The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, October 30, 1929, Image 2

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a VHB BATTALION LEE MORSE has a tricky way of stepping right off the face of a record andbeingperfectlycharmingtoyou—it’s somethingmore than singing. You’ll find all the familiar Morse magnetism charging both the song hits on her newest Columbia record. One is a lively number in dance tempo—the other a crooning intimate ballad crammed with lots of “come-along.” Before your dealer wraps this one up for you, have him play these steppers, too . . . Record No. 1972-D, \0~inch, 75c Love Me t Vocals ... Lee Morse and Her Blue Grass Boys SWEETHEART’S HOLIDAY \ Record No. 1970-D, 10-£nc/», 75c Bigger and Better Than Ever (from “George White’s Scandals”) Bottoms Up (from“George White’s Scandals”) Fox Trots . . Ted Wallace and His Campus Boys Record No. 1973-D, \0-inch, 75c ♦ * ♦ DID YOU KNOW THAT ♦ ♦ + The Ohio State University, last June, conferred upon Doctor Mark Francis and his brother, a noted scientist in Washington, D. C., the degree of Doctor of Laws, at the same time ? ijc ifc ijc Bert Smith, a barber on the cam pus, sells over forty gallons of hair oil to the students each year? ❖ * * Pete Wendt is planning on joining the Signal Corps, since he made such a success as Telephone Orderly at Camp ? * * * Three K-dets out of every five do not know how many letters there are in the English alphabet? * * * Roy Varnell cinched his “M. R. S. (Mrs.) degree when he made that long run for a touchdown against the Kansas Aggies ? * * * “Rube” Tracy is quite an artist on the piano ? * * * Up until last week-end, there were 4,036 “cuts”, recorded in the Registrar’s Office ? Almost two for each student? * * * The so-called “lead” in pencils, is not lead ? * * * There is no difference between the words “flamable" and “inflam- able ?” * * * The Aggies consumed 1800 pounds of meat, 7000 buns, 3500 packages of potato chips, 3500 bottles of milk, 3500 individual servings of ice cream, pickles, coffee and Wal dorf salad on hands to serve the Aggies at T. C. U. Ingredients of the salad were 1250 pounds of cabbage, three gallons of mayonnaise and 1000 marshmallows. KNOW A. & M. Piccolo Pete Collegiate Sam ^ FoxTrots Harry Reser’s Syncopators HI Columbia © “Magic Notes 9 “NEW PROCESS” RECORDS Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. •‘Magic Notes" Viva-tonal Recording—The Records tvithout Scratch COLUMBIA, VICTOR AND BRUNSWICK TALKING MACHINES AND RECORDS—ATWATER-KENT, EDISON AND VICTOR RADIOS HASWELL’S BOOK STORE * * ♦ ❖ ♦ «■ 4* ♦ * *2* * 4* 4* * 4* ❖ * t SOPHOMORE CLASS (Continued from Page 1) position, and Francis K. McGinnis, Dallas, and Charles Beard, Fort Worth, were chosen as sophomore representatives on the student wel fare committee. Sophomoric as usual, the class election was held with true hatcord form, the artillery and engineering units apparently being the most strongly represented units at the meeting, monopolizing all of the of fices except one. The presence of three athletes. Abbey, Wolf and Beard, among the officers also shows strict adherence to custom. CAMPUS SERENADERS (Continued from Page 1) can also play “sweet stuff.” Work is best evidenced by results, and the boys are getting some good re turns for their efforts. The dance will start about nine and end at twelve, with the admis sion as has been arranged by the Senior Class. The personnel of the orchestra is as follows: Podge Reed, piano; Allen Wood, saxaphone; Frog Reichert, banjo; Lawrence Cook, saxaphone; Joe Dillon, drums; Rudy Buchan, bass; Cecil Mallory, trombone; Har old G'eib, trumpet; and Fish Bill It is the conscientious plan for the Battalion staff to put out a pa per which will be interesting both to the student and the faculty. Many of the units of each weeks edition reaches the hands of outsiders who have connection with the college ab stractly or directly. If our paper is to be of interest to them, it should contain something concerning the individual causing this outside at tention, or something which affects those individuals or their surround ings. It would be equally as unin teresting to give long articles about the Institution at College Station in general. For this reason there will be an earnest attempt to give the interesting facts about some de partment of the college each week under the heading above this arti cle. Already the personals appearing under “Under Prexy’s Moon” have received the attentive glance of an eye wandering from a text in spe cialization. May this column serve to increase the appreciation of the Bat and make for a better under standing of our college. Machemehl, saxophone. Everyone is expecting to have a big time Saturday nite, and if it is in the Orchestra’s power to make the expectation come true, the dance will be a great success.