The Battalion. (College Station, Tex.) 1893-current, March 22, 1948, Image 4

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William H. Kiel, j&rinpfa Wfildlife mjimagament,pep- sent<ki A&M at the thirteenth eriean ^ r ildliie Confer-! St. Lou sj Mjssouri last orth American Wildlife mferphce. is atteidediby reipre- ntatives fi-om the 48 states, Cah- , anti Mexico, add is bne of the lost outstanding' meetings of its nd. jW. iB. Davis, head > of the de- rtmoht of wildlile management, • , in >* ’ rpose of the conference, ording to Davi:,: is to - coordi- ans ,j Unify the efforts of the il i; organizat ohs .i interested ahd participating i a | thd consOrva- ir basic natural! resources, dudii&i soils, wat ers, forests,; and 1 ri| 1 Accompanying Kiel to; St. are William L. \7ehb and elds, graduate students in \jrilc e management; I James Russell elding, Jr., a junior majoring in Idlifejmanageineht and Dr. W. B. ^vis^ Davis has t>artic|ipatedi ac tively in formulating a coordinated plan of teaching and research tjo be -Ji engagt^l in by the 18 Coopersitive Wildlifi Units, onU of which is lo cated at A&M. - DIRECTORS Ll i | (Cpntinuedi from Pagp 1); stjon af 5 the cattle apd bams are moved '.across the railroad trades. Costing an; estimated. $30,00(1 to $50,000,;'the approximate 150 neves will include a golf course, p trie ADS Nothin*: typ« vyuKhintt m« pf. Four month* oM. Ho with ifhoRtrobi i mojvinft.! l‘hon* auhor Si do it sMl.n'^HHatlvfUy 1 now wire ! lYcnrHof tii fiucolWnt contU^on — |13.'i.e<l. art Njjehtft Dorm SPRdlAC—Time, hu: rhilj'.c memoirf , liril. Stuilont anil per jroaifj John ■ cy. Boo* MIDNIGHT YELL PRAI'TICE showing A&M in aU its pomp and glory was held Friday night to open Sports Day on the campus. Attending the yell practices on the steps of Goodwin Hall were Junior Prom guests and high school leaders from throughout Texas. ■ or are pliValcaUy Unable to the polls qn the date of the Municipal election, ' Manied; veterans here six months vote in Wjafd 3-. ^ Absentee ballots ed at the <3ity! Hall, secured by writing t letary, City of (college SUt Texas. grounds] and physical education equionient. ' be 'Exchange • Store profits will • used to place the area into use. i i iThq next meeting of the bojard yirill be held at College Staljibn On Mfty 9*10, at which time a , trip to Prairie View will be ta|<en by the directors. Gifts Acknowledged :Tpree funds for scholarships in* cpived official acceptance: | the Mary james Bbms apd Walkjr T. Bums,! Jr; Fuiid; the Michel T. Halbputy Scholarship in geoljogy', qddjthe Jessie H,: Jones Scholarships ! honoring Generals Dwight Dj Ei ; setihoweri and George S. Patton, Jrl op, The ;Beaumoht A&M Club cpter- ;e officials, and their wives with a- luncheon Saturday noon. Mayor O|ho Plummer of Beaijinont was firincijuil speaker* C. C. Krueger, board .member from Sap Antjonio, spoke bn behalf ojf A&M. ' *' np career pn the Natural Gas i ivfence If you desire businjess, ar\d ...p* ...