The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, January 09, 1907, Image 2

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THE BATTALION J\ *. Hou*ow*r « I- » '! EAitor-m ; | - jA«iocUM E«ttor in-CkM< -f HuAmvft> Man»(cr rl W. O Moo«E K. H. STANOtrac S. G Easfai* J. 'A. Collims . Of LaoasTr L- Guccitmin, M ‘ j! j jMiMMinr c. A Scmadt j: f. ft. A. A. .Atury IT ttDITOff $ cilay R F ,D a Ham NOT1CE Local Editor ACka»C« Editor Athletic Editor Alaotai Editor Rudolph tear The Battalion the writer—oo no* •a aMOMd cteaa matter at Cotl*t« Sta- tma. Teama. Vehfwmr 1% ItM. PRICE PER AMNUR "it \ATED*IE8DAV,; JANUARY 9 i iHtniiiiiiiii ill in i i 'i AI thou* h vnt are toon to be en gulfed in o«r midi*, men, let u« not foiget the various duties which devolve upon us outsid# of these. * ! We would !ika to call especial at- I ;■}' tention to the poemjl torn our honored r | Prof. J. A. 1-omax, Read it twice L f l:r before you make a d< marits. ecision aa to its' 1 . ? • : i The majority of # ie cadets are now returned and things 4 re getting lively. . |t won’t be long tip commencement. boys. Just work, <f iat’^ ’Ell that is < if.. necessary. IP the We desire to ers and exchai Now tesm* in all Par men. to reap a from the reftvurtii we all be sue 1 *11 pfcr stibacrib- happy new year, earnest struggle among college of knowledge i work. May there is a alight -objection to • tjhe Texas salt in that it hardens - it* the barrel more quickly than ; the Michigan product, but that ig?4ue only to the fact that it is fi^r- gralned and absorbs moisture more readily, causing it !tj> run togetl*r. Buy Texas salt and save $50 aicur, and at the samd time help a State industry. j 1 I Any-supposition that Michigan products are superior . to Ttkas products may be safely set dk>wn as erroneous. Texas m.uui:aotUr- es as good “health foods,’' as'good furniture, as good beer, as good lumber, as Midttg^iv and better Democrats.—Dallas News. ; l i Should The to its usual stan reader must not editors have glorious Christ reasonable that this c«>on, for tl a small college It is a well ki is educated until of his fellow mi at large. It has and again that a do mo better, and he looses sight A visit .to the A. and M. college will convince any thoughtful- and observant person that each of the special appropriations to be afeked of the next legHlatpre are based on necessity that can ho longer tiei ig nored if the welfare of the inrititu- tioaa is properly regarded and its usefulness appreciated. The scat tered engineering departments Are too crowded to accommodate their equipmegt and admit of even a fair opportunity. iSor instraeggm, hence the crying need of an engi neering building. The existing condition of students living in touts is certainly forcible enough tt> il lustrate the need df another ^dor mitory. The longer inconven of such a large and growing tution using stoves for b purposes is equally apparent, from the question of econ using a steam heating plant, farm equipment-building is also of great importance, not only for the proper care of«all implements and utensils, but for the more import ant reason that instruction in; the care and protection of such imple ments ia one of | the econmaies which has been generally neglected in Texas, and which is annually the cause of great waste and; ex pense throughout the state. l«ast but not least comes the request for selected animals OfT the best stkAins for the work of the animal ihus- n fact that no nfan : bandry which is ides- fa»oWs r -riT’ijnt l tlDcd to raising and of the world ! for profit in thia Rt * te - of illustrated time thca * deserve earnest and study care ^ u * ccmsideraticii at the hands of the legislature and should be not come up excellence the surprised The 1 from a trip, and it is not should forget all, ■ihlicstion of man < ore efficient work, if 1 —7 1 rt — Hr studies occasion- P r0vided for at theiearl.esfc possible and allow, his mmd to be re- moment .