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'f- ive 26 Victories To 14 For |SJ HY l K 11; / i* I ; ■ > I L Xjt . S Outioine of the 46th renewal of the Tuna A. A If- Texas Univer sity gridiron duel in Memorial Stadum, Austin, on Thankegiriny Day Thursday provide* the theme for d (bates as unpredictable the one m al remt-mbtf: I i “R* solved, That Fire is More Destricttve than Watek”. Pie! ting the winner strictly on ‘‘form ", which takas into considera tion i uch things as “past perfor- man<s a”, “record to date* and “strei igth of reserves’’—the Aggies have It "in the bag*’—Maybe! On the other hand there is that “ole debbil" TRADITION (the caps - are intentional) and in this depart ment tho Steers have everything in their [favor. Since their firat encounter in 1894 the Steers and the Aggies have beep providing the season’s most colorful gridiron encounters for the Lone! Star State, on severs! occas ions fchoy have crammed t into a single season To, date the Steers from Austin have left the cleat-tom turf victors 20 times, the Aggies having tri phed games deadlocked • The Steers wen the first seven tilts beforW they were tied in 190& at San Antonio. This tie so enthused the Aggies that they, came right back the saipe year and pmrwd the Steers’ horns back to the tune of 12-0 in Anktin Since 1902, the Aggies have been able only twice to journey to.Auas .tin and come away with a victory These came in 1909 when s aafetly and field goal netted five points and the Steers were unable to tally and in 1922 when the Farmers took to a 14-7 cleaning, the Capitol City k in 1922, how- College Station with a 6 to r, bviu.! the 1922-23 exchange of victoried on visiting fields, neither the Steers nor the Aggies have been able to go afield on Turkey Day and bring home the bacon, al though the boys from Austin net ted a ‘‘moral” victory in 1983 with a 10-10 tie on JCyle Field. Furthermore next Thursday, if history repeats itself, there will be no necessity for the ground-keeper to mark off the goal line so far as the Aggies are concerned, because history has yet to record an A. A r 1 For the benefit of those football fans who like to make a compari son of the relative Strength of the opponents before selecting the win ner, the Texas A. A M. College publicity staff has prepared the follow ing dope on the Aggies and Texas longhorns who play at Austin on Thanksgiving Day. The comparison shows how players on both teams have per formed against the aamt Southwest Conference teams and gives an equal basis for the fans to pick the winner—perhaps Games other than conference matches are not included In the following figum: 1938 Conference Record two games wan-ier who ever crossed the Texas goal line for a touchdown since the Steers moved into Memor ial Stadium, With this in front of them there much wonder whether Dandy Dick Todd ctn swivel-hip hh elu sive physique across the barrier or whether Big John Kimbrough, the Haskell Hurricane, can plow his mighty frome through that in visible stone-wall that has so suc cessfully withstood the touchdown onslaughts of every Aggie who has made the attempt. Suffice to aay, that the Aggie who dues cross that Texas goal line next Thursday for a touch down will take his place alongside thb immortal grid heroes of all time who have worn the Maroon and White Who will it be. if any? Thursday will see a capacity audience to witness the annual grid iron classic despite the fact thSt both Ibams are hopeleaaly out of the race for Southwest Conference honor^' i i Thebe capacity audiences have jeurneyed to Austm and to College Station for 13 years since both teams entered the tUt knowing the conference crown would go to the winner. The Aggies trounced the Steers for the championship in 1925 WILL PLAY LAST GAME T ■ • li40' 0,1 Thirteen seniors some 26 football letten I — WHEN WE CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES They Not Only Ixiok Clean THEY ARE CLEAN X i AGGIES Opp. LONGHORNS Opp. 6 Texas Christian. 84 6.. Arkansas 1 ft ! i -1 42 13 Arkansas 7 6 Rice .13 6 Baylor i 6 6. Southern Methodist. 7 7 Southern Methodist 10 3. Baylor i-f-U -.14 27....Elen. 0 6. Texas Christian. — 28 32 TOTALS 57 ZTp .1. TOTALS 104 Won 2, Lost 2, Tied 1 Won 0^ Lost 5, Tied 0 R I • Ball Carriers ! j. • , 1 ! Times Yards* Yards Average Player Carried Gained Lost Gain Geer, ARM 1 26 [ 0 26.00 Thomas, ARM 7 j 66 11 o 7*7 Wood, ARM ! H 7 0 7.00 Jeffrey, ARM 6 28 | . 0 4.67 Price, ARM 13 | 60 “ 0 4.62 Todd, ARM 68 342 * 40 4.44 Rogers, A&M 27 124 8 1 4.41 Kimbrough, A4M 61 262 6 4.19 Herman, A&M 1 j 4 ' ° 1 4.00 Bage, Texas . 1 4 o 4.00 Flato, Texas n 7 26 3 f- 3.29 Lawson, Texas 47 ^ 185 37 3.1S Britt, ARM 3 9 0 3.00 Constser, AAM 1 >, 3 • 0 ■!