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THE BATTALION Page 2 College Station, Texas Thursday, March 18, 1965 CADET SLOUCH tvji m Earie Attorney General Aide Hails Good Samaritan Law COWUftEMT'S w ..£LEuH bgQ^po^. The campus conflict: self vs. roommate. Roommates are just, by nature, hard to get along with, but here are some tips that will help you win the coveted “Most Popu lar Roommate on Campus” a- ward: 1. Find out what kind of music he despises and then play sever al albums of it on your stereo. Although he might seem very displeased he will lated be grate ful to you for improving his cul tural tastes. 2. Never buy any toothpaste, hair oil, soap, shaving cream or deodorant. By all means, USE these ingredients, just don’t BUY them. By using his tooth paste, etc., you can build up a mutual understanding of the nec essities of life and your span as roommates will be complete bliss. 3. Always put your cigarettes out on the floor. If your room mate is the tidy type, he will ap preciate this gesture for they will serve as floorsweep to ga ther the dust when he applies the broom each day. 4. Be sure to let him do all the housework: sweeping, mopping, cleaning Venetian blinds, beat ing rugs. This will teach him habits of cleanliness and he will be endowed to you forever. If you really feel generous and really want to make him your lifelong friend, suggest that he make up your bed each morning. 5. Invite a crowd in for dom inoes or poker on the night be fore your roomie’s major quiz. He will inevitably retire to the library to pursue his studies. And the next day he will thank you for running him off, because he might have otherwise sacked out instead of studying. 6. Continually tell him how great you are. This will cause him to recognize his deficiencies and do something about them. Stress your popularity with the Bill No. 290... (Continued from Page 1) (5) be pursuing a course of study leading to a graduate de gree offered at Texas A&M Uni versity, the undergraduate re quirements of which can be ful filled at Texas A&M University but not at any other state-sup ported college or university.” Section 2. The importance of this legislation and the crowded condition of the calendar in both houses create an emergency and an imperative public necessity that the Constitutional Rule re quiring bills to be read on three several days in each house be suspended, and the Rule is hereby suspended; and that this Act take effect and be In force from and after its passage, and it is so enacted. • ^ - women, your many accomplish ments, and your superiority over him. 7. When he attempts to go to bed early, turn up the radio so he will find it difficult to sleep. Too much sleep makes a person sluggish. 8. Borrow money from him whenever you get the chance and always be delinquent in repay ing. This will teach him a valu able lesson: never lend money to a rotten egg. 9. Lock your mate out of the room when he takes a shower. From this episode, he can learn the valuable art of breaking and entering. 10. Never invite him to partici pate in a movie, baseball game or party with you and the gang. He will discover that his personality needs adjustment and will make this correction before he reaches the ripe old graduation age. iwe A^drie pc ay eR-s pizesevT tmb gmstw (Sutoti MALl TUoei. FRIP- SAT. “Everything I see reminds me of that quiz I took this morning.” Sound Off Editor, The Battalion: I received a copy of four arti cles which appeared in the Febr uary 9 issue of The Battalion. The intent of this propaganda is, I feel, to convince those of us protesting the continued prosti tution of the good name of Texas A&M to join with you and move on to Utopia. The effort failed as far as I am concerned, and I will continue to resist the pro posed changes to Texas A&M. I did however, see a possible out that could satisfy both Gen eral Rudder and the Former Stu- Congress Given LBJ Proposal On Right To Vote WASHINGTON UP) — Presi dent Johnson formally sent to Congress Wednesday a bill de signed to guarantee that no A- merican will be denied the right to register and vote on account of race or color. In a covering letter, Johnson declared: “This legislation will help rid the nation of racial discrimina tion in every aspect of the elec toral process and thereby insure the right of all to vote.” The bill’s title proclaims that it is: “To enforce the 15th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.” That is the amendment which declares the voting right, but which the administration and civil rights leaders contend has been flouted by all sorts of tests and qualifications and devices imposed primarily on Negroes. dents opposing him. It appeared in the article by Mr. Mike Rey nolds in which he stated: “In a sense, a mercy killing must be done upon old, biased structural system so that in its gradual de cay, it will not drag a potentially great university down to medio crity.” While not in complete agree ment with his statement, I think he has a possible solution. Let’s change the name, again, to the State University of Texas, or any name desired so long as it does not contain the letters A&M. By doing this we have indeed given the A&M College of Texas a clean death. We show mercy in that the A&M College of Texas is no longer related to any actions taken by that school at College Station, known by what ever name selected. With all that drag on your “potentially great university” eliminated, surely you do not need the name of the A&M Col lege of Texas to prop it up any longer. Then you can take full credit for the existing medio crity, as the fruit of your labors. James P. Westbrook, ’60 Bulletin Board Job Calls FRIDAY Texas Power & Light Com pany accounting, business administration, agronomy, animal science, electrical engineering. Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Company — accounting. Houston Independent School District — agricultural education, education and psychology, indus trial education, biology, chemi stry, mathematics, physical edu cation, physics. Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company — agricultural engi neering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, industrial technology, mechanical engineer ing, mathematics, data process ing. Southwestern Life Insurance Company — accounting, mathe matics, business administration, economics. Factory Insurance Association — chemical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineer ing, electrical engineering, me chanical engineering. THE BATTALION Opinions expressed in The Battalion are those of the student writers only. The Battalion is a non tax-supported, non-profit, self-supporting educational enterprise edited and operated by students as a university and community news paper and is under the supervision of the director of Stu dent Publications at Texas A&M University. age edit an ; Robert ering; Dr. of Veterinary rm; gineenng The Battalion, a student new! on, Texas daily exce] ber through May, and once a wee] rspaper at Texas A&M is published in College , Sunday, and Monday, and holiday periods, Se] k during summer school. Sta- Septem- The Associated Pres! dispatches credited to ii spontaneous origin publis in are also reserved. of all nc ws of Second-Class postage at College Station, T paid ex as. MEMBER: The Associated Press Texas Press Assn. Represented nationally by National Advertising Inc., New York Service, City, Chic geles eago, and San Los An- Francisco. 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Main Bryan An assistant attorney general of Texas said today the “Good Samaritan Law” passed by the legislature in 1961 is a good law although it has not been tested in appellate courts. The speaker was Ivan Williams, a member of the State and Coun ty Affairs Division of the At torney General’s Office. He spoke during a Wednesday session of the Ambulance Drivers School being conducted on campus. “In effect the law changed the common law regarding the lia bility of passers-by in regard to accidents. Prior to that time, an injured person you stopped to help could sue on a claim that you caused his condition to wor sen,” Williams commented. Williams said the “Good Sa maritan Law” provides civil im munity for people who stop and render aid at the scene of an accident. “This does not include people who are there to make money, as I see it,” he continued. Williams explained there is no law which says a person has to stop and render aid at the scene of an accident. “Usually, a per son feels a moral obligation to help and does not consider the possibilities of civil action again st him,” he said. He emphasized, however, that a person who is involved in an accident in any way is legally responsible for failure to stop and render aid. The speaker is a former stu dent of A&M. He transferred to the University of Texas Law School at the end of his junior year. Other speakers Wednesday morning were W. E. Naylor, agent-incharge of the Narcotics Section of the Texas Department of Public Safety; Dr. T. O. Wal ton of College Station; Royce L. Ashcraft, director of the Division of Hospital and Ambulance Lic ensing, Texas State Department of Health, and Dr. Charles Lyons, director of student health serv ices at Texas A&M. 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