—Bryan gagle. freshed by some cxitward influence. Study is an autidbte for flunking; VVe have here at this college a num- j it is as bad on ponies a,s rough her of instimtii this end. \V« the Austin ’‘Staggs,” the and the Y. M. *ea»ons come, and track at! afford to stand They are the They develop self control. among men. which make for among these, iterarv Society, the pe dub, the K~ K’s, A Also in their toot Ball, Base Ball tics. You cannot from these things, iking of the man. >ur personality and make you leaders Out of your dust rats; it stimulate^ the mind; inputs reference Bboks out of cotnmfesion and memory above par; it pelpa along the Standard Oil company’s trade in oil, and eventually will de stroy the art of . horsemanship; it prevents laundry bibs by prthknt-l ing the decoration of white .cuffs j with trigonometric formulae; it puts us all on a level; is a g* -o* l in vestment and easy ito get. 1 —El t. on r and cobwebs myiearnest student and 'drink from the refreshing fountains of fellowship and good cheer. You will not then grumble at the tasks that are imposed upon you. but your in- . creased vitality vMl make them light. “The spirit and ihe bride say come, and lex him who; hoars say come and drink of the watgrs of life freely.” ?g =". 1 1 - ■ Haskell Free Paeaa: Because of an idea said tope prevalent in the State that Texas salt is inferior to Michigan salt, and ! WOl not curel meat so well, tjhe chemist of the Texas A. & M, College has made thorough comparative analysis of the two. sod he states that there is no justification in the statement that it will not cure meat. It is said that 500 oc more car leads of Michigan salt axe annnaly sold in Texas for $jo snore per car than Texas salt. The chemist says that '' r ; ! i ‘t-ljfj i I f I i A1. The ICHA.NQES. Star, Austin, Thh Tarletonite. Texas. Teri^s. Stephen ville. The Plain Texan, Weatherford, Texaa. ,' <) - “ •- 1* ly , The LariAt, Baylor University, Waco, Texi$. The High School Tnba, Sher* man, Texasi; j- The Texap, University of Texas, Austin, Texhs. The folliiwing exchanges have been receiv>»d. The Maverick, Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas. The Totne, The Tome School, Port Deposit, Md. The Skiff, Texas Christian Uni versity, Write, Texas. The Purdue Exponent, Purdue University; Lafayette, Ind.F Can is ' cow-hide’' in a shoe No, but” calfskin.".—Ex. 1 store? The Academy Record, San Anto nio Academy, San Antonio, Texas. The Hnisache, San Antonio High School, San Aatonio, Texas. i i j ■ The Ohio State Lantern, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Colorado State Agriculture College, Ft. Coffins, Colo. Our late u exchange is the initial copy of the Maverick, from Allen Acadetrfy, Bryan, Texas. KPITAPH. Here lies the body of Jonathan Who died M the age of "as." It has caused much comment and wonder, too. Whether ^t. Peter did tell him at once to skidd00. T Itt £ ’ ^y* | { . J h! ! illie put his stocking on Wrong-side out and thought it Mother didn't like his whim. So she turned the hose On him. — Philadelpha R. / k leCord. Quoth he, ^‘Your lips look red to- night." Said s|»e, “Well, yes, perhaps. But papa,-darling, that’s all right. . “It’s hnly from the chaps." Princeton Tiger. "Take bpek your heart !’f The bitter ^ words ■.riffie said with lips aquiver, "Take hack your heart, base butchei man; know I ordered liver!* Benson’s. College Barber will be provided with two this year. Prompt and first work. ij '• w-n-a r 10I /Walonox Solicit yorr patronage Drugs SteitiOTiorg Sp>eilcjing3 tio - Atlnotic G< oods La GF ow hoc — SiVt’£± Then And But the Is to m< yneters of accent, of tone, It of all meters " “u her alone. —Ex. She—“Yoior horse looks'as though it Rre^e going to die." He—"It hasn’t had anything to to eat, so it can’t di-jest yet. I ; ft I ___ ; j As A. and M. is closer to Bryan than is any other college, we natur ally believe that we were the first captors of the Maverick; hence it is our right to brand it. We base branded it well and are are sure that our brand, “the best prepara tory echoed paper on our exchange BaX.’’will Stay with it.aahaaweil as the reput.tion that Allen Academy has gamed of excellence in prepar atory education — —— . .fir ■ f J; : fl I— H. H. srtTKKT r a. bBOODO* T ’ ». U. bboodon HHEMRY & BROGDON BROS ki 'HOIiKSAUE AND RETAIL IRAIN DEALERS --f* —-AMP-'^- -—■— v L Jf;»j LIVERY BU^fESS EXCLUSIVELY FOE WHITE TBaDE ii first National Bank I OF BRYAN «TEXAS. [Designated United States Depositary. Capital! . . SI OO ,000.OO Surpluv and Profits . 40,000.00 j ■; WaQeslre to a.sors oar patroos of promst att““ jlj tlon ap«g palpstaking eedeavor in the performs I ^ *** sny £<1 all aarrleva desired at oar hands. tii rt. o. r Fi I , kTWRIQHT QUY M.jBRYAN, |JR. L. L. F. M. • PreAident Vice President Vice President % Cashier Assistant Cashier Hr! Hr Ml liifi L j! !l ' i | < rM •J 4P f j, I:u u 4 iitf U g • « Li I ,1 H ■ J I »1 si || j- I ' s M . Urn 4 ale K i: If ff !i 1 I :j I ; F ‘ : |i ' .. i 1 Jr- . 4 -i 't» J it ' 1 : ; i ' f Ml ' ; SSifU - ! • 4 - b ij i-» k , ? *1 i TJ1 ooi Hi* /U •! /. s i