The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, May 26, 1915, Image 7

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    in the A. & M. College, and he will
find friends on every side who will
be glad to help him m every possible
way. The A. & M. College is essen
tially the people’s college, and the
authorities stand ready and willing
to help any yourig man who really
wants an education and who is will
ing, if need be, to make some sacri
fice in order to accomplish his pur
The Agricultural and Mechanical
College of Texas will send ninety-six
men into the field on June S, when
diplomas are presented to hat many
graduates. Of that number fifty-five
will graduate in the school of agricul
ture, three in architecture, five in
chemical engineering, twelve in civil
engineering, thirteen in electrical en
gineering, six in mechanical engineer
ing, and two in textile engineering.
Eighteen men will receive ceretificates
in the two-year airicultural course,
and three in the two-year textile engi
neering course.
Those who “should” graduate:
G. W. Adriance, Bryan; R. R. Allen,
Palestine; V. A. Barracco, Houston;
A. E. Beckmann, San Antonio; T. R.
Broun, Greenwood; L. W. Brown,
Mathis; J. S. Bugbee, Clarendon; A.
E. Burges, Weatherford; A. R. Camp
bell, Plano; T. G. Cherry, Giddings;
S. P. Clark, Hico; W. C. Coleman,
Athens; J. C. Collins, Channing; A. B.
Copeland, Huckaby; C. J. Davis, Cor
sicana; S. F. Davis, San Antonio; A.
E. Dodson, Petersburg; E. R. Eiland,
Rockdale; H. F. Ellis, Abbott; G. D.
Everett, Dallas; W. B. Francis, Col
lege Station; H. H. Gammill, Bryan;
E. R. Girardeau, Galveston; O. W.
Greene, Comanche; C. F. Haller, Vic
toria; L. E. Holloway, Dallas; L. P.
Jones, Temple; J. M. Kincheloe, Hub
bard; A. W. Kinnard, Jr., Bryan; M.
Knolle, Industry; H. T. McCollum,
Valley View; W. P. Martin, Rotan; H.
M. Mayo, Jr., E. P. Menke, Hemp
stead; F. O. Montague, Rockdale; J.
H. Moore, DeKalb; I. H. Mowrey, Al-
meda; G. C. Palmer, Dunn; D. H. Per
sons, Hied; E. M. Peters, Hondo; J.
L. Sanders, Lavernia; M. D. Sanders,
Hubbard; C. H. Savage, Bailey; D. W.
Scott, McKinney; G. H. F. Sengel-
mann, Schulenburg; W. L. Stangel, Ft.
Worth; J. H. Tigner, Houston; J. M.
\Turner, Jr., Angleton; C. F. Warren,
T. Hewitt, O. F. Washam, Crawford;
C. E. P. Wisrodt, Galveston; H. E.
Yeary, Farmers ville; N. D. Zuber,
M. C. Crisp, Cuero; P. T. Crown,
Waco; W. D. Rutan, Port Arthur.
Chemical Engineering.
G. R. Dunning, Gonzales; G. A.
Saper, Houston; J. R. Jarvis, Bran
don; L. J. Skeeler, Orange; C. S.
Whittet, Anchorage.
Civil Engineering.
J. E. Bell, Ruling; T. L. Bell Jr.,
Hot Weather
To look well and feel com.
fortable through the hot,
sticky days, that’s your
Come in—see how we solve
“Keep-Kool” Palm Beaches
“Keep-Kool” Mohairs—
Featherweight Worsteds—
Will bring you Hot Weather
Happiness—Will help you
smile at Mr. Sun.
There is a fresh dapper style
about “Keep-Kool” Clothes
—that makes purchasers of
We haven’t forgotten either—
that value is a vital point—
you will like the prices.
They are figured on a “come-
again” basis.
Brandon & Lawrence
Dallas; S. H. Burchard, Gonzales; F.
W. Cawthon, Denison; V. C. Denton,
Whitewright; B. H. Faber, Eagle
Lake; E. O. Francisco, Coalgate,
Okla.; W. S. Gillespie, Houston; E.
F. Hurdle, Slayden, Miss.; S. C. Mc
Carty, Taylor; S. K. Mason, San An
tonio; M. A. Moss, Izora.
Electrical Engineering.
W. W. Carson, Sherwood; P. W.
Clarkson, San Antonio; E. M. Claytor,
Campbell; D. Davis, Dawson; B. H.
Dickie, Breckenridge; E. H. Hogue,
Paris; C. C. Hudspeth, Hondo; J. F.
Nasho, Belton; E. C. Rack, Waco;
M. W. Smith, Overton; S. R. Strib-
bling, Waco; C. W. Williams, Fort
Stockton; R. L. Young, Hallettsville.
Mechanical Engineering.
J. R. Alexander, Navasota; R. De
Long, Mexia; F. A. Homann, New
Braunfels; W. L. Reynolds, Houston;
V. Smitham, Walnut Springs; C. S.
Wilson, Bryan.
Textile Engineering.
J. H. Browder Jr., Groesbeck; G. W.
Sansom, Groesbeck.
Two-Year Course in Agriculture.
O. L. Allen, Yoakum; W. F. Bell,
Ruling; A. J. Blassingame, Kemp; C.
J. George, Waco; R. E. Glover, San
Antonio; T. N. Lee, Eckert; J. F. Rill,
Panhandle; A. W. Long, Childress;
R. F. McCampbell, San Antonio; R. L.
May, Tolbert; M. A. Miliken, New
Waverly; C. A. Mills, Lancaster; T.
S. Morrow, Arlington; H. B. Nowlin,
Valley Mills; G. H. Russell; Cotulla;
H. O. Schulze, Hilda; W. L. Stiles,
San Antonio; W. Waak, Bellville.
Two-Year Course in Textile
W. S. Hajek, Bryan; E. C. Turpe,
Lytle; E. R. Tuerpe, Lytle.
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