—j ™ .i pandilng ' orga lizatiqi|4u shoiild investigate im mediately the ^ ‘ 1 ■ L, ^ r,x “ i Gas Company ith a rapidly ex- trfferefl. by the Lone Star -TRACK (Continued froiq Pagd 1) ■ : illlfcl ■ the ace Aggie low hurdler, won the event with Don hecond, Ken Boren of Texas third ind Bill fourth. Bill Napier and Warren I \yilson, picked up 4 points fbr thh Aggies in tlm 220 yard dash] Napier was second and Wilson was fourth. The Aggies grabbed 6-;] points in the pole vault when Ricks and Johnny Davis tied with Walters of Texas for first place. Tha-Aggie s P r *nt rela; team composed of Napier, Hall Goode and Webb Jay took second in the 4-to yard reiay. Jay ah o took third in the special 100 meter race, l • to; |j . | For the freshmen, Robert Smith frdm Houston made 10 piiiits by winning the Shot Put imp the Javelin throw*. Two other victories for the Ag gie Fish came when Don Mitchell won the 440 yard dash anjd Julian Herring- won the mile run]. Although some fast timos were recorded many of the tijacksters ^ ^ t m ^ t ^ complained of the slownfia? of the ned member i of the board, col- j^**^ due/to the loose dirj; on the Charley Parker of Texas set a netv record of 9.5 seconds] in win- nipg the 100 yard dash. Parker also won the 220 with a tune of 21-2. | >( ] ( • • ] | University Division: i, | 3, Bilderback, Texas A&M; 4, Kidd Texas. Time} 49.1. 220 yard dash: 1, Parker; 2, Na pier, Texas A&M; 3, Reynolds, Texas Tech; 4, Wilson, Texas A&M. Time 21.2. 880-yard run: 1, Atkins, Texas A&M; 2, Thompson, Texas; 3, SDto'ki?. Texas; 4, Stone, Texas A&M. Time 2:02.0. 220 yard loytr hurdles: 1, Hall, Texas A&M.... 2, D. Cardon, Texas A&M; 3, Boren. Texas; 4, W. Car don, Texas A&M. Time 24.0. Broad Jump: 1, Robertson, Tex as; 2, Goode, Texas A&M; 3. Cole man, Texas A&M; 4, Hill, Texas A&M; Distance 21 feet 6 inches. !l Pole Vault: Tied for first- Ricks, Texas A&M, Davis, Texas A&M; andii Walters, Texas; 4, Lindsey/ TCU. Height 12 feet. Discuss Throw: 1. Kadera, Texas A&M; 2, Adair, SMU; 3, Baker, Arkansas; 4, Miller, Oklahoma A &M, Distance 160 feet 7 inches (Ngw record). Javelin Throw: 1, Baker, Arkan sas; 2, Goode, Tpxas A&M: 3, Ka- dfra. Texas A^M; 4, Ashworth, Oklahoma A&M. Distance 178 feet 3 inches. Mile Relay; 1, Texas A&M (Lud- wick, Bilderback], Holbrook, Ham den;) 2, Oklahoma A&M; 3, Texas; 4, Texas Tech. Time: 3:21.8 (new record). / j • 1 , ; . Juniior College Division: ' -College Freshman 120 yard high hurdles: 1 ap open fiouita .at Newlton’s « • 1 ' I 1 Social Club; Plans Miniature Wedding I '' Lli ll I • j ;J 1 J. I TMto 'Vill be | rtac^-X v 3 ;e p^ted by the ch. dren of; Col- Ricks> TcxaJ A&M, and B We Will consider and who are jgriduiajtes Electrical, Archit Apply in -person Star CJas Com pan ei/undjer 30 years of age. ; Natural Gas, Chemical, ectulral|br Mechanical Engineering, or writ|| to C. It. Washburn, Lone y cjfj