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Aggies to Brandi Texas Steers
Friday and Saturday Night
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Published ^Vtekly by the Students’ Association of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas
So Far Not Serious and Doctor
With Nurses Meet Situation
Cinder Path Artists Get a Real
Chance to Show* Ability at
Coming Schedule.
Again the whole nation is swept
by another epidemic of Spanish In-
. j oyr? r Tr?iv thiL-rg'Viip .the .K^U.-of
1918. Nobody win the interior igh
that time will ever foration wh-'nis-
sery, grief and sorrow whicn that
desease produced in such a short per
iod of time. All the big cities have
been affected already for quite a
time, and even though College Sta
tion is in the country with perfect
higienic conditions to live in, the
“Flu” exists too.
On Monday there were one hundred
and nine cases. The hospital is com
pletely filled at present so that it has
become necessary for those who can
not be accommodated at the hospital
to remain in their respective rooms.
All cases are of light nature, and
none of them tend to become compli
cated with pneumonia, due to the in
cessant attention on part of Doctor
Ehlinger, the nurses Mrs. M. Clag-
horn and Miss Haskell, Mrs. J. M.
Nagle, Hungry Jonas, and Baskin,
and others. It is a lamentable fact
that Mrs. Claghorn overworked her
self doing her duty with the sick
so that at present she is confined to
her bed.
That the percentage of cases is
very small, and that they are only
light in themselves does not excuse
the students and campus resident to
be careless in their ways of living.
Dr. Ehlinger suggests some very im
portant rules, being for all imper
ative to observe them if we want to
prevent a repetition of the sad cat-
asthrophy of 1918.
Be outdoors as much as your time
permits, enjoy the sun and the fresh
Keep your rooms well ventilated by
having all windows open day and
night. Ventilation does not mean to
have a draft.
Change your underwear as often
as possible.
Should it rain again keep your feet
dry. If they are wet change shoes
For the first time in several years
the track men get some real meets
re/vod opposition. The schedules
as announced by Mr. Driver will be
as follows:
Inter class meet, College Station,
date not set.
Southern Methodist University,
Dallas, April 10.
Baylor University, College Station,
April 17.
Texas University, Austin, April
Rice Institute, College Station,
April 30.
Southwestern Conference, Hous
ton, May 15.
During previous years only one or
two dual meets and the conference
meet composed the year’s meets
which did not give the men the prop
er chance to show their real ability.
The Outcome Will More Than Like
ly Decide the Conference
By James Sullivan.
Basket ball coach W. L. Driver and
leave Thursday for Austin where they
pieet the Longhorn on Friday and
Saturday nights in a pair of basket
ball games. From Austin the Aggies
journey to Dallas for two games with
the fast traveling Mustangs then to
Waco where they meet the Baylor
Bears on Wednesday and Thursday
nights of next week.
This is one of the hardest trips
ever undertaken by an A. and M.
basket ball club. Six games in a
row with three of the leading confer
ence teams is by no means a small
job, but Billie Driver says the team
is in good condition and will be equal
to the task. The Aggies have been
going at top speed all season, not
Farmer Basketball Team Meets Old
Rivals and Runs the Game Their
Own Way.
This year the men will have a bet- having once met defeat. It is, of
ter chance toward showing up and a
far better chance toward winning'
one of those much coveted T’s.
With the team under the leader
ship of Captain Lee Hugon and
coached by Prof. J. A. Clutter,
former Ames track star and coach
of the 1916 A. and M. track team,
we feel sure that our team will do
their best to help hold up the record
of our football team of this year.
and sox immediately.
If during practice or drill you per
spire, do not allow your underwear
to dry on you. Change it.
Do not eat “trash” and keep your
system clean.
If you feel bad, report at once to
hospital, they will attend to you. Its
their job.
The above may seem very natural
to the average man or woman, but if
you start the analysis of the indiv
idual you will be surprised to find
that things seem so natural to him
that they are forgotten or observed
in the least if observed at all. To be
healthy is to be happy. Want to be
happy? Observe the rules.
course, true that most of their games
have been played at home, but still
they have had comparatively easy
sailing thus far.
The Aggies have a great record
thus far and give promise of finishing
ahead of the bunch. Starting their
season back in December with two
wins over the Baylor Medics of Dal
las, they have continued their march
without defeat, winning two games
from Baylor, one from Simmons Col
lege, two from the Southern Methodist
University and two from Rice Insti
tute at Houston. Of the nine games
played, six of which are Southwestern
games, the Aggies have won all, pil
ing up a total score of 304 points to
their opponents 130. In the six con
ference games the Aggies scored 194
points while their opponents were
scoring 77.
The Aggies have played more con
ference games than any other confer
ence team and stand at the top of
the percentage column with 1000 per
cent, six wins and no losses. The
outcome of this road trip will more
than likely decide, as far as the Ag-
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After a lapse of two years ath-
llllllllllllllllllllliri!.iations between A. and M. and_
the Farmers over the feathered birds
from Rice Institute. The issue was
never in doubt from the time Har-
tung scored the first field goal until
the final whistle sounded. Only one
word can describe Rice’s condition
after the first few minutes of play
and that word is “outclassed.” The
Farmer quint outfought, outplayed,
outpassed, outran, out shot and out
generaled their opponents and the
victory was justly won.
The brightest star of the evening
was one Forbes of the Aggie clan
who shot nine field goals and cavort
ed generally in a manner calculated
to bring much grief to the Blue and
White supporters. The graceful
center of the fast-moving A. and M.
five ran up a total of twenty-three
points—more than enough to win the
Although their work was not pos
sessed of quite the luminosity of
young Forbes the Aggie guards,
Dwyer and Hai’tung, deserve un
stinted praise for the manner in
which they completely smothered
any wild ideas the Owls may have
entertained regarding scoring upon
the Red and White. The Rice for
wards were helpless and incidentally
those A. and M. guards did their
share in the scoring of the home
club. Williams, playing out of his
regular guard position, put up an ex
cellent game at forward and display
ed a versatility worthy of mention.
At the other forward Capt. McQuil-
len seemed to amble along about as
usual and in spite of the efforts of
the so-called “Death-Valley’’ rang
up five field goals.
The whole A. and M. club was
right and Rice never even enjoyed a
thrill of a chance. The game was
played at the Y.M.C.A. before a
packed house and the work of the