we made the famous and beautiful Amalfi Drive, one of the finest coast drives—if not the finest—in Eu rope. The drive is along the moun tainous coast of the Mediterranean between Vietri and Positano. As we weaved along the crooked moun tain road the wide ravines and precipitous cliffs all but took our breath away. The rocky slopes were covered with grapevines, olive trees, lemon groves, and white houses. The deep blue of the Mediterranean a hundred feet below added to a scene of inde scribable beauty. In places the houses were so thick on the moun tain side that it appeared to be a mountain of houses. We stopped at the Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi for lunch con sisting mostly of spaghetti and red wine. We ate on the terrace over looking the Mediterranean and were entertained by an Italian or chestra, mostly by the musician that contributed to the orchestra tion by giving a Bronx cheer into a large earthen jar. A fountain in the center of the square of one of the small towns between Amlfi and Naples attract ed our attention. It was a statue of a buxom young lady holding a breast in each hand and a stream of water jetting forth from each. We arrived back at the ship in time for dinner and sailed just before dark. As we went out we passed near the Isle of Capri. And on to Africa. We landed at Alexandria Sept. 15, our six teenth day from New York and were eager to leave our life of leisure and get our feet on solid ground again. We cleared customs in about two hours and caught a train for Cairo. We were in the Expert Radio Repair STUDENT CO-OP Phone No. 139 North Gate MEN! Are you interested in a GOOD HAIR CUT? Come to the new College View Barber Shop and let Mr. Hardeman do it. Aggies, it will be a pleasure to meet and to serve you. REMEMBER COLLEGE VIEW BARBER SHOP Opposite Main Entrance Charles H. Hardeman, Mgr. Phone C-155 Nile Valley during most of the journey and took advantage of the opportunity to observe the much- heard-of cultivation of the valley. And it was very different from anything that we had ever seen. The Arabs worked in gangs in the fields and the only farm imple ments that we saw were hoe and shovel. Not once did we spot a plow, much less a tractor. We saw everything from bananas to wheat growing in the valley. (Continued in later issue) RECORDS NEW RELEASES POPULAR AND CLASSICAL HASWELL’S BOOK STORE You want a small lot? WE HAVE IT! • You want a medium size lot? WE HAVE IT! • You want a large lot? WE HAVE IT! You want an acre? WE HAVE IT! You want acreage? WE HAVE IT! • Yes, we have building sites of any size you may desire.—This week-end will be a good time to come out and look around. We will sell you a building site, or build you a home in our new • COLLEGE HILLS WOODLANDS N. E. 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