Aipjleijie, Tejcas. . r iege Station, aged|2 to 4 years, qt 3 p. m; Thursday,; April 1, before thh College Wpman’s Social Club. The bride will be MUs Carol Ann ]lH|ll, (laughter of Mr. | ajnd Mrs. Ipqrdpu, T. Hill, and. the gjroom fr/lerry Frix,; son Of Mn and M$s. Jqmes Bqyd Frix. Whether Dart, urany fine vh oilier of Arrow's your particular favorite—yoii'l always he correclly dressed in an A)rrow Hvhit(| We may be Itei npbra ri great is the jdcnapd) 1 out selection o r spar America* Arrow shirt* f om $ 3. > yslioqrt of rertain styles (so CdniC id anyway and see whites made by Arrow— # r v ties from $1. limp. lolf; 4, Robertson, Texas. Time 9.5 (New record—old re:oi'd 9.6 soil by LeLand, Texas Christian, in 1980, and tied by Glass, Oklahoma A&M, 1931, Hall, Rice, 11(42, and Martincsen, Baylor, 194/) High jump: 1, Haws, Tev|as A&M (t feet, 4 inches; 2, Clepfle/Texas Tech and Walters, Texas tied, 6 Baylor; Ricks, Texas A&M,'add Bakrt', Ar* kansas, tied 6 feet. Mile run: 1, Thompson Texas; 2, Brooks, Texas; 3, Tinkle,' Okla homa A&M; 4, McGlpthlih,jTexas A&M. Time: 4:28. Phot put: 1, Kadeija, 4( feet. 8 inches, 2, Baker, Arkansas, 46 feet, 5% inches; 3, Young,;TeJfi s A&M, 44; feet, 2 inches; 4, Miller, Okla homa A&M, 43 feet, 10 inches. 440-yard relay: 1, Texas [Rjobert- sop, 1 Samuels, Tatom, Parker 1: 2, Texas A&M; 3, Oklahoma A&M; 4, Baylor. Time 43.1. 440-yard <Jash: 1, Holbrook, Tex as A&M; 2. Harnden, Toxais A&M as A&M; 2, Harnden, Texas A&M; Pole Vault: 1, Peacock, Kilgore, Pinnel, | an ,i Wade and Simpson, Texas A& iSatuVday afternoon ; thp A&M di rectors were guesjts of Johih W. ] Nfewtoi of BeaumOnt, also a board Tineas* Tech; 2, Boren, Tbxas; 3, j M , tied, 11 feet, C inches; 4, Hon* mmnhrt; and v ce-ipreS'dOnt of the j Vails, Baylor; 4, .Campbe 1, Okla-1 a ker, Oklahoma A&M, and Center, i Magnolia Petrcldito Company, The homa A&M. Time: 15.2. i . ! Schreiner tied 11 feet ' Ktoup |Was taken onto; boat] rule] 100-yard dash: 1, Parke 312, D’-1 sh . , s ith T A » M down the Necjies River, Joltowcd AmbrosiO, Baylor; 3, Cott m' Bay- 43* 2*' Wright North Texas Junior Prom Held Friday in Sbisa | 1 . ' : ll!' The Junior Prom and Banquet, one of the nuiin social events the year, was Held Friday night in Sbisa Hall, with the Aggieland or chestra playing for the' dance. The banquet,! which preceded (he prom, was highlighted with an ad* dress Ty B ev l Sam Hill, A&M Chaplain Rev, Hill talked on the wonderful showing made by the Aggies all over] the world. He urged the members Of the Junior Class JLo keep up the] reputation made by the men vyho have preceeded them. Saturday night a St. Patrick’s pay dance was also held in Sbisa Hall with the Aggieland Orchestra furnishing the music. This was an all-college dance held for those who had dates for the Prom and Sports Day. During the intermission at the Prom, toe Aggie - nizers, A&MV barbershop quartet gave renditions of several harmony numbers. The group sang over the ABC network which curried part of the dance. Wat’s O okiii THE AGRONOMY SO will meet Tuesday evening p.m. in the A.