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For days, Comstock was on pancreatitis medication that left him unable to eat, and he was fed through his I.V. He was slowly put back on solid foods before his release. Back home for an abbreviated spring break, Comstock, still nervous about the kidney stone that had yet to be passed, waited at his doctor’s office to have his prosthetic leg refitted. “Basically, it just kind of sucks,” Comstock said, talking on his mother’s cell phone Friday from the doctor's office. "Three seizures will mess you up completely.” What is worse, Comstock said, is that he missed two exams the week before spring break, adding more to his aca demic load. Comstock’s recent hospital stay was another worry in the mind of his mother. On the two- year anniversary of Bonfire’s collapse last November, with one son finally back in school and rehabilitating, Dixie Edwards again received a phone call every' mother dreads: her other son, Chris, had been in a serious motorcycle accident in Pensacola, Fla. This bridge we, too, will cross. — Dixie Edwards John Comstock’s mother Chris, a Naval Academy mid shipman who would have earned his pilot’s wings in January, was hospitalized for months after the near-fatal crash. With three inches of the bone in Chris' left leg shat tered, the boys’ mother faced the possibility of having both her sons lose legs. Bui doctors are going to use a method normally reserved for people who need to lengthen one or both legs: they will grow Chris’ leg, centimeter by cen timeter, by inserting pins into the existing bone in his leg as part of a wire frame and slow ly stretching the leg. The proce dure will leave John’s brother in constant pain, as his bone grows three or four centimeters, heals and is then stretched again. Dixie said she hoped it would work. "This bridge we, too. will cross,” she said. Chris was also home for spring break, part of a bitter sweet family reunion. Dixie said she is thankful she had only one more child, a 14-year-old girl who she said is just beginning to give her trouble. But on the other hand, the brothers are two of a kind. "We’re two crippled brothers going places.” John said, telling of his brother struggling on crutches. Dixie, with a laugh, admitted she had had it with the trouble her two sons had given her. “But what else is different about parenthood?” she said. “I’m just happy to have these two boys back.” She said it was gcxxl to see her boys together again. “Chris is paddling around, it’s so funny to see these two.” the tired mother said from the waiting room in the doctor’s office. “They both have learned more of an appreciation of life.” tude~ the vote to Jones’ Brown will face L Bruce Rose in the 1 general election. thud term. 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Dave, MD - Serving Brazos Valley since l°'' l, Board Certified in Adult, Addiction, Child-Adolescent and Forensichf- Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Panic and Substance Abuse Disord Adult and Child Attention Deficit Disorder Students receive *10.00 discount on first visit with this advert^ Welcoming new patients. Major Insurance Plans and Priv# Office 979-776-5600 I20I-D Briarcrest Drive, Bryan -—' Brazos Valley Basebs Coaches Call - - Brazos Valley Baseball needs coac^ the upcoming season. If you are willing to be respo 11 for a team please call Greg Jasper. Play will begin ir May and conclude with a tournament prior toAif Coaches only call! For more information call Greg Jasper (979)224-0005 L" v THE BATTALIO! Mariano Castillo, Editor in Chief The Battalion (ISSN #1055-4726) is published daily, Monday through Friday < ters and Monday through Thursday during the summer session (exceptllniversity Texas A&M University. 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