• 3.00 Boyer, Texas 21 75 15 2.86 Bryan, Texas 39 in 25 2^1 Smith, AAM 2 fiM' 0 2.00 Forney, Texas i M2 0 2.00 Hall, AAM 4 j 6 0 1.50 Gray, Texas 8 14 8 j 1JS8 Moers, Texas 12 34 21 1.08 Dittman, AAM 2 | 4 2 I 1.00 Puett, Texas 3 k« j. 1 .67 Pugh, AAM 3 ’ I | A 3 .33 Davis, Texas 14 1 20 • 39 -1.36 GUV, Texas i! A 3 -3.00 ‘.•■I . . V -U L- We know that there are no substitute* for good equipment, good cleaning material or good workman ship. 3j- i AGGIE Phone College 108 North Gate a- a ' 1 II to the ttioe at 28-0, but it was on Kyle Field. The Aggies again won the con ference championship in 1927, de feating Texas 28-7, but Texas had no chance that year. Texas won the conference title in 1932 by winding up their season at Austin against the Aggies with a 21-0 victory. Grover Cleveland was President of the United States and James Stephen Hogg was Governor of Texas when the University of Tex as team, known then as “Varsity" trouncer A. A M., known as "Col lege", 38-0 before a capacity crowd on the outskirts of Austin in 1894 to start all this feutding’. The Ag gies waited four years before go ing to Austin again, but they were again defeated in 1898 to the tune „r -iK-o The games, also "Varsity" vic tories, of 1899 ( 6-0) and 1900 ( 64)) were played in San Antonio; but in 1900 the ambitious Aggies didn’t have enough until they were* de feated a second time, at Austin, 11-0. The Aggies continued to re- rpreeeating of Aggies to ever de ters on Ujt new field little, his at A. ft M will play their last ggme for the Maroon sad White cam i Thursday Tkey are all set for being the first bunch feat the Steers at Auethl. j. 11 Dick Todd and “SMk" Rogers are the two men in ftp.|MSltfi|ld that are gipg to be hi oil years to come. Each of them have earned three varsity grid letters, counting letters for this year Both of Ltkem have been truly great little men. Henry Dttlman, although not being a regular, ha* bees an invaluable substitute. He has had speed to burn, and but for having been Todd’s subotitue, he ntight have been a regular •Zed" t/oston and Eli Rushing are the two centers that are de parting. Both are big boys and the loss of them will be felt. Cot ton ia a three year letterman and Rushing will no doubt be • two year letterman. | • Four guards will be lost, "Bull” Minnock, * "Korky" Steffens, “Block" Olbriek and “Stubby” Warden. All will be letterman ex cept Warden, but he has beta part of the foundation under the Aggie elevens for three yesr. GukYd* will be needed in volume nest year. George Bransom and Paul Wof| ford are the two tqrkles that are going. Branson* won a firat string job this year and hfs played bang up ball. Wofford, first string ends, Britt •, will go after passes for the last time before they pass out of the picture. Both are three ilfettermen and both will b< exceedingly bard to replace. AH of these men have biased a trail that will be followed for many yearn. The clast of ’38 will Ionic remember the sSnior football play- s that went through the scbolas- • null with thqteXi * eeive goose-eggings in 1901, first in San Antonio, 1,7-0, then in Aus tin, 32-0. When the Aggies gained theit first tie with the Steen, 0-0, in 1902 at San Antdhio, they came back the same year and won at Austin ,12-0. The Steers adminis tered defeats to the Aggies in 1903, 04, 05, and 90 at Austin, but In 1907, the teams played a scoreless tie in Dallas, and a second game later in that year in Austin netted the Steen a victory 11-6. In 1908, the teams met twice, Texas winning at Houston 24-8 and at Austin 28-12. The Aggies bounced back for a couple of victories in 1909, at Hous ton, 23-0, end at Auation k 6-0. The winning streak was continued in 1910 at Houston when the Aggies won 14-8. The Steen took the 1911 game at Houston 6-0 and relations were broken off until 1916 when the present schedule of home games began at. College station with a vicotry for the Aggies, 13-0. JMA*w 1 \' SAMPLE ONC-WXY FARES T..1I, k Wp H.i. 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Sunday, the Aggies scored four of their five goals M the first chuk ker and then were held scoreless until the sixth when one of the mounts of the Aggies, tired of hie side failing to score and kicked n well placed geal to make the Aggie count 6 goals. The boys from Oklahoma scored three in the thiid and one Warden, has I the fourth, fifth, and 1 4* ■ L • • i • ff-ffi . b TO ANY WfSTUN UNION POINT IN U S. 1: n a Class by 'I 4 / T Y rump takes all durabORy. 4 l • A Jh ('I irtowr New and durabL.,.* and keeps smooth and long. New Trump, like its Arrow ia Sanforized Shrunk . . . and Mi toga tailored to fit If s one of Arrow’s otfcxai >dio« -UK, « tt. I i * ■