&I. Lecture R< ' VOLLEYBALL (CLUB wi in the Gym at 8 pja. instea * >, ' ■ .[ ©. \ T- r to 4 • • • f i i W / t : La Bella Style Shop I Bryan Agricultural College, 39 feet, 7 inches; 3, Faulkenberg, Trinity, 39 feet, 5 inches; 4, Davis, North Tex as Stpte, 38 feet, 2 inches. High jump: 1„ Peacock, Kilgore, 6 feet, 4 inches (new record—old record, 6 feet, 8 Vi inches, set by Horn, Conners Aggies, in 1938). 2, Boswell, John Tarleton, and Lucas. Schreiner, tied, (5 feet, 2 inches; 4, Cartston, Texas A&M, and Wade, Texas A&M, 6 feet, 1 Inch. lOO yard dash: Payne, Southern Methodist; 2. Carroll, Kilgore; 3, Richardson, Texas A&M; 4, Ezer, Trinity. Time: 10J). Milo run: 1, Herring, Texas A&M 2, Root, Baylor; i3, McMahon, Tex as A&M; 4, Wilson], Texas A&M. Tinte: 4:40.6. , fl \|] 440 yard dash: 1, Mitchell, Tex as A&M; 2, Taylor. Oklahoma A& M; 3, Inglehart, Texas A&M; 4, Gibjjon, Schreiner. Time: b2.0. 220 yard dash: 1, Matthews, Bay lor; 2, Richardspn, Texas A&M; 3, Cafroll, Kilgore; 4, Willingham, Southern Methodist. Time: 22.1. 880 yard run: 1, Jones, Oklahoma A&M; 2, Hawkins, Texas; 3, Sch- lather, Texas A&M; 4, Herring, Texas A&M. Javelin throw: 1, Smith, Texas A&M; 2, Simpson, Texas A&M; 3, fhe first man in motion play Jobes, Oklahoma A&M; 4, Hansen, waa U3e( j j n too Yale-Harvard 1892 TCU. Distance 169 feet. game. It was part of the famous Mile Relay: 1, Oklahoma A&M, flying wedge play of Harvard, In- 2, Texas A&M. , I vented by Deland. - STATISTICS 4- I J ; (Continued from Pago 3) 300-yard Medley Relay—1, SMU (Stevvert, Albert, Tears); 2, A&M (SPENCER, J. FISHER. RIELY); 3, TU; 4, Baylor. Tinfc 3:15.7. 220-yard Free Style-41, Goodman SMU; 2, McCann, TU; 3, SYFAN, A&M; 4, Hushla, TU; 5, YARDA- MAN, A&M. Time: 2:22.8. 50-yard; Freestyle—1, GREEN, A&M,*2, Tolar, TU; 3, Campbell, TU; 4, McCoy, Baylor; 5, Morti mer, SMU. Time: 23.9. lOO-yardi Individual Medley—*.!, GREEN, A&M; 2, Hill, TU; 3, Hel- venston, TU; 4, SUMMERS, A&M; 5, B. FISHER, A&M. Time 1:03.0. 100-yard Freestyle—1, GREEN, A&M; 2, Tolar, TU; 3, RILEY, A& M;j4, McCoy, Baylor; 5, Fowler. TU. Time; 53.4. Diving—1, Tolar, TU, 380.0; 2, Manale, Baylor, 358.8; 3, Campbell, TU, 334.7; 4, HEEMAN, A&M, 268.6; 5, Raines, TU, 228.4. 100-yard Back Stroke-*—!, SPEN CER, A&M; 2, Cone, TU; 3, Mc- Lellan, TU; 4, Stewart, SMU; ]?,' B. FISHER, A&M. Time: 1:0$. 1 100-yard Breast Stroke—1, Hill, TU; 2, Karbach, TU; 3, Helvenstbn TU; 4, D. Albert, SMU; 5, Dwire, SMU. Time: 1:09.1. 440-yard Free Style—1, Good man, SMU; 2, McCann, TU) 2, SYFAN. A&M; 4, Hushly, TU; 5, VARDAMAN, A&M. Time: 5:13.2. 400-yard Free Style Relay—1, SMU (Gowap, Tears, MortiirjorC] Goodman); 2, Texas A & Ml (Jf^ FISHER, SUMMERS, RILEY); 3, Baylor; 4, Texas University. Time: 3:53.7. 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